Chapter 10 The third way to fight telepathy

"I want to go back."

Elena lowered her gaze, avoiding Dumbledore's eyes, looking at Dumbledore's long and silver beard end, and whispered.

If you want to tell Elena to choose the person she would least like to encounter in the magical world, there is no doubt that it must be the headmaster of the famous Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Albus Dumbledore.

Not only because of his superior magical strength but more importantly, Dumbledore is a master in mind reading - in other words, he is akin to Professor Charles' mind-reading ability in "X-Men."

Unlike other wizards who need to rely on spells and wands, masters like Voldemort and Dumbledore who are experts in telepathy do not need to recite mantras when performing telepathy. They can easily complete mind reading with just a glance. Therefore, when someone lied to him, he could always accurately discern it.

Originally, there are no legal restrictions on the use of telepathy because when Snape taught Harry, Dumbledore did not hesitate to use it when seeking help in an emergency. Obviously, Elena and I do not believe that Dumbledore is so qualified as to not probe into her mind.

Keep in mind that Elena, being a time traveler, has too many secrets she cannot divulge. From the moment she woke up in the Gryffindor common room, Elena had been pondering how to overcome this level.

"Do you seem afraid of me?"

Dumbledore glanced over the slightly trembling shoulder of the girl, shrugged helplessly, and said softly. "Am I that ugly? You know, I used to think children quite liked me."

He was increasingly curious about the silver-haired girl in front of him. Whether it was her magical piano song before or her understanding of the magical world in general, she seemed so different.

"It's not fear; it's simply an annoying, disrespectful distraction."

Elena took a deep breath and tried to calm down, she lifted her head bravely, fearlessly looking directly into Dumbledore's eyes, realizing that blindly fleeing at this point obviously made no sense; it was better to attempt a direct confrontation.

"I don't think it's necessary to keep chatting with a thief who has broken into someone's mind."

In general, in the wizards' knowledge, there are only two ways to resist telepathy.

The first method is to avoid eye contact as much as possible and distance oneself from the operator to reduce the success rate of telepathy.

However, Elena believes that this method may not be as effective for Deptrido as a powerful telepathy master.

The other is to learn mental concealment like Professor Severus Snape, to close the mind against magical invasion and influence, and even allow the mind to lie while avoiding self-exposure.

It is equivalent to a defensive spell aimed at capturing the mind, but this is also unrealistic for Elena.

However, in Elena's opinion, wanting to hide her thoughts does not mean she should be expelled from her mind. In fact, there is a third type of confrontation.

That is, to use rigorous scientific knowledge to fight against the mysterious magical power.

Elena struggled to empty her mind and began to recall a complex variety analysis mapping she learned in college: Lie Group E8, a team of 18 of the world's top mathematicians with their tireless efforts, lasting four years, completed one of the most complex mathematical structures in the world.

This was also the only way she could think of to resist Dumbledore's telepathy that day during the tour of Hogwarts, which likely would allow the thought to be detected but not understood.

Li Qun was invented by the 19th-century Norwegian mathematician Sophus Lie while studying multidimensional symmetry. After E8 was proposed in 1887, not many people could comprehend its structure until now.

It is used to explain the phenomenon that symmetric objects can move freely without changing their shape. E8 explains the symmetry of objects in 57 dimensions. One reason is that only senior mathematicians will know that E8 itself has 248 dimensions.

The reason Li Qun E8 was chosen is that many scientific projects require processing a large amount of data, but E8 computation is an exception: the data required for input is very small, but the output itself is huge and very dense.

In other words, Elena simply needs to remember the basic mathematical derivative formula in her mind. If Dumbledore wants to try to interpret it, he will need to complete the entire derivation according to the formula.

Give me a simple example, like Einstein explained the theory of relativity, everyone can understand his language, but they cannot comprehend the meaning expressed in his language.

Simply put, Elena took it a step further and dug a small hole, meaning that whenever you try to start deducing understanding [Li Qun E8], you will inevitably fall into the work of terrible human genetic engineering dozens of times. If the data generated by the entire calculation process were to be listed on paper, the paper area required would cover the entire Manhattan.

It should be noted that human genetic engineering requires one billion bytes of disk space, and E8 requires 60 billion bytes.

Even if it were the revival of the four Hogwarts founders, it would be impossible to complete the process of understanding directly based on advanced mathematics from scratch.

"Exquisite brilliant idea, is this the power of the non-magical world?"

The blue eyes behind the old man's half-moon glasses silently gazed at Elena for a second or two, then took the initiative to look away, lightly rubbed his tired brows, and exclaimed with emotion.

The spiritual world of the half-blood Eva is more sensitive than that of the ordinary young wizard, along with the rigorous and orderly mathematical model that exists as an exquisite art, Dumbledore tried to interpret for a second or two and felt his brain starting to ache.

More importantly, after this simple glance, Dumbledore finally intuitively realized what Elena said before, the terrible growth of the non-magical world today: the research and exploration of the origin of the world no longer solely belong to the realm of wizards.

Dumbledore composed himself, controlled his mood, and solemnly looked at Elena standing by the piano.

The silver childish face of the little loli looked extremely nervous. Her blue lake-like eyes, resembling those of a deer, were full of hostility. The tiny body trembled unconsciously. Obviously, she was in a strange environment. Her speech was so firm.

How much fear can there be in the magical world?

Dumbledore shook his head and walked slowly towards the girl. Under Elena's imminent gaze, he crouched down so that they were in a parallel position, carefully reached out and touched the girl's shiny silver hair, and said sincerely.

"I'm sorry, please forgive this old man's confusion."

Dumbledore's eyes were soft and sincere, no longer sharp as before. It seemed as if he had accidentally upset his little granddaughter and was a helpless, guilt-ridden, and compassionate old grandfather.

"As the headmaster of Hogwarts, I assure you that I will never again use deceitful tactics."


Elena bit her lip, her expression softened slightly, and she said nothing.

For this great wizard who has been through the entire Harry Potter series, it is difficult for anyone to feel sorry for him. Since Dumbledore made a promise on behalf of Hogwarts, naturally, he would no longer break his promise.

Seeing the girl in front of him relax slightly, Dumbledore smiled faintly, pulled out his wand and waved it gently, producing a frozen lemon ice cream.

"As an apology, would you like to try this lemon ice cream made in the Hogwarts kitchen? I understand it should be a very popular dessert in your world. I also like it."

Dumbledore agilely blinked towards the little silver-haired loli and handed her the utensils.

"Well, I'm not a three-year-old kid!"

Elena looked at Dumbledore as if reassuring a child. She looked at the delicious ball and teased the ball. She pouted angrily and couldn't help it.

After carelessly looking into the girl's mind, how could he try to reassure her with a small dessert?

Realizing the eyes of the little silver-haired loli, the smile in Dumbledore's eyes widened a bit. He gently took Elena's hand, placed the porcelain cup with lemon ice cream in it, and said softly.

"So, can you spare a little more time now and listen to an old man's ramblings?"

After hesitating for a few seconds, Elena extended her little tongue and licked the cold lemon ice cream, feeling a fresh and tangy taste bursting from the tip of her tongue.

"...Fine. Go ahead." The little silver-haired loli squinted happily and said with a spoon.