Chapter 104 The Hufflepuff Students Are Awake

"The Hogwarts Castle has a large underground area. It is said to have only one floor, but it is actually divided into many areas of varying depths. Although the stairs do not move here, it is said that there will still be a few people every few years... huh... Some first-year students mysteriously disappeared in a labyrinthine passage. If Elena wants to take a walk in the future, remember to call me to accompany you, you are..."

From five minutes to quarter to the morning, the stone passage outside the Hufflepuff common room echoed with the crunching of Hannah, and in between, there was some hurried breathing due to the rush of speech.


Looking at the pajama-clad girl in front of her, a newly awakened blonde-haired girl, the fierce silver-haired witch who used to be a person nodded resignedly.

If the biggest difference between the two eras, besides technology and magic, in Elena's opinion, is truly one thing, it's that in the previous life, it is a very rare situation to be concerned about.

As transportation and communication become more and more convenient, everyone becomes more and more accustomed to loneliness, politely keeping their distance, accustomed to carrying everything in silence, accustomed to covering the truth behind the screen... like, sometimes at night. At night, sometimes she would smile for a long time in front of the computer, and then start crying inexplicably with a smile, hoping that someone would ask why she was laughing, but no one.

According to Benitez's assessment of Elena, she is like a shy hedgehog, always using various invisible spikes to intentionally or unintentionally separate herself from the world. In fact, Elena wanted to tell Silly Dad that after twenty years, almost everyone would become that kind of hedgehog.

"Hey! Listen to me seriously, this is not a joke. Several senior students said that there are terrible monsters hidden under the castle. If you accidentally encounter them, they will eat you!" The young witch's eyes began to wander, and Hannah raised her hand and waved it vigorously in front of Elena's eyes.

Perhaps it was due to the profound impressions of the conversations among the senior students on campus. Hannah, who was already restless, blushed anxiously, wishing she could learn magic to be able to throw all the meaning she wanted to express to others once and for all. In their heads.

Mid-sentence, Hannah felt herself sinking, and the whole person was surrounded by warmth.

"They all lied to you, silly Hannah. This is a wizard's castle. Even if there are monsters, it will be very difficult for them to eat us. How dare they come out to eat people like a big man?"

She saw Elena's eyes slightly soften and sighed resignedly. She took off the black wizard's robe and wrapped it around the small blonde loli who was only wearing a thin nightgown. Her index finger gently sealed Hannah's lips and said with an irrefutable tone seriously.

"Alright, this is the end of the discussion. Now, go back to the dormitory immediately, wash up, wash your hair, and change your clothes. We still have a full seven years to meet the cute monsters inside and outside the castle."

Pushing Hannah Abbott back into the Hufflepuff girls' dormitory with a half embrace and push, Elena trapped herself in the soft chair in the Hufflepuff common room amidst the suspicious look of the girl.

In the long run, it had led her to be willing to leave her adorable children to face the terrorist attack of the second-generation Dark Lord.

"Shouldn't you think about preventing the iron skillet from cooking for four more years?"

While waiting for Hannah to clean up and wash, Elena thought about how to reduce the burden on the "Non-Dead Boy," taking out a package of greased paper from her robe and opening it, which contained several pieces of fish meat with various sweet spices. This is the leftover snack from the [delicious wind snake] at dinner last night.

"Well, it looks a little cold."

Her finger touched the cold fish, and Elena frowned.

Although eating cold fish is also an option, the silver-haired witch from the kitchen of the country evidently prefers hot food. Furthermore, the mutant fish from the Black Lake already has a certain chill. As a discerning girl who knows how to maintain health, Elena will not eat cold fish directly in the morning.

Looking left and right, the silver-haired witch raised her eyebrows, grabbed the fire fork in the fireplace, and skewered the fish on it, crouching in front of the crackling flames to start grilling the fish.

After peeling off the purple and black scales of the mutant fish, there is a layer of slightly bluish and tender white meat. According to Hagrid, it must be due to the long-term consumption of mutant plants from the bottom of the lake, even after grilling, the coolness inside still locks in most of the nutrition.

Although the traditional view is that grilling is not a healthy cooking method, at this point, grilling the fish is not among them. In fact, if Elena remembers correctly, a research report from the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine in the United States concludes that eating grilled fish once a week is good for brain health.

Because fish contains an Omega-3 fatty acid that the body cannot synthesize on its own, long-term intake of such fatty acids will reduce the likelihood of developing cardiovascular diseases. Because the high temperature of frying destroys the Omega-3 fatty acids, the content of Omega-3 fatty acids that can be preserved in grilled fish is higher than in fried fish.

"Perhaps it may be necessary to propose to Dumbledore later, and regularly offer all the students at the school a variety of Black Lake fish soup?"

Kneeling in front of the fireplace, the little girl with silver hair watched with satisfaction as the surface of the tender white fish gradually turned into a golden, crunchy layer, while the fish fat slowly dripped onto the charcoal fire, sending up a light white vapor.

In order to maximize the original flavor of the meat, Elena only used a small amount of sweet spices on the surface to mask the fishy smell when grilling, opting to use coarse salt as seasoning.

Perhaps due to her living environment, Elena found that the mutated fish in the Black Lake had a more intense aroma than ordinary fish. The magical charm of the fireplace flames was just what was needed to control most of the grill smoke.

Soon, the fish fillet's surface began to sizzle, and more and more hot oil slowly dripped along the fleshy and smooth texture of the fish, making everyone hungry.

One of the greatest virtues in cooking is patience.

Elena took a deep breath, with a feeling of intoxication on her face, as the flipping of the fish in her hand became more detailed, causing most of the fish oil to remain on the surface, forming an attractive shiny skin.

Even though she was underground, the Hufflepuff Common Room obviously used some kind of magic. The air was not frozen or thin, and occasionally a gentle breeze was felt.

With the flow of air in the room, the charming smell of grilled fish that filled the air soon began to drift into the male and female dormitories on both sides. "What a delicious fragrance..."

"What perfume is that?"

"God, who brought the food from the kitchen to the room?"

"Is it ready...?"

One by one, the Hufflepuff students in pajamas rubbed their eyes and slowly followed the fragrance.