Chapter 100 Insider Information From Gu Ling Pavilion

"Do not worry about short-term gains and losses, Douglas."

The expressionless smile of the elderly elf unconsciously raised his finger, "The eyes of short-lived species will narrow due to their long life, just as ants will never understand the power of the fire dragon. Time and money are always on our side, goblin."

Observing the pensive "young goblins" before him, Leos gently blows the dirt off his fingers, shrugs, and says casually, "Even if the wizards are truly beyond our imagination [love [Wait] That castle, then return it."

Andy Serkins, standing behind Douglas, boldly said, "But didn't they give money?"

"We can lend it to them. Pay in five years and then return each year. The maximum can even be divided into twenty or even thirty years. During this period, they can use the money to do anything and ask us to pay in any currency."

Leos smiled maliciously and squinted, as if hiding a bitter beast within his slender body.

"As for the cost, it can be assets like houses, shops, forest farms, or knowledge, inventions, spells, etc., or even the wizard himself. Either way, we have enough magical contracts to guarantee all of this. Equity. Over time, all wizards will assume debts and risks for us."

"Remember, if used properly, hope and time will be the most terrible things in this world. Hope can prolong people's suffering, and time can snatch everything from people."

"Of course, do not rush to announce this."

The elderly elf waved his hand and looked at the attentive risk capital chief listening to his words. There was a glint of light in his clouded eyes. "Have you heard of fishing? First, throw a little bait to lure the greedy fish, and then slowly reel them in. Douglas, you have to learn to give the wizards a little sweetness first. You must remember that our ancient wizard bank has been the most reliable friend of human wizards, at least we need to make the wizards firmly believe this."

"So, there is one last question. If... I mean if, the ruble continues to fall, or that muggle country is destroyed by war? Once this muggle currency becomes worthless paper, will all our locks be invalidated?"

Douglas hesitated for a moment, and then asked in a joking tone, but his face did not show relaxation.


As if he had heard something amusing, Leos exaggeratedly waved his hand.

"I don't believe in any prophecy. I only believe in numbers and probabilities. Every year, Gu Ling Pavilion pays thousands of dollars to scholars and analysts in magical and non-magical circles worldwide. The most pessimistic analysis I have seen tells me that the Soviet Union will continue for at least a decade."

"Do you know how powerful this muggle country is? Look, these are the statistics we finally obtained. Sincerely, the protection of muggle leaders by those wizards is really stricter than that of their own daughters."

He snapped his fingers.

The old goblin took a document from the assistant behind him and threw it in front of Douglas.

"The total army has more than 5 million people and can mobilize more than 10 million at any time. It has over 70,000 tanks that could easily kill half of the wizards. 20,000 tanks are much faster than 2000, the fastest light aircraft now. Fighter planes, hundreds of thousands of firearms, most importantly..."

"Oh, damn it!"

Leos, who had always maintained a calm expression, trembled, uncomfortably exasperated, and whispered, "This group of crazy muggle lunatics has accumulated over 40,000 nuclear weapons! Even if it's just a percentage, it's enough to drag the entire non-magical world and the magical world together."

Looking at Douglas, his face lit up, Leos rubbed his tired forehead and sighed, "So, if there's a war, whether magical or non-magical, everyone will do everything to protect and save these lunatics, so they don't do anything crazy. Therefore, all bad news is just temporary, and the Soviet Union and the ruble will soon stabilize again, don't worry."

"Okay, if there are no objections, let's go see the officials of the Ministry of Magic. It's time to show sincerity, I think the rest, I don't need to teach them one by one. Remember one last thing, be wary of Deng Brido."

Leos waved his hand, somewhat tired, and saying so much at once was also a heavy burden on his body. The old goblin only hopes to hold on for a while and impart as much experience and wisdom as possible to the successor of Gu Ling Pavilion's Wizard Bank to ensure the future of the Gu Ling Pavilion's Wizard Bank and the goblins is smoother.

"Rest assured, respected elder Leos. The Elder Council of the Elves has laid all the groundwork. If we don't know how to deal with this situation, then my position as the head of the risk capital department might as well be given to the wizard. Here we are."

Douglas nodded seriously, straightened his clothes, looked around, and said in a deep voice, "Let's go, gentlemen, it's our turn to play next."

VIP reception room at Gu Ling Pavilion.

Another thirty minutes passed. Even Dirk Kleiswei, who was full of confidence before, began to gradually show shaken. Instead, he heard the analysis of Arthur Weasley by professionals from the "Fairy Liaison Office." At this moment, he was curiously studying the bells used by the fairies to attend to VIPs.

"I apologize for keeping you both waiting for so long."

Just at that moment, the door of the closed room opened silently, a very capable middle-aged goblin in a suit and leather quickly entered, bowed politely and introduced himself, "I am the head of the risk capital department of Gu Ling Pavilion, Douglas. To personally express my apologies to both of you, I have specially prepared some trivial small gifts for you both."

Afterwards, the middle-aged elf snapped his fingers gently, and a little elf wearing golden triangle glasses approached Arthur and Dirk with a tray holding two delicate jewelry boxes.

Even if the two weren't sensitive to the price of the jewelry, it could be seen from the sparkling shimmer that they were worth at least two and a half months' salary.

"What do you mean, Mr. Douglas?" Arthur Weasley frowned with a certain displeasure.