Chapter 103 In The Hufflepuff Common Room At Hogwarts

Because it is located on the ground floor of the castle, the sky cannot be seen from the window. However, according to the dark and quiet Hufflepuff girls' dormitory, it should be before six.

In the darkness, a petite figure slowly sat up, wiped the usual drool with the small animal pillow on her chest, and rubbed her sleepy eyes.

"Oh, it's time to make breakfast, otherwise Bran will cry again..." She couldn't help but yawn again, the young girl murmured to herself, looked around in confusion, and gradually focused her tired eyes.

A warm and peculiar room with a fluffy carpet next to the bed, even when walking barefoot, it doesn't feel cold. It was still early; the dormitory was exceptionally quiet, with only the girls breathing softly and some silent dreams.

"Yes, I almost forgot. I'm at Hogwarts now."

Elena shook her head with a silly smile. It was already the second day of the official start of classes, but she hadn't had time to adjust the biological clock she had developed in the orphanage.

Unlike yesterday, there was a **** asleep next to her, which could leave her alone and stay in bed. Elena woke up alone and suddenly felt a sense of loneliness rising inexplicably.

"Fluorescent flashes."

After sitting on the edge of the bed for a while, the silver-haired Loli girl looked around in the dark dormitory, felt for the wand on the bedside table, and a faint, dim white light lit up at the tip of her black walnut wand.

With the dim light, the girl put on the Hufflepuff uniform, took her shoes, and left the dormitory for the Hufflepuff common room.

It was still early; the spacious room was empty, there was no one, and even the portraits on the walls were still asleep, the only thing moving was the faint flickering flame in the fireplace.

After briefly washing up, Elena left the Hufflepuff common room. The magic torches on both sides of the stone hallway still emitted a soft, warm light. Looking on both sides of the hallway, only paintings of inedible food could be seen. The girl's mood turned sadder.

Although the Hufflepuff house is the best in food magic, isn't it reason enough to decorate the hallway outside the house with paintings of food? In Elena's opinion, this kind of environmental arrangement is more suitable for a twisted food lover than to match the setting.

Fortunately, the Hufflepuff common room is closer to the kitchen.

The particularly attractive silver-haired girl raised her eyebrows and approached the painting in the middle of the hallway corresponding to the kitchen door. She extended her fingers and scratched the large green pear in the painting, hoping to change the door handle.

As with yesterday, the pear twisted back and forth, giggled, and then...

And then there was nothing more, and the picture returned to calm.


Elena blinked in confusion, wasn't she opening it the wrong way, but obviously she had succeeded yesterday?

She raised her hand and scratched.

The pear twisted and smiled, then continued to pretend to be dead.


"Open the door, or I will use this painting to polish my nails and test the spell."

Elena narrowed her eyes and moved her wrists expressionlessly, about to shine her nails.

At that moment, the portrait in front of her suddenly turned and opened.

The house-elf, whom she knew, stood respectfully at the door with a little embarrassment on his face.

"Dear Miss Caslana, I beg you to understand. Professor Dumbledore specifically advised us not to allow any little wizard into the kitchen without the consent of the headmaster. Providing any food."

"Well, that's really stingy."

Elena frowned bluntly.

Regarding the house-elf's response, Elena was not surprised. If she said that the spicy old radish and stingy man didn't take countermeasures, she would be surprised.

However, the main purpose of her visit to the kitchen this morning was not to rub her breakfast, but to do something more important.

"Berley, by the way, are you still serving breakfast at the orphanage? After I arrived at Hogwarts."

After speaking, Elena casually looked into the eyes of the house-elf in front of her.

There is no doubt that Professor Dumbledore is a complete Gryffindor. The biggest problem with the Gryffindor house is that they are only willing to follow the rules they consider correct.

Not to mention that the character's final character has not been completely revealed in the original book, although JKR clearly shows some tendencies in the book, Elena still retains some of her skepticism. Not mentioning the controversial and highly intelligent businessman like Dumbledore, even if he made an unbreakable oath, she still couldn't believe it.

And this casually made verbal agreement at the orphanage table is just a very suitable event to help Elena make her judgment.

"Of course. Professor Dumbledore specifically told me that the meal specifications served there still adhere to the standards before the implementation of the Regulations. In fact, after a while, I will bring breakfast."

The house-elf, Berley, bowed respectfully and responded without hesitation.

"Is that so...?"

After carefully observing Berley's expression, Elena nodded carelessly and whispered a little rudely, "Show me if you can."

"No problem, wait a moment."

The house-elf hesitated for a moment, and his two bat-like ears twitched. After making sure that there were no other little wizards around, he tapped his fingers gently. A huge white tablecloth appeared behind him, filled with various abundant breakfasts, as Dumbledore promised at the orphanage a month ago.

Elena eagerly looked at the slices of steamed grilled bacon, golden egg tarts, soft and fragrant cheese pastries, and the honey-flowing warm milk... and a lump formed in her throat—this small bite is much better than her happiness.

The little silver-haired Lori inhaled deeply, almost entranced, and then tried to focus her attention on the elf's face. With seriousness, she expressed sincerely, "Thank you so much, you have truly gone to a lot of trouble, Mr. Burleigh."

"Miss Caslana..."

Faced with Elena's gratitude, the domestic elf Burleigh waved his hands in panic, preparing to say something, and suddenly his face changed~ suddenly his slender arm waved several times in a gesture of panic and quickly closed the portrait door.

Soon, the little Lori with silver hair, forced to stay outside the door, learned the reason.

"Elena, why did you run off by yourself? You scared me a lot, but fortunately you didn't go too far."

Behind her, Hannah, still in her white pajamas, hurried over.

Upon waking up, she suddenly realized that the bed opposite was empty again, but how could she allow Hannah, who had watched over Elena's sleep yesterday, to let this little ball of white-haired fluff wander alone through the vast castle, even before changing clothes, she hurried out to search for her.