Chapter 112 Desperation

As for the lethality her fist can cause, Elena still has a rough idea.

If she really strikes the boy's vulnerable spot with all her might, there might be a considerable amount of bleeding if she accidentally causes a direct death. After all, the magical world's medical level has always been in a chaotic state of ups and downs.

But this is a fight among classmates; even if it escalates to bullying on the campus, it won't be a full-on malicious killing. Not to mention that Elena has a bit of a merciful side.

Therefore, Elena consciously moved her fist upward by a few inches, filled with benevolence, and struck Derek's abdominal plexus below the chest and ribs.


Derek, who had never experienced social beatings, let out a vague moan, his eyes bulging, and his whole person hunched over like a cooked prawn. The intense pain accompanied him with extreme dizziness and nausea.


Without enduring for a second, tall Derek staggered, his burly body fell without any resistance, and he curled up on the ground with a belly full of pain.

One down temporarily, then... Elena, who had exerted all her energy, didn't have time to adjust her posture, and felt a pain in her scalp, as if a cow had struck her back.

"Derrick! Girl, I'm telling you, you're finished!"

Bore, who was behind, growled in shock, hurried to grab Elena's long silver hair, and punched with his right fist the girl's slender back.

"Very well."

Elena groaned in pain and unconsciously leaned back, lifting her left foot to kick the wand in Derek's hand. She then bent her knees, struggling to jump up, and butted her head back into the chin of the third Slytherin student behind him.


Another collision sound rang out painfully. Bol instinctively let go of her hand and raised her foot to kick the silver-haired witch in front of him.

As a batter for Slytherin House team, he understands that this time they are definitely stubborn. This girl named Elena Kaslana is by no means a gentle Hufflepuff witch. She is definitely a little lunatic who fights with people all year round.

However, after all, the girl is just a girl. Faced with Elena, who is only 4 feet tall, the advantage of strength and robust third-grade students from Slytherin in the fight is too obvious. Even if both sides have some differences in fighting experience, but in the case of hand-to-hand combat, Elena's arm length and height make it impossible for her to evade Bohr's attack. The two fought together and desperately threw punches at each other.

"You damn bitch, I will definitely make you pay the price." As Elena left a bit of strength, she fell onto Derek's teeth and growled on the ground to stand up, her face full of madness and fury, her fingers reaching for the discarded wand.

"Still dazed, go help! Susan, go to the common room to call someone!"

Hannah Abbott looked at the frightened wizards around her, turned and shouted to Susan, then clenched her fists and headed towards the three people who were fighting together.

"Gore, Crab, let's go together! Because of us, the older sister fought." The indecision on Draco Malfoy's face disappeared, and he looked at Elena in front of him, his eyes hardened and his lips curved. He rolled up his sleeves and followed Hannah without hesitation.

"Let's go! Fight with them!"

"It's so deceitful, we're not afraid of the snake badgers, oh oh!"

"And the upperclassmen? Let's all join in and beat them up!"

Under the leadership of the two, especially the small wizards who were originally full of indignation looked at each other and shook their fists together, and Derek was again called out by the small wizards who were sobbing before standing up on the ground.

"You little lunatics, I want to... ah! Bastard... I swear... ah!"

The entire hallway was engulfed in chaos.


The fight didn't last long, a few minutes later.

The victory of the first-year student who dominates in absolute number is almost inevitable. The only downside in the ointment is that when both sides had just started to fight, Bryce Chabini shouted and fled in fear.

In the not so spacious hallway, the previously fierce Derek and Ball had messed hair and were unconsciously huddled in a corner, covered in footprints and bruises.

Draco Malfoy opened his arms insignificantly, lying breathless on the ground, with his pale blond hair disheveled on his head, and in the previous commotion, he received a hard punch in the stomach. His left eye also swelled rapidly, unable to discern whether it was blood or sweat that prevented him from seeing.

Click, click.

He heard a faint step stop beside him, Draco tilted his head and tried to squint his eyes to look to the side.

"Are you okay?"

In the light of a flickering torch, a delicate girl with silver hair approached him, bending a knee with one hand, leaned in and extended her hand to him, trying to lift him off the ground, Draco felt the pain seemed to have subsided a lot.

"Why fight, just discuss and concede, even if you agree to come down, you can leave."

Draco murmured complexly, observing the black burnt marks on Elena's body and the bruised and swollen arms.

"Because we are friends."

Elena tugged at her shirt to cover the scars and smiled brightly. The radiant smile instantly lit up the entire stone hallway as if it were sunlight.

"Sister Elena, I..."

Draco Malfoy, lying on the ground, remained still for a moment, gathering the courage to prepare to say something.

Suddenly, chaotic steps echoed from the left side, accompanied by the rough voices and laughter of several boys. To the left, was the direction of the Slytherin common room.

Upon hearing the voice, Draco Malfoy's face changed suddenly, and he looked at Elena with horror.

"It's Marcus, them, Marcus Flint! They are members of the Slytherin Quidditch team like Bol and Derek. Go, or hide~ ~ I'll..."

However, it was already too late.

Before Draco could finish speaking, the Slytherin team members who were talking loudly had turned from the end of the tunnel, and upon encountering the scene in the passageway, they all stopped abruptly as if they had been bewitched.

"What's happening?"

Marcus, who was chatting with the gorilla-like seeker Graham Mont, glanced at Derek and Bol, huddled in a corner of the hallway, with particularly ugly expressions, as if they had seen a fly while eating.

One look at the two brave ones on the ground, and at the scarred Hufflepuff first-year students, the seventh-year Slytherin students standing at the end of the hallway drew their wands, as if they were expecting a great enemy.

"Draco, I'm sorry."

Elena glanced at the black and silver robes in front of her, turned her head to look at the boy with swollen eyes, and said something softly.

"Eh? Why...?" Draco Malfoy raised his head in confusion, and a rapidly expanding white forehead.


After leaving Draco Malfoy stunned, Elena stood up, discreetly kicked Gower and Crab who were struggling to get up, and signaled for them to continue lying on the ground as if dead.

Then, walking towards the crowd, and facing the seventh-year Slytherin students with their wands, Elena spoke calmly and fearlessly.

"As you can see, these Slytherin students tried to rob and threaten us, and they brought us down."

She does not believe that the proud Slytherins will listen to the explanations of these first-year students, nor that they will arrogantly and mistakenly think they can solve everyone's problems.

If conflict is inevitable... at least make oneself look dignified.