Chapter 11 Money can be earned back, but...

In silence, in the abandoned classroom, the setting sun was reflected through the clouds from the window, and the sudden orange glow spilled over most of the classroom, covering the girl with silver hair next to the grand piano.

Elena sat on the leather stool of the sofa, with her eyes lowered, dedicating herself to spoonful after spoonful of lemon ice cream in the cup, as if the meaning of the whole world was in her palm.

Dumbledore looked at the little girl with silver hair turned into a cat and shook his head with an ironic smile. He did not expect the warning brought by Professor McGonagall to work.

The old wizard raised his wand in his right hand and skillfully flexed it. He moved the wooden table and the stool at the back of the classroom to the front, dusted it magically, and stood up and sat down.

"Hello, Elena, let me introduce myself again. I am Professor Dumbledore, headmaster of the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry."

Elena nodded slightly, indicating she was listening to Dumbledore's words, and quietly mocked, but fortunately, she did not take it seriously according to the chocolate frog character card, otherwise she would really have to reconsider the average intelligence quotient of the magical world.

Dumbledore cleared his throat and looked at Elena sincerely and continued.

"About the magical world and Hogwarts, I believe I do not need to explain it further. This time I invite Miss Elena to visit our school. The main goal is to send you an invitation to return."


A metal spoon in Elena's hand hit the porcelain plate, making a clear sound, her long eyelashes moved slightly, and she muttered resentfully.

"The original linguistic habits of the magical world are not the same as those of the non-magical world. Usually, we refer to this behavior as drug kidnapping."

What worried her the most was not being fascinated by Hogwarts, but... the food they used to lure her, it was the boiled fish she caught herself!

Dumbledore's gentle smile couldn't help but tense, and he coughed slightly, pretending not to hear the girl's condemnation, and continued as usual.

"Cough, we all know you are not an ordinary person. Over time, you must also realize the unexpected situations that occasionally occur in your normal life."

Magical rebellion did not occur just once. Most young wizards could not control and effectively use the magic accumulated in their bodies due to the lack of systematic guidance. They could only vent through emotional means and unconsciously discard magic.

But compared to most children, in Dumbledore's opinion, Elena has clearly understood her differences and skillfully integrated into life, you know, magical messengers were not easily hunted down by Muggles.

"You have extraordinary magical talents, and at Hogwarts, you can maximize your abilities and teach you how to use and control magic. It's not about the hidden power in your body..."

"I know." Elena set down the cup and saucer in her hand and suddenly interrupted. "But I also have the right to choose to be an ordinary person. Frankly, Professor Dumbledore, do you really believe Muggles lead a happy life?"

"Although it is not as convenient, but perhaps because you know less, perhaps you will be happier? So are you willing to enter Ho..."

Dumbledore frowned in doubt, not understanding why the girl suddenly asked such a question. After thinking it over, he responded with some uncertainty.

"No, you are mistaken."

Without waiting for Dumbledore to finish his speech, the little silver-haired loli sat up straight, crossed her legs, balanced on her tiptoes, and wagged her index finger mischievously, saying meaningfully: "You can't even imagine the happiness of Muggles."

From the details of the original work, the luxuries and entertainment methods of the magical world are almost scarce to an unimaginable level. Whether it is the design, taste, and quality of clothing accessories, it is an outdated and antique domestic style from medieval Europe.

As for transportation, the two prime presences of the world, whether it's the series of illuminated wheels or the yet-to-be-launched fire crossbows, effectively stand in front of luxury sports car brands like Bugatti Veyron and Silbe. Value is not too essential.

In terms of food, 1 kilogram of truffles known as the "king of the world's treasures" is valued at 4000 euros; a small jar of Iranian Almas caviar is priced at 25,000 US dollars; and the Densuk black-skinned watermelon made in Japan is the finest in the world. Black-skinned watermelons, on average, can be sold for $6,000... In Elena's opinion, if people in the magical world want to enjoy this, there is no feasible way other than taking advantage.

"... In summary, no matter what you think, being an ordinary person is much happier than being a wizard. So why do I have to be a sorcerer and accept the jurisdiction of your magical world?"

Indeed, Elena from the previous life has not personally enjoyed the happiness of these local tyrants, but this does not affect her extravagant enjoyment of boasting about the non-magical world in front of Dumbledore, even if some details are hidden. The information that should not appear is enough to make the entire magical world feel impoverished and lacking.

"That, Professor Dumbledore, is there anything to drink?"

Elena licked her lips, looked at Dumbledore brazenly, and finally added a phrase, uttering a long section at a time, which caused her a bit of a sore throat.

"Of course. In this way, the non-magical world is truly particularly appealing."

After hearing Elena speak animatedly, Dumbledore nodded gently, waved his wand, and a glass of chilled pumpkin juice appeared in the hands of the silver-haired loli.

He had gradually begun to master the way of communicating with this strange girl before him.

"However, Miss Elena, you may not understand what I mean, you are not an ordinary person."

Dumbledore shrugged and deliberately used the term "human," speaking slowly: "The magical uproar of a young wizard will cause levitation, disappearance of objects, instant movement, flying... but will not affect the minds of others."

The silver-haired loli's action of enjoying the pumpkin juice suddenly ceased. After years of language training by Benítez, she was no longer the English idiot she was at the beginning of the journey; now she could react instantly.

"So, do you mean I am a Mutant (Variant in 'X-Men')?" Elena laughed with a smile, feeling like things seem to be starting to spiral out of control.

"Mutant(s)? Not..."

Dumbledore repeated Elena's pronunciation, confused. Clearly, he did not grasp the girl's pun. The old man raised his head, his half-moon-shaped glasses gleaming slightly, and said in a calm voice.

"You are of mixed descent, Miss Elena Kaslana. A Meiva is an older magical creature than ordinary wizards. You have half of the Meiva lineage, from the moment of your birth, you belong to the magical world."


As Dumbledore spoke those words, the metal cup filled with chilled pumpkin juice slipped from the silver-haired loli's hands, hitting the floor with a clang, and the chilled pumpkin juice spilled all over the floor.

"Meiva... Meiva?! Me, a magical creature?"

Elena's eyes widened in disbelief. Although her silver hair was rare, it was not entirely unusual. Over the years, at most, she had imagined she might have some Kaslana family blood, but she had never connected with magical creatures. After all, if you are a Meiva descendant, then the setting in the streets of London is too magical, isn't it?

Most importantly, Elena suddenly found a misunderstanding in front of her. For a long time, the business and financial conception of the non-magical world had made her overlook the most essential difference between the magical world and the muggle world: magical creatures.

Survival mode can change, and quality of life can improve. However, the perspective on the world is vastly different between them. For a moment, the name and appearance of a large magical creature suddenly appeared in Elena's mind: fried snail, horned beast, mandrake, snake monster, soft-clawed land lobster, fire lizard, thunderbird, long-horned water snake, phoenix...

As a reborn individual, money can be earned at any time, and in the coming decades, the non-magical world has countless opportunities for advancement. However, even if you earn more money in the non-magical world, if some magical animals escape, for example, a still sleeping basilisk offspring, Elena instinctively licked her lips. It is difficult to have the opportunity to see these beautiful magical creatures.

Rebirth is not just about replicating the path of others' success but exploring the unknown.

"Miss Elena? Miss Elena?!"

Elena heard Dumbledore's anxious voice in her ear, feeling as though someone was shaking her back and forth. Suddenly, she regained consciousness, and Dumbledore's worried face appeared before her.

"Are you okay? Suddenly learning the taste of life experience is truly not easy; I apologize, I didn't know this would impress you so much."

Seeing the girl finally calming down, Dumbledore sighed in relief. His eyes suddenly began to shine, but then the drooling startled him.

——Perhaps, no matter how precocious this child may be, it is still somewhat difficult to accept that he is orphaned and abandoned by the magical world——

Dumbledore looked at Elena with a shocked and distressed expression, instructing.

"It turns out that, so to speak, I was born at Hogwarts to study."

Just as Dumbledore hesitated whether to call Elena to offer her a lemon sorbet to help stabilize her mood, the little silver-haired lolita kicked her feet, nodded vigorously, and said solemnly.


Dumbledore raised his wand in his right hand and held it in the air. He was about to start his next speech, restraining himself uncomfortably, gazing at the little silver-haired girl who suddenly changed her mind before him, wondering what it meant.

Following Dumbledore's gaze, Elena looked down and realized her legs were tucked up on the sofa, feeling embarrassed as she lowered her hands. She crossed her legs and placed her hands on her knees, smiling shyly, and sweetly said.

"Dear Headmaster Dumbledore, in fact, I believe that entering Hogwarts is not impossible. However, could you promise me a few small requirements...?"