Chapter 114 The Snake And The Badger (again)


Deep breaths.

Elena leaned against Derek, who was temporarily serving as a shield, and carefully lifted the dress on her left hip.


A shocking burn appeared on her originally fair and delicate skin. It was the wound left by Marcus' curse. The scorching curse even charred some of the fabric of her clothing in the wound, producing a foul smell. The scent of singed fabric.

The girl's right hand, struck by the freezing spell, trembled uncontrollably. A thin layer of frost spread from her right shoulder. Without needing to look, she knew that the skin underneath must have turned an unpleasant dark blue.

Bits of splintered stone wall scratched the back of her hand and cheek, leaving a faint smudge of blood.

Elena's black walnut wand no longer knew where to fly. After being struck by the first Disarming Curse, it lost its strong shield of light and became completely passive. Fortunately, it swooped over the unconscious Derek for the first time, lifted him, and blocked the burst spell; otherwise, she might have been lying on the ground and dead.

Of course, the Slytherin House students did not emerge completely unscathed. Not far from Elena, the two boys who attempted to grab the silver-haired witch still knelt on the ground, clutching their knees with twisted faces. Groaning in pain.

If it weren't for Marcus' timely response, he could have been one of them now, yet he could still feel the occasional pain in the small muscle in his thigh that had been struck.

"What are we going to do now, Marcus? You saw for yourself that this girl's feet are too ruthless for anyone to approach."

Tracker Terence Higgs raised his wand flatly and shouted something, helplessly yelling at Marcus.

"Yes, better forget it this time. If we extend it again, someone will come. If we let so many of us harass a first-year girl..." Goalkeeper Miles Bleach also looked snorting from the edge of the field.

The members of the Slytherin team, who always admire brutal violence and strong thinking, said nothing, but at this moment, they have complicated feelings for the first-year Hufflepuff student hiding behind Derek.

But a first-year student who only mastered the flash, yet could contend with nearly ten older students for so long, casting her spell was like hitting a painless statue; even if they were to switch, they couldn't do it themselves.

If the noble act of helping fellowmates escape after someone stays behind is simply to make them respectful. Then, feigning being stunned on the ground by a curse, deceiving them to approach, and then attacking suddenly like a lurking viper, sends shivers down everyone's spine.

So even now, everyone can see that Elena is at the edge of the bow, and no one is willing to approach. The silver-blue glacial eyes of the girl, hidden by the flames, are like a venomous snake that keeps spitting out words. The closer to extinction, the more dangerous the atmosphere becomes.

"You, who can't stop staring at beautiful girls, here I come!"

A glance at the team members who had retreated in their hearts, Marcus Flint's face showed a look of anger and fury, which was originally just to give a lesson, he didn't expect things to be delayed to this point.

Based on his knowledge of these guys, he doesn't doubt that this group of guys might even voluntarily run to pursue the dangerous and beautiful girl in front of them after the encounter. God knows how attractive these rebellious, cunning, witty, fierce, and beautiful girls are to the Slytherin House boys.

"Wait, Derek is still blocking her..." Terrence Higgs, the seeker, dissatisfied with some hesitance, unconsciously reached out and pressed Marcus' arm; a sixth-year student like him wasn't like the other players who feared Marcus.

"It's better this way, anyway, he won't feel any pain."

Marcus Flint violently shook his arms to free himself from Terrence's palm and vigorously waved his wand. His arms spun like a windmill and roared, "Come on! [Strong strike] Obstreperetur!"

A thick red light emitted from the front of his wand, mercilessly impacting Derek, who was in a coma. The strong impact struck Derek, making a sharp sound of bone misalignment.

Elena felt as if she had collided with a speeding truck, an unstoppable force being transmitted from Derek, and they were both thrown into the air simultaneously.


Derek's heavy body flew a few meters, hit the wall, and slowly fell.

The strong impact caused Elena to roll and crash into the ground several times before coming to a stop. Elena, lying on the marble floor, propped herself up on her left elbow, gritted her teeth, and lifted her head to look at Marcus, who was smiling maliciously.

"That's an annoying look, aren't you very powerful? Beg for mercy, maybe I'll let you go." Marcus held his wand and advanced slowly to a distance of four or five meters from Elena, stopping carefully.

"Oh, come here with your ability. Coward." Elena spat out a bit of saliva, her slender and delicate shoulders unconsciously trembling, and pain appeared on her face.

Unsurprisingly, her right shoulder must have been dislocated, and even the most basic strength could no longer be achieved. Elena felt helplessness in her heart; truly, only magic can resist magic.

Upon hearing Elena's words, Marcus' satisfied smile froze, and he felt the bruises on the inside of his thighs beginning to ache again.

"I'll see when you'll still be so brave." Marcus licked his fangs maliciously, raised his wand high, his eyes filled with deranged pleasure.

It seems inevitable to suffer a little. Elena's pupils narrowed, and her still-moving left arm rose in front of her face.

"I fainted!"

A dazzling red beam cut through the air.

The joyful expression on Marcus Flint's face froze, and at least three or four beams of different colors hit him, throwing his strong, burly body directly away from Elena.


"Except your weapon!"

"Bodyguard armor!"

"Fossils turned into mud!"

"Acid erosion!"

"All petrochemicals!"

A great and hurried disorderly mantra resonated from the direction behind Elena.

Countless spells of light traversed over the girl's head and flew directly towards the Slytherin seniors, colliding with the spells cast by the Slytherin team members, exploding into a burst of light like fireworks.

"This is..." Elena, lying on the ground, turned her head and looked back.

She saw Susan and Hannah, students of Hufflepuff College, running from behind with serious expressions, and numerous little-known and unnamed wizards waving their wands to join the battle, some even wearing pajamas and slippers.

"Elena, we're late." Seeing the terrible scars on the girl's body, Hannah covered her mouth tightly, and tears suddenly welled up in her eyes, carefully shielding Elena at her back.

"You're right, if you can't even protect your friends and juniors. We're still Hufflepuffs and wizards."

The slanted Cedric Diggory with a wizard's hat glanced at the scarred Elena, his eyes flickering slightly, never thought the girl would face such an accusation so firmly, "You successfully protected your friend, so now it's our turn to protect you."

As he finished, Cedric raised his wand, took a step, and surged with the sobbing little badgers, "Let the group of little snakes see the anger and unity of Hufflepuff!"

"Trenz, what a confused affair! Go to the common room and call someone, this group of Hufflepuffs is mad! Haven't you seen it yet? This is definitely a well-planned act of vengeance." The cursed Slytherin goalkeeper, Miles Bleach, turned his head and snarled.

The proud Slytherin College has never been so humiliated before, and was blocked by a group of Hufflepuff students not far from the common room and struck with a dense spell.

"I'll be right back, hold on!" After looking at the approaching crowd of Hufflepuffs and the three-way intersection that had turned into a terrible battlefield, Miles Bleach changed his expression and hurried toward the Slytherin common room.

"Everyone out! Hufflepuff Academy is here!"


At the same moment, in the Hogwarts Auditorium.

Dumbledore is discussing with the teachers about the teaching plan and the implementation of the first day of the [Hogwarts Military Training].

After a day of teaching, it is inevitable to encounter various problems and situations, so communication among the teachers is essential.

"Oh yes, the contradictions between the colleges will be weakened. This is one of the purposes we want to achieve."

"Don't worry about the situation in the magical world, I will choose a part of my response to address this in the morning."

"Yes, yes. As a school, we have always neglected the health and growth of the students, which makes some students too weak."

"In the mixed-grade training, Gryffindor will bring motivation to fight with determination. Slytherin will teach them how to protect themselves and seek honor. Ravenclaw will help them to learn new skills. The gentle and friendly Hufflepuff will skillfully merge the four colleges."

"Your method is good, Severus. I really think we need to consider providing more security to the students in the course."

"Meg, are you referring to Elena Caslana? Don't worry, the girl's nature is not bad. And it won't be long before the environment of Hufflepuff House makes her strong and stable."

Dumbledore's face twitched slightly, and after going through things like mortgaging schools, threatening with branch hats, and raiding dining halls, his mindset had considerably stabilized.

Furthermore, from the friendly and cooperative atmosphere of last night's first-year class, it can be seen that Elena has gradually become more obedient.


Anxious and panting, Justin had one hand on his lap and held onto the door of the auditorium. Without waiting for his breath to settle, he looked up and shouted to Dumbledore.

"Profe... Professor Dumbledore, hurry... hurry and help... Elena..."

Before he could finish, a series of sharp air bursts sounded from the center of the auditorium.




Several house-elves with bat-like wings and large ears appeared in front of the panicking professor's seat.

"Mr. Dumbledore, something is wrong! The students from Hufflepuff and Slytherin are fighting! There are hundreds of them, and the number is still increasing."

"What did you say!"

McGonagall, Snape, and Sprout stood up anxiously, and all, including Professor Chilo, looked at the seated Dumbledore.


The elder's relaxed smile abruptly stiffened, furrowing his brow and involuntarily clutching his chest, his tall and healthy body trembling slightly.