Chapter 105 The Forest Of The Little Badgers

Sound, flavor, atmosphere... it is truly nostalgic.

Elena effortlessly turned the grilled fish over the fireplace, her eyes scanning the bustling crowd behind her, and the corners of her mouth lifted slightly. As if she were cooking breakfast on the small balcony of the university dormitory in her previous life, the aroma of food was always a warm morning greeting around the world.

In fact, Elena was not very satisfied with the grilled fish dinner next to the Hogwarts Forest the night before, although she had left most of the new students reveling in the meal.

In order to take care of all the first-year students, she couldn't light five fires to start grilling the fish. By improving efficiency, she inevitably lost some of the delight of some grilled fish. There is no perfect way to mutate the fish. The flavor doesn't fully show.

But fortunately, she woke up early enough to fill that void a little.

Elena is very skilled using tongs, which mainly comes from her long-term basic skills of grilling fish on the shore of Lake Lomond.

Most food experts know that truly delicious grilled fish should not be grilled. The tongs should be turned frequently to prevent burning.

After a while, the tongs caused the fish skin to shrink and curl slightly, and there was still some mutant blue-colored fish meat coated with a thin layer of bright yellow fat on both sides. This is completely different from the fat of large domestic animals. It looks extremely clear and translucent.


The sound of salivation increased.

At that moment, dozens of hungry Hufflepuff students in pajamas had risen in the common room, looking at the tempting scene in front of them, and the sound of slurping increased.

"Do you want to eat?"

Elena took the fish off the fireplace and turned to wave it in the air. With a satisfied smile in her eyes, the rich aroma of the grilled fish instantly detonated in everyone's nose again.

"But... is it okay? Although, just one piece."

A hesitant older Hufflepuff girl asked, her eyes moving up and down with the grilled fish in Elena's hands.

It must be said that, both in appearance and aroma, the grilled fish in Elena's hands can be considered the most outstanding presence they have seen in so many years.

"Well, today I can share a little with you for the moment. After all, maybe I'll have trouble with hunger in the future."

The petite silver-haired Lolita smiled slightly, waved her hand quite generously, and placed the fish on the extended oiled paper in front of her.

"However, Elena, what will you do if there's no knife and fork apart from the dinner plate?"

A handsome Hufflepuff boy nodded, trying to resist the urge to swallow, and said seriously.

You know, even at the Hufflepuff Academy, the legendary magical meeting place for gourmets, no one would ever think of preparing cutlery in the dormitory!

To the speaking boy, Elena is not a stranger. After all, when they chatted in the girls' dormitory the night before, he appeared at least a dozen times, the handsome Hufflepuff boy, Cedric Diggory?

"Interesting question..."

Elena raised her eyebrows and looked at Cedric with a speckled and disheveled pajama in front of her.

Frankly, the boys are really handsome, with straight noses and a slightly pale face. If they were to go to a vampire-themed romance movie in future generations, it would surely be very popular. Unfortunately, it's not the type she would like.

"Oh my, are they all fools? Mrs. Hufflepuff will be angry to see them like this."

Looking around and nodding in approval, the elder Hufflepuff students showed their regrets, Elena patted her head in despair, a truly old-fashioned and decadent group of people who don't know how to work.

"Oh, right."

Cedric awkwardly nodded upon awakening and took out his wand from his pajama pocket. He looked around in the common room, searching, murmuring softly.

"Transfiguration, transfiguration... well, we need to find something smaller—"

"Ah, are you all idiots? Mrs. Hufflepuff will be angry to see them like this."

However, before they could find a suitable small object for transformation, they heard a slightly disgusted sigh from the silver-haired witch in front of them.

"Senior Diggory, please hand over your wand."

"Eh?" Cedric turned his head in confusion and subconsciously handed the wand to Elena.

"Fools, the book is upside down, it's too arrogant. You've forgotten the original essence of the wand."

Seeing the silver-haired witch shaking her head in distress, and taking out her beloved black walnut wand from her pocket, well, of course, two together.

Then, to the astonished eyes of all the older students, Elena skillfully took a piece of grilled fish with "chopsticks" and skewered it from Cedric's wand tip...

"Come on... try it, it's quite delicious."

In the overwhelmed eyes of Cedric, Elena smiled sweetly and reached out to push the wand towards the mouth of the "first drop of blood of Hogwarts" in the original work. A heart-confusing rhythm.

Looking at the exquisite young girl in front of his eyes, the young Cedric Diggory had a brief blank space in his mind, and only felt a very comfortable joy. He subconsciously opened his mouth and performed not inelegant movements. He took a bite of the fish on the wand.

"This is!"

Cedric's eyes widened instantly.

The crispy skin of the fish produced a pleasant sound between the lips and teeth, scattered over the coarse grain surface of salt upon entering, mixed with the fish's shiny yellow fat and instantly burst the first wave of trembling on the tip of the tongue.

Immediately, the tender and resilient mutant fish flesh playfully melted in the mouth, and the thick juice sealed inside by the cold spilled from the fish's fibers.

Unlike all the fish Cedric had eaten before, as he usually fed on mutated aquatic plants at the lake's bottom, the flesh of the mutant fish from the Black Lake naturally possessed a fragrant and delicious algae flavor, combining with heat bursting like flames, as if it were a warm massage on the beach with closed eyes.

Cold and hot, sweet and salty, crunchy and tender, the earth and the deep lake... waves of flavors passed from every taste bud to Cedric's brain like a symphony.

"'s...too delicious!" Cedric gasped, with an indescribable touch in his tone.

Seeing Cedric's reaction, Irene nodded satisfactorily. The effect had been quite good, and she had used a little trick without waste.

Applauding, the girl smiled tenderly, pushed away the boy who was still absorbed in the delicious food, clapped, and skillfully served another piece of fish.

"Alright, now it's everyone else's turn. Line up, don't worry, there's still plenty of fish, and then extend your wand and follow through."


Although it is said that, in fact, the mutant fish flesh Elena brought back to the common room was less than half of a fish.

Facing the hungry Hufflepuff diners, it barely sufficed for a small piece of fish flesh, which did not manage to satisfy their hunger at all. More precisely, after a small piece of grilled fish per person, the hunger increased.

However, the long-standing friendly and loyal atmosphere of the academy prevented the young badgers from behaving badly and fighting over the food in public.

Therefore, after eating their share of fish, everyone could only stare resolutely at the silver-haired witch by the fireplace while reluctantly licking the tip of their wand.

"Hey, there's very little left."

Seeing the Hufflepuff young wizards with expressionless faces, UUmiró at, and Elena lowered her head, trying to hide the gleaming expression in her eyes, and spoke slowly with a tantalizing tone.

"In fact, the fish is not only fried and grilled, I have many other ways to prepare it. For example, boiled fish, pickled fish fillet, steamed fish with ginger, squirrel fish, pickled fish with cabbage, fish stew with red beans, fish head in chopped chili sauce, spicy fish, stewed fish nuggets, fish tomato soup, fragrant salted fish balls, perilla fish soup, etc., but..."

After a pause, Elena's eyes flashed with profound meaning, and she continued softly.

"...If you still want to eat in the future, you'll have to get the ingredients on your own."