Chapter 116 Badger Under The City

Below the noisy castle floor of Hogwarts, the bluish stone walls on both sides of Sancha's junction that had been calm for hundreds of years were shattered by the curse, and the closed canal echoed with moans, roars, spells, howls, and the thunderous clash of several enchanted spells.

In the direction of the "temporary base camp" near Hufflepuff College, a calm voice of a girl stood out, amid the chaos.

"Here comes an older student who masters the Su Xing mantra, and another student who was hit by a man while in a coma has been taken out."

"Get well soon!"

A flash of white light appeared, and the boys who had fainted blinked their eyelids, shaking their heads and feeling from the ground, getting up a little and looking around in the chaotic place a little dazed. "

Before she could finish speaking, Elena grabbed a wand and thrust it into the boy's hand. "Alright, you've been healed, let's go!"

As the girl said this, the girl's intact left hand repositioned the respectable Hufflepuff Senior Senior, looking forward, with her index finger and **** together, and excitedly waved forward, "LET'S GO! LET'S GO! LET'S GO! LET'S GO!"


"This elder, go to support the right side first. Sanna Senior was brought down by the dirty surprise attack just now. We need to invest manpower to consolidate the force suppressing the curse in that direction. For Hufflepuff!"

Elena blinked, a slight glint shone through her blue lake-like eyes, and she fiercely swung her left fist.

The boy's eyes narrowed slightly, and he unconsciously nodded, following Elena's words to the right. The tall Darth Shanna had fainted on the ground. Several small first-year students dragged her with their heads down to the edge of the battlefield.

"Oh! Um, no problem! I'm... for Hufflepuff! Ah-"

Observing the newly awakened boy re-entering the battlefield, and then in a matter of seconds being hit again by a red light, Elena shook her head without saying anything, "Susan, arrange for him to be taken out again, I hope next time he can stay a little longer."

As Hufflepuff's human tactics gradually took shape, the crowded and "resurrecting" Hufflepuff Academy advanced the "engagement area" from the original Sancha junction about five or six meters. The spell could even hit directly on the wet stone wall outside the Slytherin Common Room, making a dull noise.


Slytherin Common Room.

This is the first time, just after eight o'clock, that all the young wizards have gotten out of bed.

One after another, the Slytherin snakes nervously gripped their wands, and the stone door of the common room shook and trembled, as if there was a terrible giant clawing at it. It's just a common stone wall, which could have been shattered at this moment.

Beyond the stone walls of Slytherin College, the spells and shouts became more and more evident and close, even if they were not seen with their own eyes, everyone could feel the gravity of the situation outside.

A complex emotion mixed with anxiety, anger, humiliation, and surprise spread throughout the common room.

"Is that the sound of our spell hitting the outer wall?"

"From one direction, I think it might not be."

The two Slytherin girls were together and desperately asking those around them.

Around the hearth beside them, several older Slytherin boys had twisted faces that looked terrible and angry in the flickering fire, and their trembling arms could barely hold the wand in their hands.

"Damn, could it be those crazy badgers? Wouldn't they be planning to hit us directly?!"

"And the professors? Why haven't the professors arrived yet!"

"Hogwarts Castle can't move on its own, even the professors have to climb so many stairs to get here."

In the center of the more crowded public room, a handsome boy with curly brown hair stood in the midst of the crowd, looking around the crowd, and mobilizing and speaking with enthusiasm.

"Hold on! Let's go out with me, and if the barbaric badgers are hit in the common room, the honor of our Slytherin College's thousand-year-old will be broken in our hands."

"How dare they! We are the noblest Slytherin in the school."

"The pride of pure-blood wizards cannot be humiliated; this group of mud is so brave!"

There was commotion among the crowd, and many students had incredulous and indignant faces.

In contrast, the first-year Slytherin students who had been in contact with Elena had a much more special situation and reaction. Some students even vaguely guessed the cause of the confrontation between the two schools, after all, they were robbed by the senior students. It wasn't just Draco Malfoy who took the grilled fish, most of the first-year Slytherin students were forced to contribute their own dinner.

"I said not to provoke Hufflepuff with Sister Elena, idiots! Oh my god, I'll never get out ~ ~ Derek and Bol still haven't come back, didn't they say they wouldn't be killed?"

"Hogwarts is terrible, Hufflepuff is terrible, you older students are all liars, obviously, it's a terrible academy."

"Mom, I want to go home..."

"Shut up, rookie! It's not Hufflepuff, just be afraid of that, let go!"

A tall, thin boy with a somber expression couldn't help but raise his voice and reprimand loudly, pushing a chubby first-year Slytherin student in front of him, raising his wand and opening the stone door, scolding, "Wait for them to clean up, and I'll come back to get you-- ah--"

Before the words finished, in everyone's eyes, several red rays struck his chest.


The boy, with a vacant expression and lingering anger, fell heavily on the common room floor.

Before waiting for everyone to react, a Slytherin girl in a robe covered with burn marks, shards of ice, and acid corrosion stumbled from outside the stone wall, with two obvious tear marks on her face, emitting a desperate and anguished scream.

"Quick... run, try to hold out until the professors arrive. The last line of defense has been breached, and their number is hundreds against us—"

With a few red flashes impacting her back, the girl's voice abruptly stopped and she fell beside the stone door.

The sound of mantras and roars outside the door slowly ceased as the girl fell, and the smoke and light gradually spread, revealing the scene in front of the frightened eyes of the Slytherin students.

A group of Hufflepuff students in yellow and black uniforms, with bruises, stood with wands raised, outside the open door of the Slytherin common room. Silent and defiant.