Chapter 109 Path Blocker

"Yes, Shanna is right."

After Dasanna took the initiative to break the silence, Cedric, who was slightly pale, also quickly organized his words.

The next Hufflepuff boy frowned and looked at the little silver-haired witch in front of the fireplace and asked, "I understand there may be contradictions. Why do we like it when reckless lions retaliate and provoke disputes to expand?" Have you ever considered that your friends may be hurt by vanity and short-term satisfaction?".

After a pause, it seemed that the previous tone was a bit too fierce, and Cedric's expression relaxed a little, and his words shifted towards persuasion.

"Elena, you're still very young, there may be many important things for you now, but in fact it's not a big deal to think later. You know, many disputes often subside as long as one party gives in. It's already gone."

Facing Cedric, who came to explain the expression patiently, Elena couldn't help but frown and let out a carefree laugh.

"Yes, yes. When Slytherin mocked our lineage, we gave in; when Gryffindor mocked us for being useless, we also endured it. When Ravenclaw challenged us for being stupid, we also silently accepted... Of course, Senior Gregory. I think what you said should also come from our long-term kindness and gentleness, right?"

After a pause, although the silver-haired witch still smiled, there was no smile in her tone. "After all... if you want to continue the tradition, you need to learn and get used to yielding and being patient whenever Hufflepuff requires it."

"I didn't mean this..." Cedric frowned, and for the first time found it hard to communicate with the first-year student.

"Uh um, I understand."

Seeing that the topic was about to turn into a meaningless debate, the girl shrugged and took the initiative to end the discussion.

"Come on, Hannah, do you commit to take me to tour the school?"

Bending down, carefully picking up the used oil paper to wrap the fish, Elena looked back at Hannah Abbot, who had finished cleaning and held the small reserve grain, waved goodbye, turned around, and left the public bathroom.


Hogwarts is located on the ground floor, at a three-way intersection with marble floors.

"Hannah, are you sure we're not going in the wrong direction?"

To be honest, Hogwarts' intricate network of underground passages is still unfriendly to her, even without moving staircases.

Elena looked back, and she had already begun to recall how she had walked through the maze-like underground stone corridor from the Hufflepuff Common Room to this place.

There were several other first-year Hufflepuff students along with the two, in total two men and one woman, namely Justin Finelli, Ernie McMillan, and Hannah's new good friend, Su Sam Burns.

"Relax, we've all walked this path several times," responded Hannah, who was leading the way, without thinking.

"According to the older students, if you go all the way to the end, there will be an empty and damp stone wall, behind which is the Slytherin Common Room."

She seemed very happy to have the chance to show her the area that Elena didn't know. Hannah was much more excited than usual. She turned to the marble stairs on the right side and continued.

"And here is the only way to the upper level of Hogwarts Castle. Whether it's Hufflepuff House or Slytherin House, you have to pass through here if you want to attend classes. So some older students call this path 'headwind'."

With a slight shiver, Hannah calmed her emotions, spun a small circle in place, and quickly led the group to the left towards the passage leading to the auditorium, as she spoke.

"However, luckily, most of the Slytherins like to sleep in. So we won't run into Slytherin right now."

Hannah's cheerful voice abruptly stopped once they entered the headwind path, and it turned into a somewhat strange tone.

Elena, following Hannah's lead, and others soon knew the reason.

In the middle of the path stood two senior Slytherin students, they were tall, and they had their arms crossed in front of Hannah with a playful expression.

"As expected, Bohr, you're right, Hufflepuff, these little ones can't wait to get up early and slide into the auditorium for breakfast," openly teased the senior Slytherin with short brown hair on the left, arms crossed.

"Hudrak, don't waste time."

The boy named Bohr yawned, interrupting impatiently, and looked up and down at the silver-haired witch standing behind Hannah.

"Hey, you're the first-year student called Elena Caslana. Did I hear yesterday that you took the turkey from our kitchen that should belong to our third-year class?"

Although it was a question, the boy's tone was very determined.

After all, Elena's bright silver hair is really striking not to mention the deep impression she left on the school's teachers and students at the previous ceremony. It's estimated that it won't be forgotten for several years.

Third year? Turkey? It seems like trouble is brewing here.

Elena's eyes narrowed slightly, and she casually looked behind the two, a clear sparkle in her eyes.

There, there was also a shy first-year Slytherin student. The girl vaguely remembered her name as Breschabini.

"We are not useless! And we are not stealing! That's the secret egg left by Professor Dumbledore, especially to reward students who have extraordinary courage and can break conventional thinking."

Upon hearing Bohr's words, Justin Fenrily responded excitedly as if he had been bitten by a snake.

Susan, Ernie, and others on the side also showed the same incredulous expression.

Only Hannah, who had been in the headmaster's office, turned pale, instinctively shrank, and turned to look at Elena uncomfortably.

"As for this matter, the school has handled it properly. If you are interested, you can ask Professor Dumbledore for specific information."

Elena responded calmly, her tone neither humble nor arrogant, selectively ignoring the provocations of the two Slytherins.

"Now, can you ask the two seniors to yield? We are heading to the auditorium for breakfast."

"Don't use Dumbledore to scare people. We're not as afraid of the old man as you are, dear children."

Derek violently waved his crossed arms and proudly gazed at the young wizards in front of him, threatening fiercely.

"I don't care if there are eggs or not. Listen, newcomer, you have to give me a satisfactory explanation."

With that, Derek reached out and grabbed Elena.

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