Chapter 107 Hufflepuff And Honey Badger

After the four founders of the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry each established their respective schools, they created their own academies to nurture and perpetuate young wizards who sought to develop their talents. In addition to the representative colors and personality concepts of each school, the most recognizable aspect of the four houses is actually the symbolic animal emblem of each school.

Each animal in the emblem implies a certain trait that the four founders hoped their students would embody: the Gryffindor Lion represents courage and adventure; the Ravenclaw Eagle represents wisdom and freedom; the Slytherin Serpent represents cunning and patience; and the Hufflepuff Badger represents equality and facing challenges without fear.

However, with the passing of time, with the understanding and growth of generations of wizards, the meaning of each house has become associated with more well-known labels.

For example, Gryffindor is often attributed with justice, Slytherin with cunning, and Ravenclaw with an odd synonym... However, it is most incredible how Hufflepuff, I don't know when they've gradually been assigned the labels of "ordinary, tolerant, patient, and honest" — so much so that the professors and students of Hufflepuff began to believe it themselves.

"Do you mean that we shouldn't be friendly and welcoming to everyone at school? Regardless, loyalty and sincerity have become the most important atmosphere of Hufflepuff House now, and this cannot be ignored."

Cedric Diggory furrowed his brow and interjected with his arms crossed.

He didn't know why, although his mind told him to just listen in silence to the beautiful silver-haired young girl, the hidden anxiety and crisis in his heart continued to grow. The uncomfortable opposition was overwhelming him.

"Of course not. In fact, I quite agree and I like the atmosphere of Hufflepuff House, which is why I am so eager to be sorted into Hufflepuff."

Elena timidly lifted her hair a bit and smiled. The radiant smile caused Cedric, who had been silently musing, to momentarily lose his composure, and he sweetly said, "I just think that maybe we shouldn't forget the original intention of Miss Helga Hufflepuff when founding the school."

"Look at the emblem on their chest..." Elena scrutinized the little Hufflepuff wizards, most of them in their pajamas, and quickly changed the subject, "Well, I mean take a look at the school banner in the hall."

"Our Hufflepuff emblem is a badger," Elena proudly lifted her temporarily flat chest and said in a serious tone.

Hannah Abbott looked at her chest and gently touched her emblem. She tilted her head with tenderness, her tone revealing confusion. "But, what does that mean? We are like this animal, ordinary and realistic, peaceful and united."

"Wait... ordinary? Realistic? Peaceful mind?!!!" Elena furrowed her brow, looking at Hannah with bewilderment, her eyes slowly scanning a group of little Hufflepuff wizards with expressions on their faces, and she incredulously touched her forehead, "You never get it. What kind of animal is a badger?! My goodness, are you really from Hufflepuff?!"

"Cough, I won't teach non-magical world animals in class." Headmistress Shanna lightly coughed, an expression of discomfort passing over her face, openly nodded and acknowledged it, then graciously asked, "If you know, Elena, don't hold back, just tell everyone."

It cannot be denied that the power of role models has a very powerful subtle effect.

Since Mr. Newt Scamander, born in Hufflepuff House, became a celebrity in the magical world, many students unconsciously will consider him as a role model in their lives.

Therefore, Hufflepuff can be seen as the group most interested in animals and plants at Hogwarts.

In fact, the curiosity of Hufflepuff for new knowledge is no less than Gryffindor and Ravenclaw; except that more often, shame and self-confidence limit their access to knowledge.

"Badgers are divided into many types, and the most common are the wolverine and the honey badger. According to our house emblem, it actually resembles the latter more. The honey badger is a brave, strong, and dignified animal. In contrast to weaker animals, it never lets its guard down or belittles them; in the face of larger beasts, it neither fears nor retreats in the slightest, for the honey badger, everyone is equal in size and height. And this astonishing quality and nature is the most perfect interpretation of the concept that Miss Hufflepuff has always wanted to promote: we should learn to treat everyone equally."

Elena raised her eyebrows, her fingers gently touching the Hufflepuff badger on her left chest, and solemnly said.

"It is simply for the weak and general mediocrity, it is only a kind of condescension out of pity and a warm cowardice. The true treatment of equality and integrity is not just for the group of people who are beneath us. Fear all powerful opponents, face them bravely, neither fearful nor arrogant. This is what Miss Hufflepuff wants to convey."

"However, our Hufflepuff selection criteria, do we not only accept honest, honorable, and hardworking individuals?"

A first-year Hufflepuff student concealed near the stairs asked, confused, as a young wizard newly arrived at Hogwarts, what Elena said was too subversive for his cognitive dissonance. Powerful, completely different from what his parents taught him.

It's not just her who feels this. In fact, all the present Hufflepuff students are slightly shaken in their hearts. Elena's words seem somewhat unusual, but each theory is sound. They cannot refute.

"Oh? Do you really think that the Hufflepuff selection criteria are of the same kind as the other three houses?"

The little silver-haired Lolita raised her eyebrows, turned her face, and said seriously, "Listen, if Hufflepuff really only recruits students with upright, hardworking, and diligent qualities. Many people would wear branch hats, it's very likely you'd hear these words—"

Elena cleared her throat and imitated the deliberate voice of the Sorting Hat. "Well... let me think which house you should go to... without the courage and ambition of Gryffindor, without the desire to study. Or you are lazy. I'm sorry, little wizard. You lack the qualities that no house needs. Take the morning train home tomorrow!"

"So, in the end, are we all mediocre people that nobody wants...?"

Upon hearing Elena's voice, the young wizard who had the courage to ask questions almost cried outright, and the morale that had just risen in the bathroom watched as the group fell into the abyss.

"No! Quite the opposite!"

At this moment, Elena raised her lips, her tone clear and full of confidence.

Looking around at the bewildered young wizards, the small silver-haired witch smiled gently, "Integrity, hard work, justice, and tenacity... These attributes are more of an innate quality of personality than a natural endowment. In a growth environment, individuals can rely on their own efforts to achieve the acquired goals of the day after tomorrow."

"We are unqualified wizards with infinite possibilities. To be precise, we can possess all the qualities of the academy, and there is no upper limit to everyone's achievements."

In fact, this can be seen from the beginning of the branch. ~ ~ Compared to the other three schools that value talent, Hufflepuff pays more attention to the possibility of being alone, and this is the most critical reason why human wizards are so powerful.

As an important and indispensable school at Hogwarts, Hufflepuff, with the largest number of wizards, should never be a symbol of mediocrity. To be precise, the great wizard born in Hufflepuff is not inferior to any other from the other schools.

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As she spoke, Elena pulled out a red and gold tie from the robe that had not yet been put away in the trunk, and shook it, taking the last dose of strong medicine.

"See?! Professor Dumbledore personally awarded me the right to wear Gryffindor robes and enter the Gryffindor common room, because he also recognized my courage. But actually, all of you know that I'm a Hufflepuff."

"But still, Slytherin..." With Elena's words, as the atmosphere in the common room is about to reach its peak, the senior student Shanna said with some concern.

"Slytherin? Why should we fear the smallest group of people who have been at the bottom since ancient times?"

Looking directly at the head girl who was a head taller, Elena raised her head in incomprehension and said nonchalantly, "Not to mention that neither the eagle nor the lion fear the snakes. I know in nature, the badger is one of the few primary predators immune to snake venom."

Elena moistened her lips, a dangerous look shining in her eyes, "They are the ones who should truly be afraid. The badger is the natural enemy of the small snake! It has been a long time, it is time for everything to return to its course."

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