Chapter 118 "can Someone Tell Me What The Hell Is Going On?"

Severus Snape's face was unusually grim, his eyes moving slowly from the fallen Slytherin students to the almost shattered Slytherin common room last gate, and his voice was somber, as if thawing from the icy basement.

As the head of Slytherin University, if there's anything that enrages him more than group fights, it's the current situation where, if they don't arrive in time, Slytherin will be almost defeated by Hufflepuff Qi, those little badgers will be annihilated, even those unable to run away, completely defeated.

"Speak! What the hell happened?!"

Striding swiftly towards the Slytherin common room, Snape approached with a furrowed brow and touched the mark left by the curse on the stone door, lowering his head and gazing at Pansy Parkinson standing before him. Trying to contain the anger within him, he asked brusquely.

"I... I don't know... Professor."

Confronted by Snape's cold eyes, Pansy finally found the courage to leave the common room. Parkinson trembled in fear, looking helplessly at Elena, and carefully recalled.

"When I was still in bed in the morning, I heard someone shouting that Hufflepuff had arrived and they had us surrounded. So... then we all hid in the hall because the older students who went to check the situation didn't return. Then... the door opened..."

As she spoke, Pansy waved her hand around. At her feet, an older girl lay by the Slytherin's stone wall threshold, with an incredibly panic-stricken look on her unconscious face.

The spacious Slytherin common room was filled with frightened wizards like startled quails, wands scattered on the soft carpet, and on each face reflected an extremely familiar expression of discontent, mixed with expressions of fear and a faint expression of relief at being alive.

"Very well, very well... Professor Sprout, Slytherin needs an explanation!"

Snape took a deep breath and quickly turned to look at Professor Pomona Sprout, who was examining the students' wounds. She was the head of Hufflepuff College, one in Hogg. Watts teaches the students [herbology], known to be petite, with flowing gray hair.

"I'm sorry, this is what I meant, Hufflepuff needs an explanation, Severus."

After checking the injuries of Darth ?? Sanna and Cedric ?? Diggory, the kind and friendly gray-haired witch straightened up and responded with a serious face, "According to the unanimous response of the Hufflepuff students, Slytherin College took the necessary path to the auditorium this morning and led the harassment and assault on the younger students of our college. I would love to know what Slytherin has done to our children. How could they push these kind and gentle little wizards to this point!"

"Explanation?! Look around. Look at the children of our college who are already terribly frightened! Isn't it obvious who is right or not?"

Snape spread his arms and the black cloak protected the students of Slytherin College behind him like a giant bat. His expression was somewhat indignant, and he roared slightly out of control.

"Yes, but if you look closely, you will find that the spell on almost all the Hufflepuff students is several times greater than that on the Slytherin students. The reason they can still stand here is simply because the recovery spell gave them the motivation to fight back."

Pomona Sprout touched the arm of the nearby Hufflepuff student with some distress. Seeing the scars on the students of her college for the first time, the compassionate Sprout almost cried outright. Every Hufflepuff student who fell to the ground received at least five or six compounded spells.

She couldn't imagine what kind of solidarity and patience, and what kind of injustice and indignation, would compel the originally loyal and kind-hearted Hufflepuff students to use [Instant Recovery] and have to overcome the opponent's point.

However, Snape, apparently already infuriated, simply ignored Sprout's analysis and crouched down to carefully examine the traces of several spells on the girl by the door, and continued to roar loudly.

"Loyalty and kindness?! You can clearly see that you, Hufflepuffs, dared to cast spells on the students who are still in the common room, what more..."

"Enough!" Dumbledore, standing between the two, suddenly interrupted them.

"But Professor Dumbledore..."

"Professor Dumbledore, this time clearly..."

Professor Sprout and Professor Snape voiced a faceless refutation simultaneously.

"I said, enough!"

Dumbledore raised his voice and waved his wand forcefully, making a loud noise, and the expression on his face was particularly serious.

The blue eyes behind the half-moon shaped lenses of the old man resembled a cold flame, sweeping slowly over every face that looked at him, he said firmly.

"Now is not the time to investigate responsibilities and reasons. Severus and Pomona, first take the students from your respective colleges back to the common room to calm them down and check their wounds, and then take the students injured by the curse to the school infirmary as soon as possible. Room for treatment! Then guide the remaining students to go to the auditorium for breakfast on time."

"As for the whole matter..."

Dumbledore looked at the small trembling white hair lock by his side, and sighed unconsciously, as if the tone had ten years, "I believe that if nothing unexpected happens, I will quickly understand".

By combining Justin's plea for help, the speeches of the two colleges, the use of "Instant Recovery" by the Hufflepuff students, and the still somewhat vague oath, Dumbledore was almost 100% sure that this unprecedented scene of students at Hogwarts was definitely related to Elena.

Language may be deceptive, but the scars imprinted on each student are real. And with Elena's character, if she's hurt, she will never give up easily. There is no doubt that this little half-breed must have carried out some kind of command and promotion that he did not know, which directly led to this large-scale beating of students.

However, Elena, who has the oath to refrain and cannot actively harm others, will definitely not be the first to do so. This time, it is he who has not upheld the oath, as he has not fully kept his promise and has done everything possible to protect her and avoid breaking the oath. Not hurting her.

And in any case, as the one who first suffered the harm, Elena managed to reconcile this altercation between the two colleges before the teachers arrived at

"Professor Dumbledore, I..." Looking at Dumbledore with a worn expression, Elena unconsciously covered her scars with her left hand and shrank back slightly with some fear.

"Does it hurt? You, who are usually so clever..."

Dumbledore shook his head, bent down to carefully examine the girl's scars, furrowed his brow, and gently ran his wand over the girl's right arm.


Elena blinked and tried to move her right arm. She felt as if her right side was instantly soaked in warm water. With a slight itch, all the pain disappeared instantly. The tension in her heart also eased a bit.

"I'm sorry, I arrived late."

Dumbledore raised his old, dry hands and stroked the girl's silver hair, without giving any further explanations.

The old man stood up and took the initiative to hold Elena's small left hand, like an old man facing his granddaughter, with a gentle and kind smile. "I believe that some previous matters may need to be discussed and slightly revised."

Perhaps... as if it were a [training course] for all students, Elena needs some additional guidance for growth.