Chapter 110 You May Need A Little Help

How dare you take the lead!

It seems that the most reasonable saying is really good: people will eventually die, and some people need a little help if they need it.

Elena Kaslana's pupils contracted, her body invisibly sank slightly, her center of gravity shifted to her right foot, a "holy mark" on the back of her clenched left hand gradually lit up, and her whole body had subconsciously made preparations for a counterattack.

The third-grade boys at Hogwarts are around 13 or 14 years old and have just entered adolescence. According to Elena's visual observation, the height of these two boys from Slytherin does not exceed one meter sixty-five, but their thick arms surely engage in upper limb movements.


"Don't touch Elena! She doesn't know the way at all. Even if there's something wrong, she's not alone. We apologize."

Without waiting for Derek's hand to grab Elena's neck, Hanna, who was standing in front of her, had the courage to suddenly appear, opened the boy's hand with a slap, and extended her arms in front of Elena, speaking seriously.

From Elena's perspective, you could clearly see the tiny body of Hannah Aibo trembling unconsciously, obviously the girl was not as brave as she appeared.

"Yes, is there something you can't say, why do you need to move your hands?"

"And we didn't go to the auditorium for lunch and dinner..."

"Do you regret the upperclassmen bullying the first-year freshmen?"

At that moment, Susan, Justin, Ernie, and others who were nearby also reacted. They gathered around Hannah, refusing to confront the two third-grade Slytherin boys in front of them.

In her world view as a blank paper, Elena Kaslana, who looks good, can illuminate the darkness, boldly speaks about ideals, is intelligent and hardworking, sets an example and can guide everyone to eat and drink. The brightest idol in the minds of the first-year freshmen.

Compared to the older Hufflepuff students who have become accustomed to adversity and incorporated concession into their daily code of conduct, the first-year badgers recognized Elena's words in the common room much more.

After all, Elena's words in the common room fully expressed the voices of all the confused and disoriented little first-year wizards of Hufflepuff: no child wants to consider mediocrity, everyone shines in dreams. All they need is a visible example and a little encouragement.

"Eh? Stop, they are some first-year Hufflepuff heads!"

Slightly surprised, Derek narrowed his eyes and looked at the small men standing in front of him.

Every year, at the beginning of the semester, Hufflepuff school will have some restless little prickly boys, but usually after a semester, they will become the same as most Hufflepuffs. Honest and obedient students.


Derek and Bore exchanged glances with a malicious smile on their lips, and clenched their fists tightly. "Well, it seems that I need to educate you on behalf of your seniors, the proper behavior that a Parker of good lineage should display when encountering older Slytherin students."

"Oh no, you can't do that. School rules state that students who start a fight and cause problems will be restrained and could even be expelled from the school depending on the severity of the matter. If it were at Eaton Middle School, upperclassmen would threaten and publicly beat lower-grade students and could even be dismissed directly."

Justin glanced sideways at the Slytherin boy who was at least two heads taller than him and said in a panic. He originally thought that such things would only happen in the non-magical world, who would have known that Hogwarts, like a fairy tale, still existed.

Justin, who had studied at a Muggle school since he was young, is no stranger to this situation. He only needs to observe their expression and movement to know that the two boys in front of him are the type of terrible older students who can really hit people.

"Uh... Dayton Middle School? Shut up, dirty little half-breed."

Upon hearing Justin's words, Bol's face showed blatant disgust, and as he said this, he menacingly thrust his fists and involuntarily smiled, "Do you think the teachers will have time to worry about a mere newbie? Could you have accidentally fallen down the stairs?"

Faced with Bohr's huge fist, Justin instinctively cowered, but he closed his mouth without showing fear, his body still in front of Elena.

"Just say it directly, what the hell is going on, are you not going to fight anymore?"

Hannah Abbott looked back with some concern. From the start, Elena seemed scared and dazed. She stood silently and watched the other hand extend without showing any intention of avoiding it.

"Well, let me think..."

Derek joyfully touched his chin, his eyes darting left and right for a moment on the delicate faces of Elena and Hanna, his fingers nodding slightly, "The most basic courtesy, a bow and a sincere apology."

Bol also bowed and tapped his friend on the shoulder, slowly moving his finger, "Ah, yes. You haven't been in the kitchen, but you should know how the house-elves bow. Remember, do it like that, especially with that Elena."


Hannah's face changed, and she looked back with some concern. Although they had not spent much time together, she could clearly feel the girl's pride and confidence at the core of her soul.

Contrary to little Hannah's surprise, Elena's expression was exceptionally calm; compared with the unpleasant things she had seen on the internet in her previous life, these two little Slytherins were harmless.

The two boys, standing at less than one meter seventy, have strong upper limbs and agile feet, without professional combat training, but from the standpoint of eye separation, their reaction speed is not slow. It is no surprise that they are players on the Slytherin Academy Quidditch team.

Although half of the magical creatures' blood runs through her veins, Meiwa herself is not an expert magical combatant. Elena, who has not yet reached the age of eleven, can at most surpass the majority of young wizards her age.

However, with the rigorous training from the priest and her father, as well as the physical and combat skills honed at the orphanage during the week, if she were to confront these two older boys without using magic, the possibility of winning would be at least four to six. Well, of course, she is six herself.

But... Elena's gaze scanned the small wizards guarding her.

She was almost 100% certain that if she took the initiative, this group of ignorant first-year students would definitely be involved in the fight. In that case, she simply couldn't protect them from harm.

In the orphanage, to survive, almost all the groups bared their teeth and claws desperately to gain an advantage. Because once the meaning of timidity and retreat is revealed, the orphanage children will be tormented by other city children to survive.

But there was no choice. If she were at Hogwarts, maybe there would be another way.

"Are you willing to back down to avoid hurting your friends?"

Remembering Cedric's words in her mind, Elena clenched her fists tightly, took a deep breath, and calmly nodded at everyone's concerned gaze. "No problem, after all, we really made the first mistake. After bowing and apologizing, can you let us go?"

Derek and Bol exchanged a somewhat unexpected glance. It seems that the first-year Slytherins this year were boasting in a very exaggerated manner. It was because they thought they would inevitably be hitting people.

Obviously, this new Hufflepuff student named Elena seems to have nothing special. She's just a normal mess. Just a little scared. On the contrary, the bravery of the other young badgers seems to be greater.

"Of course... no! A single apology is not enough!"

The two Slytherins looked at each other and let out a cruel laugh, showing unrestrained greed on their faces, revealing their ultimate goal.

"Did you not have grilled fish last night? If you don't want to be beaten, remember to send a portion to the entrance of the Slytherin Common Room every night."

Derek smiled and shook his fists.

"That's the result of our effort, how can you..." Hannah, Justin, Ernie, and others opened their eyes in surprise, discussing in disbelief.

"Wait!" Elena narrowed her eyes, a trace of coldness appearing on her face. "Are you saying that you're actually extorting food from first-year students?"