Chapter 111 I Covered The First Degree

"Snatch? Do not use such unpleasant words."

Derek raised his eyebrows, sneered, and corrected arrogantly, "At Slytherin University, it is normal to learn to submit to older and more powerful noble wizards."

Between Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, the University of Slytherin is perhaps the most distinctive place in the higher and lower systems.

To reflect the nobility and class of ancient times, they formulated several "dark school rules" in addition to the school rules to solidify their privileges in schools and universities.

Those little first-grade pure-blooded wizards, full of superiority, will soon clearly understand the value of power and class under the oppression of the higher grades. Then, they can show what they feel and learn to lower-level students and other students of the same level.

"It's disgusting... Luckily, I wasn't assigned to Slytherin." Susan Bornes frowned, couldn't help but whisper, raised her head and looked at the two older Slytherins behind Chabini, with a somewhat complicated look.

"I'm sorry, but we are not from Slytherin. If you want food, look for it yourself!"

Upon hearing Derek's words, Hannah also showed a clear expression of disgust, shook her head, and politely declined.

"Perhaps a little bitterness will make our communication more smooth."

Ball impatiently rolled up his sleeves, showing his strong arms, and approached a group of Hufflepuff first-year students in front of him; the Hufflepuff first-year students this year seemed a bit strange.

Suddenly, there was a rapid and chaotic noise coming from the left marble hallway leading to the Slytherin common room.

Everyone turned their heads with curiosity, and saw the figures of Malfoy, Gower, and Crabbe appearing at the entrance of Yongdao. They all looked a little swollen and bruised.

"Wait, wait, it's a misunderstanding."

Seeing the two sides facing off, Malfoy nervously made his way through the crowd, quickly separating Derek, Hannah, and the others.

"Draco?" Hannah frowned, looking at the small pale blond-haired boy in front of her.

Without responding to Hannah, Draco Malfoy tried to force a flattering smile on his face and looked at Derek and Bol, who were not too far away.

"I didn't say that before, and if there's grilled fish later, we'll take it back to the common room. Why should I go to Elena... well, Elena?"

"Pay attention to your tone, rookie. Are you interrogating me?" Derek uncomfortably narrowed his eyes and waved as if shooing away a fly, "When the first-grader goes, when will it be your turn to teach us something? Did something happen?"

"But, this... this is different from what we discussed before. You promised that as long as our contribution came out, this matter would be considered settled. How can you..."

Draco Malfoy smiled stiffly, looking incredulously at Derek. He thought he had calmly resolved all the issues, just like his father resolved all the issues.

"Get out of here, Malfoy! Don't obstruct the way, I warn you, don't get too involved!"

A trace of shame and impatience was drawn on Derek's sturdy face, he reached out and grabbed Draco's collar, pushing him roughly, causing him to stagger back a few steps.

"How can you do this?! Draco is a younger student from your own university, don't you have a little shame?"

Ernie McMillan, who was next to Hannah, stepped forward to hold Draco so he wouldn't fall directly to the ground, and advanced, angrily pointing at Derek's face and asking aloud.

Ernie and Draco were in the same "dinner cooking group," and after a day of training, they considered themselves barely friends, even though Draco occasionally had some nonsense.

As he spoke, Ernie looked behind him with some disappointment. Ernie didn't understand why Elena was so quiet that day. She seemed like another person. Thanks to Ernie, he thought she was a brave witch. It turned out that at crucial moments, she was just like most girls.

"This is a matter of our own academy, hate the first-graders, take care of yourself first! You, elf house wizards, your only value is not to provide us help and food, don't test my patience!"

Derek, who was almost one meter seventy, looked at Ernie with a strange expression on his face. McMillan, with a smile, squeezed Ernie's arm and dragged him forward, and the small and slender Ernie did not resist. He stumbled and fell to the ground.


"You've gone too far!"

Seeing Ernie fall to the ground, the Hufflepuff first-year students could no longer bear it, and Hannah, Justin, and others stepped forward angrily.

"Huh, it seems that without suffering, they won't learn."

Derek snorted and lifted his feet angrily to kick Hannah. The thirteen or fourteen-year-old wizard did not know what indulgence was.

When Hannah saw the approaching feet of the older boys, with her blood surging, she closed her eyes in fear, lowered her head with clenched teeth, and prepared to receive the blow.


Hannah felt as if she had collided with a small, soft body.

Upon opening her eyes, she saw a little witch with silver hair who did not know when she had stepped in front of them all and crossed her arms to firmly resist Derek's kick.

"Hannah, are you okay, Elena?" asked Hannah, looking at the girl who fell to the ground due to her unstable center of gravity.

"I'm fine, this is much less powerful than the old horseradish."

Elena slowly got up, calmly dusting off the dirt from her body, without looking at Derek. Strangely, she first raised her left hand and examined it.

Derek frowned, finding the expression of the little witch with silver hair in front of him somewhat awkward. He observed the few young wizards in the hallway. Including Draco, there were already eight.

The two Slytherin third-year students looked at each other, drew their wands from their robes, and held them tightly in their hands. They felt a surge of energy in their hearts. You know what to do, don't you?

Seeing Derek draw his wand, the wizards who had not yet begun to learn magic unconsciously took a step back.

"Let it go, Elena. They could really hurt someone, and the older students have a lot of magic. Anyway, we'll tell the teachers later," Hannah whispered, gently tugging at Elena's sleeve to discourage her.


Elena looked up and gazed at Derek and Boer impassively, with a voice as calm as still waters.

"It's a little wrong to take all the food, so it wouldn't hurt to apologize."

"However, they shouldn't be so aggressive in snatching our food."

"And most importantly..."

Elena's eyes scanned Draco, Gore, Crabbe, Ernie, and others. She calmly unbuttoned the wizard's robe. Her ice-blue eyes seemed to be burning with fire.

"They shouldn't harass my friends!"

Before she finished speaking, Elena unbuttoned her robe and threw it forward, blocking Derek's line of sight with the wizard's wide black robe. Then, with a strong kick from her right leg, she transitioned from a standstill to a run in an instant.


Derek's face reflected surprise, and he waved a red burst of light with his wand that hit the flying wizard's robe, producing a muffled sound and a slight smell of burning.

The wizard's robe impacted by the red magical beam rose in the air, revealing a half-crouched figure that had rushed towards Elena in front of Derek.

"Obstacle..." Looking at Elena with clenched fists, Derek's face showed panic as he lowered his wand.

Before Derek could react, he saw Elena's center of gravity drop sharply, her left leg stopped, and she slightly bent her knees on the marble floor.

Force from the foot to the waist and then to the hand, the rotation of the body injected all the power into the closed right fist, a perfect upward uppercut that hit Derek's legs.

Boom! Crackle!

"The first degree is covered by the old lady!"