Chapter 117 End Of The Group Fight And Beginning Of The Liquidation

"Idiot! How dare you, Hufflepuff wizards who do not understand what nobility and honor are?"

Upon hearing the commotion coming from behind, the curly-haired brown-haired boy in the Slytherin common room for a mobilization speech turned angrily, glaring at the Hufflepuff students who had stopped outside the stone wall. As I looked again at the silver and green Slytherin drapery hanging around the hall, my mind eased slightly.

"I, born of Timothy Rozier, from one of the twenty-eight long-standing sacred clans, want to see who dares to be a member of the pure-blood wizard family in the Slytherin common room..."

Timo nervously swallowed, looked around at the gathered Slytherin students in the common room, his anger gradually recovering, and internally raised his wand, preparing to threaten with words as before.

However, this time, he did not have to wait for it to end...


"Guardian of Body Armor!"


"Guardian of the Silver Shield!"

"Leave your weapon!"

"All petrochemicals!"

Timo Rozier's movement was like a signal, in the front row of the line, and the nerves were already so tense that the Hufflepuff students reflexively spoke the spell aloud.

It should be noted that real combat experience is the easiest place to perfect one's will and ability.

However, after a small wizard with a normal IQ, after going through two or three processes of "fainting," "awakening," "fainting," and "re-awakening," his basic combat ability and awareness of protection will be greatly improved.

Not to mention that this group of senior wizards who may now be at the forefront of the Hufflepuff team, at least each of them has exceptional combat luck and talent, otherwise it would not be possible to reach the end of the confrontation.

Several soft silver shields appeared almost immediately in front of the Hufflepuff team, protecting most of their torsos.

At the same time, three or four dazzling rays of magical spells struck an incredulous Timo Rozier over ten meters away. Timo's wand flew first, and then the powerful impact of the curse hit the tall and strong boy from the ground, and crashed into the crowd in the Slytherin common room.

The Slytherins, who were already afraid to wander, became increasingly confused and panicked.

"Are they kidding? This group of Hufflepuffs is for real!"

"Is there no way out, are we stuck in a dead end?"

"They really do it, no one should act rashly."

"Oh my! Look at their coordination and reaction speed, it's not at all the level of ordinary students."

Stupidly watching Timo Rozier being easily brought down by several spells without resistance, and then leaving, on the floor of the stone hallway leading to the auditorium, an once influential figure in the school lay horizontally unconscious.

A little further away, a group of exceptionally terrible Hufflepuff students are whispering, all the things that have accumulated in the eyes of the students gathered in the Slytherin common room have started to accumulate and move towards hysteria...

On the other hand, the Hufflepuff students who unconsciously completed the counterattack stood stunned not far from the perimeter of the stone wall, some overwhelmed and whispering to each other.

"And now? What about the Slytherin common room in front, do they want to rush in?"

"Listen to the commanders, or Cedric... I remember they came to the common room to call people. By the way, why did we fight?"

"How should I know, I just happened to be passing by the auditorium and had breakfast, but the result was that I was confused and involved. In the end, I'm still a little dizzy."

"Class leaders like Darth Sanna and Cedric and their Quidditch team seem to have been dragged back by first-year students. If they have to ask, maybe they have to wait for them to recover."

"Otherwise, what if we use a spell to draw an emblem on the door of the Slytherin common room?"

"I think that's a good idea, or just do it. But, speaking of which, I've always been quite curious about the legendary scenery at the bottom of the lake."

As he said this, a boy with short brown hair eagerly raised his wand and began to think about the composition and what spell he should use to leave a mark.

Facing a crowd of Hufflepuff students who did not see the end, the entire Slytherin common room was filled with desperate madness.

Everyone instinctively tightened the wand in their hands, waiting for the final round of war, or "massacre."

"Look, they're going to kill them! Fight back!"

"What should I do, the teachers haven't arrived yet, uh, uh, I want to transfer."

Seeing that the next skirmish between houses was about to break out, a soft and cold voice came from behind the Hufflepuff team.

"It's time to end it, lower your wands, calm down."

A delicate girl with silver hair emerged from the crowd surrounded by two girls, actively interposing herself between the two parties. She gently looked at the Slytherin common room and smiled gently. Her words and actions were filled with a wonderful charm that made people unable to approach.

"Slytherin students, drop your wands and abandon resistance. No one will be hurt again. Let's end this unnecessary battle. Believe me, Hufflepuff will always come with peace and goodwill."

To be reasonable, although I really want to try to capture the Slytherin common room, there might be some special achievement, but Elena is more aware that if you do this, the two houses could really fall into an irreconcilable hostile relationship.

At that moment, the old hornet who knew all the causes and consequences would not let her go. Even if she was protected by an unbreakable oath, she was not at all sure, after all, Dumbledore did not say that he would appear immediately when she was injured before.


"It's the voice of the older sister, we are safe..."

Upon hearing Elena's voice, Pansy Parkinson took the initiative to release the wand in her hand and tentatively stepped out.



The sound of a series of wands falling to the ground.

As if they heard the voice of an angel, in the deadly confrontation at Hufflepuff Academy, the vast majority of Slytherin students quickly dropped their wands.

The expressions of everyone in the scene coincided and relaxed.


A huge roar suddenly sounded at the intersection of the three paths, followed by the shouts of the teachers who arrived too late.

"By Merlin's beard! What have you done?! Everyone, stop!"

Almost all the teachers reached the Three Broomsticks intersection in the basement.

"Group fights! Two schools! I have been at Hogwarts for so many years and have never seen anything like this!"

Dumbledore's stern face was covered by a serious expression as he raised his wand with one hand. If it weren't for the unbreakable oath that suddenly reversed the pain, he should have arrived here earlier. With Elena's cunning, she could suffer at Hogwarts.

It seems that maybe what the matron of the infirmary, Madam Pomfrey, mentioned earlier should be considered, allowing some house-elves to participate in the daily security of the students.

As the elder thought, he hurriedly walked through the crowd to the dividing line between the two houses. He first looked at Elena, who was holding her right arm with a scar on it, and his lips twisted. The tense expression relaxed slightly.

"Hello, Professor Dumbledore, you see, I've got the situation under control."

Upon hearing Dumbledore's voice behind him, Elena turned around, smiling a little guiltily, and weakly waved her left hand.

Ignoring Elena, Dumbledore took a deep breath and looked around in a hallway filled with disorder; the grayish castle masonry had been thinned by a curse, and the floor was covered in a fine layer of small gravel fragments. There were hardly any intact magical torches in the entire hallway, and most students bore some marks caused by magical spells.

Judging by the swollen noses, marked young faces, and wands on the ground, it is clear that both older and younger students were not only using magical spells to participate in this large-scale group fight.

"Professor Snape and Professor Sprout, take your students back to their common room first. Professor McGonagall, Professor Flitwick, and other teachers, I ask that you attend to the medical treatment needs of Madam Pomfrey. The student will be transferred to the school infirmary."

"As for Elena Caslana, go to the headmaster's office with me alone."