Chapter 113 Someone Has To Stay

"Can I understand this as some sort of provocation to the great Slytherin Academy by a group of humble Hufflepuff wizards? Do you really think you can just leave without anyone stopping you after attacking my teammates?"

Marcus Flint slowly shifted his gaze away from Derek and Bohr, staring directly at Draco Malfoy, the first-year rookie, with astonishment on his face. Slowly, his expression changed from surprise to anger, threateningly licking the large die he held aloft.

"You know, the precedent of entering the school infirmary at the beginning of the term is not unheard of. Trust me, you don't want to escape either."

Markus, the captain of the Slytherin team, was tall and extremely muscular, with a prominent fang protruding, deceitful gray eyes, and disheveled black hair that at first glance did not seem like a good match in terms of roles.

"Vile surprise attack?"

Elena looked around, pursed her lips disapprovingly, and responded with equal disdain, "No, I think you should look at your own. Clearly, whether it's by the number of colleges or by age, true pettiness is not on our side. Perhaps you should consider other reasons."

Currently, the first-year Hufflepuff students were still standing in the hallway, Hannah, Justin, Ernie. As for Draco, Gore, and Crabbe, who had participated in the siege together, were actively or passively lying on the floor, along with Derek and Bal, who were unconscious, representing the "lifeless bodies."

——Only three of them are our actors. Elena added secretly.

"Magic? Impossible, it's impossible for first-year students to take down third-year students with ordinary curses. Not to mention they haven't even started any courses related to curses."

The gorilla-like figure standing next to Marcus pondered, frowning, and suddenly a look of surprise crossed his eyes as he stared at the fearless young witch with silver hair in front of him, "Don't tell me you've used some kind of taboo dark magic!"

With Montage's assumption, there was clearly a commotion among the Slytherin crowd. As an old school of pure-blood wizards, powerful dark magic was not unknown to them. To be precise, they were the most feared and aware of dark magic in the whole school.

"Heart-piercing curse! How dare you! Yes, she must have used that unforgivable spell! Look at Derek's face, I've seen similar expressions in the books!"

A somewhat chubby Slytherin boy observed Derek's twisted and pained face and exclaimed in horror.

Heart-piercing curse?

It seems she has caused a wonderful misunderstanding, thought Elena, but the magical world is truly primitive and limited in its way of torturing people.

"Oh? No, of course not. I still don't want to be locked up in Azkaban. In fact, it just so happens that I know ways to achieve the same or even better effects."

Narrowing her eyes, Elena drew her wand from her robes and took a step forward (her movement caused all the Slytherin students to unconsciously take a step back).

At the same time, on the back of Elena's left hand, a magical mark was glowing and pulsating slightly, as if... Some children from wizarding families had seen it on their parents before, and these similarly terrifying marks were nothing but patterns. The slightly different marks were the same.

Then, a small group of Slytherin students took another cautious step back.

In general, Elena's eyes moved quickly from Yongdao to the crowd, observing and calculating the situation she was facing.

One, two, three... Well, the number of people is at least eight or nine. From a physical point of view, most of them are stronger and taller than Derek and Bal. Obviously, they are at least a group of third-grade students or above.

During the previous fight, Elena and the others had actually returned to the original intersection of Sancha.

The stone walkway leading directly to the Slytherin Common Room was much wider than the [Wind Path], and the distance between them was five or six meters, making it difficult for Elena to reproduce the "Robe Avatar" that she used when facing Derek before.

Especially the older Slytherins in front of them were all ready to cast spells. If they wanted to cross the distance of five or six meters, they would have to endure at least more than ten spell attacks, even if it was a Hagrid with giant's blood. He would probably come out unscathed, not to mention that Elena was just a small half-blood Meiwa who had not yet grown up.

Regardless of the number, strength, build, or even the terrain, no element was favorable for Elena's side. In this case, there were only two options for everyone.

"Listen, I'll count to three, and then you close your eyes and run down the hall along the right corridor."

Elena took a step back and whispered to Hannah and the others behind her.

"We can't escape, or we go together and fight them."

Justin, with a bruised forehead, said excitedly, his voice trembling, and personally participating in the beating of the two older Slytherins gave the obedient student a strange and never before experienced sense of pleasure.

"Yes, why run? We are fearless badgers!"

Ernie McMillan, with blonde hair, nodded and repeated, his face filled with excitement. Born into a pure-blood wizarding family, he was somewhat disapproved in the so-called "noble" Slytherin. Compared to Justin, the relationship between the badger and the snake had begun to become an idea that he firmly believed in.


Elena looked with a headache at the group of confident little Hufflepuff wizards behind her. There was frustration in her eyes and her mouth twisted, you know, because of recklessness, so 20 years later the badger became an endangered animal.

I hope Dumbledore isn't so petty as to be angered by the insignificant changes he has made for the brilliant future of the school.

Fortunately, her lovely Hannah Little Loli still maintains a calm state of mind and has not been dazed by a brief victory...

"Elena, who are we going to defeat first? You said,"

Hannah's round and petite face, tinged with the blush of vigorous exercise that hadn't quite faded, and her eyes seemed to twinkle like stars.


Seeing Hannah [True Head] · Aibo excited and eager to try, Elena felt a little more headache-inducing.

"Valor is worthy of praise, but this stage is too early for you. A group of wizards who can't even spell, at this point, is just a hindrance to me."

With a sigh, the girl carefully analyzed with bitterness, "If you really want to help, run quickly to the auditorium and inform the professor."

"And you? Elena..." Hannah Abe, standing behind the girl, frowned and asked anxiously, tugging at her dress.

"Someone needs to stay to block them, don't they? Or we won't be able to escape the curse."

Elena smiled and tugged a little harder at Hannah's sleeve, and walked slowly forward. In the eyes of a group of older Slytherin students, her left hand pulled a wand from between her arms and pointed it forward.

"Perhaps they can take me down, but I promise to leave two fortunate people with unforgettable memories before that."

Upon hearing Elena's words, Derek and Bol, two tragic Slytherin wizards, looked at her warily. The girl's left hand had a dazzling trace of magic, making them afraid to act rashly.

The older the student, the more capable they are of understanding the power of dark magic like the Unforgivable Curses, and no one is willing to take the lead.

"Don't listen to nonsense, the Heart Drill is not something a first-year student can master, she's stalling."

After glancing at the crowd discussing it, Marcus frowned and said in a rough voice, taking the initiative to raise his wand.

As the only way out to the auditorium for the two schools, it only takes a few minutes to wait. After the two schools have more students, they will be more troublesome ~ ~ but the mark on her hand...

"Look at Derek and Bol, didn't they leave the hall less than a quarter of an hour ago?"

"She has two magic wands..."

While everyone in Slytherin continued to hesitate, Elena had already begun to quietly count.




"Sorry, none of you can stay, except me! Feel doubly happy!"

With a bright smile on her face, Elena stepped forward violently, and the two black walnut wands in her left and right hands waved simultaneously forward.

"Flashes of bright light! [LumosMaximo]"

Unlike the previous lighting at the edges of the Black Lake, this time Elena put all her attention and magic into the spell almost in a single breath.

The two dazzling white lights instantly lit up the dim stone corridor, and the violent and dazzling white light penetrated the eyes of all the Slytherin students watching Elena with sharp gazes, causing them all to suffer for the first time as they covered their eyes.

"Oh... my eyes!"

"Oh, hell! This is a powered light spell!"

"Damn it, we've been tricked! Grab them!"

"I fainted!"





Accompanied by rapid spells and furious roars, dozens of enchanted beams of light lost above their heads flew around the stone corridor.

At the same time, Elena skillfully crouched, avoiding the spell flying over her head, turned to the first-year Hufflepuff wizards obediently closing their eyes behind her, and shouted.

"Now's the time!"

"Run! Don't look back!"