Chapter 106 When Cheating...

"Preparing precise ingredients?"

Upon hearing Elena's words, most of the students in the common room looked at each other, and confusion reflected on their faces.

However, first-year students like Hannah Abbott had to behave calmly, nodding understandingly, anticipating which instructions Elena would give next.

"Of course, do you think you've just eaten a common herring bought from the market?"

Elena made a strange face, ran her fingers over herself, Hannah, and some of the new first-year Hufflepuff students who were present, and exaggerated a bit, "The entire first-year training sequence is obsolete, it took us a lot of effort to finally catch the mutant fish from the cold and bitter Black Lake."

Watching the young wizards playing with their wands by the fireplace, the little silver-haired Lori extended her hands.

Although the main fisherman is Hagrid, every subsequent first-year student is involved.

To cultivate the spirit of first-grade wizards, Elena personally supervised that everyone must carry a knife to make some cuts on the mutant fish. As for cleaning the scales and peeling, the entire first grade was divided into several groups, each responsible for the fish they wanted to eat that night.

Elena and Hagrid were surprised to find out that, for some reason, the best performances in each group were mostly girls.

After experiencing a brief panic, most of the little witches quickly calmed down and followed Elena's demonstration movements. The knife was precise and cold, but there were many children who cried during the process. However, after enjoying the delicious grilled fish, their eyes became more determined.

According to Elena's estimation, the next time they kill the fish, everyone will be very happy to take the knife and participate in the collective activities. Of course, these specific details do not need to be shared with the older students.

"The mutant fish in the Black Lake? Turns out, yes, no wonder the taste and aroma are so different."

Cedric licked his lips, as if he were reliving the feast on the tip of his tongue.

Upon careful consideration, the persistent sensation of freshness in the fish is truly like the breath of the lake outside Hogwarts Castle. Thinking of this, Cedric couldn't help but feel a little upset. He had eaten too quickly a moment ago and hadn't been able to savor the delights of this rare fish.

As the young classmate Digori continued to be upset, a soft feminine voice emerged from the crowd.

"I mean, in fact, you just have to find a way to catch more of these mutant fish in the lake. Will Elena help you cook for you?"

Everyone turned to look at the girl, Shana Dass from the sixth grade of Hufflepuff. Seeing everyone turn their heads to look at her, the tall Sanna shrugged and said, as if it were the most natural thing, "Frankly, after yesterday's simple but challenging meals, I think we really need to improve our culinary skills."

There is no doubt that in order to save the huge fortune, at least enough for Hogwarts to spend for hundreds of years, and to ensure that the magical world is invincible in this game, Dumbledore is really ruthless.

A strict austerity policy has been implemented in all aspects of the school. Except for lunch disturbed by the first-year students during all three meals of the day, not even dinner is as good as it should be. The main component of the meal remains mashed potatoes, cabbage, and bacon, making the elders accustomed to a rich meal slightly dissatisfied in private.

"But Shana, if you really want to go into the Black Lake to fish, the only suitable time is at noon and afternoon breaks."

Cedric frowned and interrupted, "In that case, we are likely to run into the group of Slytherins living at the bottom of the lake, so everyone could laugh at us again?"

The relationship between the four houses of Hogwarts is not complicated in reality. To summarize with Dumbledore's classic "Nitwit! Blubber! Oddment! Tweak!", they are actually four linked despairs.

(For more explanation, click here to expand, some details are related to the work [textual rumors of HP colleagues])

"Well, Di Gori is right, Slytherin is indeed a problem."

Shana touched her lips, upset. She was not worried about being laughed at, but as the only house living at the bottom of the lake, Slytherin's xenophobia was the most serious of the four houses. "In fact, I am more concerned that they won't allow us to do it."

When the older students mentioned Slytherin, the atmosphere in the entire common room suddenly became unpleasant.

Although from a positive perspective, the hostility between Gryffindor and Slytherin is the most evident, but there are not many opportunities for the two houses to meet, as can be seen from the first-year curriculum—Slytherin and Gryffindor have no overlapping courses except for potions and flying classes.

(To know the detailed schedule, please refer to the relevant works [first-grade course deduction])

Therefore, among the houses of Hogwarts, the one that has the most dealings with Slytherin House is the poor Hufflepuff House.

Whether it's the distribution of common rooms on the same floor, or the overlap of almost half of the classes, or the fact that pure-blood families are naturally arrogant towards civilians (to be honest, there are not a few pure-blood families in Gryffindor), almost no Hufflepuff student has not been bullied by the Slytherin snakes living next door.

Thinking about the need to deal with Slytherin House, the older students looked a little grim.

Glancing at the suddenly gloomy Hufflepuff common room, Elena frowned, and finally understood why Hufflepuff had not won the House Cup in decades, obviously the atmosphere in the house was bad.

This will not work, she also has the power to mobilize the masses (high-level thugs) to assist her with a constant stream of ingredients that are not so easy to handle.

"One moment..."

The little silver-haired witch rolled her eyes and put her finger to her lips, inquiring curiously, "But the portrait of the headmistress [Filida Spor] in Professor Dumbledore's office tells me that Slytherin is at the bottom exactly. In fact, is it at the bottom of the food chain of all of Hogwarts? I understand that Hufflepuff has a very glorious and long history of over a hundred years. Don't you find that curious?"

Professor Dumbledore? Headmistress Filida Spor? Slytherin at the bottom? The illustrious Hufflepuff Academy?

The girl's voice was not too loud, but the key words revealed in just a few words were enough to draw everyone's attention back to her.

But perhaps because the two former heads were involved, and the revealed information was too incredible, Hufflepuff suddenly fell into a strange and silent atmosphere in the common room.


Is it really chilly?!

Elena, who maintained her innocent expression, felt her smile start to become a little strained, and the gleam in her eyes slowly scanned the crowd in front of her. She looked at them inquisitively with her mouth agape, waiting for someone to ask questions.

—Hufflepuff, this group of stuffed pumpkins is really too difficult to deal with. If the same situation had occurred in Ravenclaw, Gryffindor, or even Slytherin, there would have been enthusiastic young wizards willing to speak up.

Fortunately, just as she was about to break the pitcher and seek another support, Hannah Abbott, who was more familiar to her, looked around and had the courage to ask in a low voice.

"Who is Headmistress Filda Spear? Why did she say that, have we ever been illustrious, we Hufflepuffs, Elena?"

It had been a long time since she had entered Hogwarts ~ ~ Elena felt a genuine touch and relief upon hearing Hannah's voice for the first time. She composed herself again.

Elena sighed in relief, and not in the mood for play, cleared her throat, and quickly followed the words of the young Hannah.