Chapter 101 Goblin We Are Loyal Collaborators Of The Wizards

Indeed, as the director of the [Misuse of Muggle Artefacts Office], Arthur is no stranger to such situations. After all, in his long career experience in confiscating prohibited items, although most of the wizards deceiving the Muggles belong to the ill-natured category, there are still some who will attempt to use bribes to avoid punishment.

Not only that, even in the Ministry of Magic, it is not rare for the chief to engage in flattery and political gifts, especially when he was still in the [Misuse of Muggle Artefacts Office] and a company called "Dolores? "Mritch" briefly worked as an intern.

Frankly, Arthur Weasley was not a human who did not enjoy human fireworks. The old-fashioned and heavy officials, the heavy pressure of life to support seven children, had already worn down most of his edges.

Therefore, without affecting the business, Arthur didn't mind being able to afford more than the passing rate, so he chose to be a "man behind".

However, in this case, it is not him who has the authority to make a decision, but Dirk Kleiswei, who is the director of the "Fairy Liaison Office". You must be right.

Thinking of this, Arthur instinctively turned his head and glanced at Dirk Cressweil beside him, frowning, and there was a touch of questioning in his eyes, as if it was not the same as the stingy fairy in the mouth of the director.

Who knows, after seeing him pass, he found that Dirk Creswell had exaggerated dozens of times.

He saw that the expression on the face of the wizard with thick lenses could not simply be described as surprise, with his mouth wide open and both eyeballs bulging, as if he had seen a monster. The same one as the monster.

You know, since Dirk Kleisswei served in the "Fairy Liaison Office", not to mention what gift he received, not even the white water to quench thirst must be magically heated by himself, after all, Ministry of Magic officials and thrifty wizards, in the eyes of the goblins, are two creatures.

"Well, you know... Mr. Douglas, we cannot abuse our position to illegally accept belongings from others." The poor director of the "Fairy Liaison Office" swallowed hard and tried to look away from the tray.

"Oh, my dear wizard friend. What are you talking about, time can be measured in money in goblin values, and as I wasted two of my time, then as I should, I should compensate. As a well-trained official of the Ministry of Magic, I believe you should understand and respect this idea of our elves in the Guling Pavilion?"

Douglas smiled cunningly, took the jewelry box from the tray, and unquestionably placed it in the hands of Klein Wei and Mr. Weasley. As the controller of Gulingge's venture capital department, he wanted to simply too easy to convince two poor Ministry of Magic officials, along the way, Douglas easily found out the deposits of the two wizards.

"Since you have said that, of course, we will respect the idea of a goblin. Isn't that right, Arthur?"

Dirk blinked, his throat rolled, and he nudged Arthur with his elbow, and quickly said.

Although he didn't understand why the goblin suddenly released the good intentions, there certainly is no harm in accepting it. Dirk thought and considered that there was nothing worthy of the goblin's mind. Even if it is convenient for his duties, it is more often that he seeks comfort and help from the Guling Pavilion goblins on behalf of the Ministry of Magic.

Arthur Weasley rested his mind and clenched the box in his hand, speaking, he hadn't bought jewelry for Molly in several years, and hesitated slowly.

"Thank you for your kindness. However, I think we should first talk about the reopening of the exchange window between the galleon and the ruble..."

"Oh, of course. Time is money, and we understand the meaning of the two."

Before he finished, the self-proclaimed goblin Douglas raised his fingers, with an impeccable smile on his face, and bowed and said orderly.

"Indeed, due to the major changes in the ruble exchange rate, we chose to temporarily close the exchange window to protect your interests. Now that the exchange rate has stabilized, we have reopened the exchange window."

"Please rest assured that the Gulingge Wizarding Bank has always been the most trustworthy partner of human wizards, and always will be."


Ministry of Magic, Minister's Office.

"So, did the goblin really accept so easily? Didn't he ask for anything?"

Connelly Fudge raised his eyebrows and asked unbelievably once again.

"Yes, Minister sir."

Arthur Weasley shrugged helplessly and responded for the third time, "If there is a request, there will only be one. I hope that the Ministry of Magic holds a press conference and responds positively to Hogwarts, so as not to cause a worrying situation."

"Even if they don't say it, we will. Claire, you've had the most time in the entire department to deal with the fairy elves, what do you think?"

Fudge waved his hand carelessly and turned his head to look at the director of the "Fairy Liaison Office" standing next to Arthur.

"Well, I don't think there is anything unusual about the Gu Ling Ge goblins."

Dirk Kesiwei felt the heavy box in his arms with joy and responded cautiously within.

"Based on the explanation of the temporary closure of the window due to rapid fluctuations in the exchange rate, I believe it is completely in line with the fairy's style. In my opinion, Gu Lingge may want to cooperate with the Ministry of Magic as much as possible to recover the funds as soon as possible. I believe the fairies might prefer gold coins."

"Is that so? Indeed, that group of wealthy servants also emphasized this."

Fudge laughed lightly. Although the result was somewhat unexpected, it was reasonable overall. In this way, he finally has good news to give to the wizards.

"Very well, I understand."

Looking around the office, the Minister of Magic, who had received a definitive answer once again, was no longer confused, and looked towards the door in a good mood and asked, "Dolores, have all the reporters from the newspaper offices arrived?"

"Of course, Minister. Everything is ready, and the reporters are already waiting in the Ministry of Magic reception hall to release a statement."

Umbridge's unique, sharp and thin voice resonated from the door, surprising both Dirk and Arthur.

He didn't know when the chubby woman dressed like a little girl had appeared in the Minister's office. It's hard to imagine that her huge size didn't make any noise.

"Do I need to be interviewed, huh, we didn't really do much..."

Dirk Klein Wei was a little embarrassed and adjusted his shirt, to be honest, he had never been in the newspaper before.

"An interview? No, Mr. Claire Wei, you may be misunderstanding something."

Umbridge looked down with a smile at the director of the "Fairy Liaison Department," frowned, and said in her usual sweet and cloying tone.

"Thanks to the hard work of both of you, the next step will be the responsibility of Minister Cornelius and mine. I believe you both still have many matters to attend to."

With that, Umbridge opened the door, tilted her head, "inviting" Mr. Weasley and Mr. Klein Wei out of the Minister's office.

Before leaving the office, Arthur Weasley vaguely heard Umbridge seem to be talking about what Fudge said "was not necessary to tell Dumbledore," "Magical Credit Loan Gulinge," and "the goblin is an ally of the wizard." Without waiting to hear clearly, the door to the Minister's office slammed shut.