Chapter 115 Reverse Scene

The scene was completely out of control.

The narrow Sancha intersection had turned into a battlefield between snakes and badgers.

The students who originally intended to go to the first-floor auditorium for dinner found themselves inevitably embroiled in this sudden clash between the houses. In the school, everyone has close friends, making the situation chaotic and more confusing.

As students from both sides were continuously hit by curses and falling, the nerves of every badger and snake had been stretched to the limit, hurriedly chanting all the spells they knew, and the mad demonic curse poured toward the opposite side, making the black and green-silver and black and yellow uniforms the most effective sign to distinguish between enemy and ally.

After the initial surprise, the Slytherin students in their green-silver robes kept emerging from the stone wall, facing the raining curses. The two furious sides had no intention of communication and rushed towards each other. Immediately, those from Slytherin fought at the entrance of the common room.

Hufflepuff, with the largest number of students at Hogwarts, was facing the onslaught from the Slytherins and no longer had the advantage it initially had. Despite new reinforcements joining the battle, there was still a considerable number of Hufflepuff students who remained cautiously at the edge of the battlefield, not joining the chaos.

After all, being a long-lasting and friendly house, most people still found a way to complete the psychological transformation rapidly.

Therefore, at the moment, in the skirmish between the two houses, both sides were still in a state of fierce anxiety.

In the center of the field, the heads of the two houses and the Quidditch players were undoubtedly the most intense group of people.

Under the impact of the colorful magical light from both sides, the two sides, which were close to each other, almost simultaneously realized the limitations of the traditional spell speed when facing short-range combat.

To avoid the wicked spells flying through the air, almost no one could safely cast those seemingly subtle spells. Under the shelter of countless spells behind them, the most reliable weapon was actually each other's bodies.

"Magical Gesture—Oak!"

Cedric, who had no idea where his wand had gone, released his wand and stabilized his body in the semi-crouched position he had learned the previous day. His free right hand grabbed the Slytherin chaser, Drian Pusey. His fists clenched and lunged forward.

The formless spell in Derian's mouth was instantly interrupted; he lost his balance and stumbled back.

Feeling the impact of a punch to the face from an old opponent he had endured for a long time, Cedric Diggory, who had been restraining himself for so long, dispelled the ill-ease in his heart, and his face filled with joy.

"Natural Release—Badger!"

Without waiting for Derian to get up and cast the spell again, Cedric lunged, shouted, stomped forcefully with his left foot, opened his arms, and pounced directly on Derian Pusey on the ground. The poor Slytherin chaser finally couldn't hold the wand in his hand any longer and grunted aside.

Picking up the wand and aiming breathlessly at Derian Pusey, Cedric felt a flash of insight in his mind. Perhaps that's why the school had established the purpose of those strange training courses: to cover the gaps for short-range spellcasters.

"Go do your magic tricks, don't forget that I'll do them too!"

Before Digori could enjoy his triumph, a curse hit his left shoulder, impacting the wand in his hand, and at the same time, Derian Pusey on the ground took advantage to jump and tackle him; the two went back to struggling, and Cedric also received a blow to the mouth, making blood spurt instantly.

Following Cedric Diggory's example, more and more Hufflepuff students let go of their wands and began using the most primitive method to launch themselves at the nearest Slytherins.

It must be said that Slytherin students, who have led a luxurious life from a young age, have much better basic physical qualities. In addition, unlike the Hufflepuff students who arrived in a hurry, most of the prominent ones now are those with strong builds: the powerful Quidditch players, forcing Hufflepuff to rely on numerical advantage to compete with them.

"This won't work, we're too chaotic on our side."

Observing the increasingly disorderly chaos, Elena, with her right arm leaning on the corner of the wall, furrowed her brow slightly, and turned to Hannah Abbott, who was standing beside her, with a touch of instability in her tone.

Compared to the last time, when the Gryffindor lions were about three to five times higher, the Slytherin students who had experience in group fights and clashes were well-trained. The small Hufflepuff wizards, who have been too kind and friendly for too long, seemed too weak in terms of combat skills or physical condition.

Even with an almost overwhelming numerical advantage, they had no edge in the "death" ratio. According to Elena's rough observation, to bring down a Slytherin student, Hufflepuff had to sacrifice at least two or three students.

"However, we can't do anything. We haven't even learned the simplest spell."

Hannah Abbott watched a certain group of white-haired people cautiously, with a furrowed brow, and immediately stood in front of Elena, adding a serious gesture with her swollen-faced, "Wait, are you thinking of going to fight alone? I'm telling you, don't even think about it!"

Hannah could be said to be one of the few people who knows more about the capacity and madness of this white-haired bun.

Although Elena's face was covered with imposing tenacity, the fiery emotion in her lake-blue eyes completely gave her away.

"No, Hannah, listen carefully to me."

Looking somewhat helpless at the stubborn Hannah Little Lori, Elena rolled her eyes and said carefully, "Look, in that central area, there are many senior Hufflepuff students injured and unconscious. Schoolmates could suffer secondary or even multiple injuries at any time. Someone has to get them out of there, don't you think? At this point, I believe only I..."

"I understand, Elena, you are right."

Hannah Abbott's delicate and charming face showed a serious look, and she turned to gesture to a plump-faced girl beside her, "Susan, you will be in charge of Elena, she will not be allowed to rush into battle. If Elena really behaves recklessly, Susan, just give her a sharp pinch on her right hand and make her regret the cost of acting like a heroine."

⊙? ⊙! ! ! !

Elena's eyes opened wide instantly, and she looked at the small, gentle Hannah with an incredulous expression. She used to be a small, gentle and charming angel. How did she turn into something like the devil in just two days? ~ ~ No problem, what about Hannah? Susan asked with some confusion.

"I'm going to help Elena and bring everyone back."

Hannah stood up and gathered her long blonde hair into the knitted sweater on her back.

Observing for a moment on the fringes of the fracas, the other Hufflepuff first-year students were perplexed. The girl vaguely recalled Elena's tone and movements, waved her hand vigorously, and said aloud.

"All Hufflepuff first-year students, let's go together to bring back the unconscious and injured seniors."

After that, Hannah lowered her head and rushed into the center of the fray.

Not far away, Ernie McMillan and the others looked at each other because the weak could not help, and with a firm and serious look, they closely followed Hannah's lead.

"Even first-year students who don't know magic are going. Should us older students just stand by? Anyway, I can't stand it any longer, it just deducts points, it won't look good for those Slytherins."

Watching the group of small yellow and black badgers boldly rushing into the center of the "battlefield" where spells were flying, a fourth-year Hufflepuff student on the edge of the hallway whispered and pointed his wand toward the fray ahead.

"You're right, it's time to teach those arrogant types a lesson."

"Let them see how powerful we are!"

"If I don't go up, I'll stay in school without dignity."

With nearly a hundred "neutral masses" of Hufflepuff joining one after another, the battle situation immediately changed drastically.

Slytherin, who originally played back and forth with Hufflepuff College, was almost instantly suppressed.