Chapter 108 Historical Inertia

Unless you possess a special ability to change minds, like Yuri in the Soviet Union, Charles in the United States, or the hidden shadow sacrifice in Auchinton, if you wish to change people's ingrained concept solely with the power of words, clearly a conversation is not enough.

Even the greatest leaders, fighters, or spiritual mentors in the history of humankind understand the importance of gradual and orderly progression. Unless it's a profound mindset change provoked by an experience, the formation of new values often takes days or even years.

Not to mention that Elena understands perfectly that as a first-year young wizard who has just joined Hogwarts, the authority and weight in her words are even more insignificant. Therefore, she did not eagerly continue to expand and explain the nature of the badger and the qualities that the Hufflepuff house should possess.

All she did was sow a seed in everyone's heart.

As the dilemmas and doubts in life continue to arise, this seed will take root in the soil of hesitation and self-doubt. When the nature of the honey badger is gradually explored and confirmed by the curious and confused young wizards, the ancient legend and this story will merge by themselves, and eventually condense slowly into conviction in the mind.

After observing for a week, full of thoughts, disdain, or expressions of doubt, the exquisite face of the little half-blood showed an impressive charm and a smile; obviously, the seeds have been successfully planted, and the rest is to guide and water them over time.

So... Now is the time for them to think about life.

Elena's eyes blinked, and the last paragraph was gestating, her tone slightly subdued.

"Actually, before coming to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, I have heard many stories about the four houses. Even on the Hogwarts Express, the most discussed topics for first-year students are all about the houses."

"The four houses in Hogwarts, everyone says there are many drones in Hufflepuff, and their only specialty is that they can eat especially..."

The movements of the senior wizards who were still licking their wands became stiff, they lowered the wand one by one and wiped it on their robes without a trace.

"Every year, Hufflepuff has the most number of failed students. For many years, there has never been a first-class first-year student here. It is rare to get extra points from a professor for outstanding performance in the classroom. Poor, usually only when you need to exert yourself, can you earn a few points."

The old students in the Hufflepuff common room began to show a little anger, they opened their mouths, but did not say anything at all.

"Although it has the most number of students among the four houses, Hufflepuff's Quidditch is not very powerful and is more like the practice team of the other three houses in the school. The talent for flying in the sky seems destined not to match Hufflepuff on the ground."

The faces of the Hufflepuff Quidditch players like Cedric Diggory also began to deteriorate. With more people to choose from in training, they rarely win the Quidditch Cup, which has almost become a cursed nightmare for the Hufflepuffs.

"Some say that Hufflepuff is a place where there is no reason for honor, and the house cup score is usually second to last. If it were divided here, they might choose to withdraw..."

As a senior, Shanna only had a polite stiff smile on her face, a long time of humility and tolerance, and a collegiate atmosphere that was particularly easy to please, so the whole house was filled with a lazy atmosphere. In this case, unless there are extremely severe point deductions in individual houses, Hufflepuff will always be at the bottom.

As if she did not see the little Hufflepuffs around her, Elena continued to speak to herself, the speed of her speech gradually becoming lighter but faster, making people have to concentrate more to hear clearly.

"Everyone says: Don't provoke the cunning Slytherin, be cautious and combative with Gryffindor, and beware the shrewd Ravenclaw, and Hufflepuff? Ha! Well, they are a bunch of good people."

"Oh, yes. I believe, how do they describe the Hufflepuff house..."

"The legendary Domestic Elf Academy."

At this mention, Elena paused for a moment and looked around the common room. Many Hufflepuff wizards had begun to pant, clenched their fists and released them, their faces showed no anger. Even people who cannot read the words can see it.

However, there was a deep sadness in the girl's eyes, still, none of the present veteran wizards and witches rose to refute or express anger like a group of silent lambs.

Elena seemed to hear the same sigh in the deepest part of her soul. This situation was not unfamiliar to her. To be precise, she should be too familiar with it. Just like the story and the group of people who lived in it, witnessed by the people in her previous life.

"Why isn't anyone speaking up? In fact, how much I wish someone could step forward to refute and stop, why not?"

After a brief silence, Elena lowered her gaze, and suddenly felt an irritation inside her, although she had expected such a scene beforehand, she was not happy at all, her voice increased slightly, "I said, shouldn't we need to try some changes? Maybe the fish in the Black Lake is a good opportunity to try."

After that, Elena's gaze stopped at the female classmate Das Sanna, and at Cedric Diggory, who would start as the male class leader next year.

"As for this point, let's think carefully about it, it's better to discuss it further," Darth Shanna said hesitantly, "For a long time, Hufflepuff Academy has been the most friendly and gentle of wizards. We are respected and loved in the college. The reason why the college house cup score is not high is because we do not seek fights and conflicts with others for fame."

Frankly, as a sixth-grade student of Hufflepuff at heart, Shanna doesn't have many plans for the future.

Not only is Shanna alone, this terrible inertia and stagnation exist in the minds of almost all the senior Hufflepuff students simultaneously. Therefore, when Shanna, as the senior prefect, spoke, almost all the senior wizards felt a bit relieved and nodded.

After all, the current status of Hufflepuff has been maintained steadily for almost a hundred years.

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(By the way, I'll share something real. You Mengmeng is a little badger. In the official HP bar, the Badger House has the fewest number of people. The head of the Badger House receives the most private messages about whether they can transfer to the hospital. The bulletin boards are almost all Badger courts, and at the same time, the Badger courts are almost the default emotional outlet. However, apart from cheering themselves up, they are the best, almost entirely in a silent and slamming situation. As for the honey badgers that actively strike back at us, um, they were ousted and expelled by everyone, including their own class leaders and heads, for being unpleasant and unlikable. Like Newts Kamand who was expelled from the school.)