Chapter 119 Rumors And An Unexpected Breaking Of The Ice

Adjacent to the vestibule of Hogwarts Castle is the school's main hall.

This is the school's main meeting place. The students will definitely gather in the auditorium every morning. Here they will have their meals and receive mail and packages from owls.

The four long tables belong to the Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Slytherin, and Hufflepuff Houses from left to right.

As lunchtime approached, many students were seated along the long tables on the right-hand side of the auditorium. In contrast, the long tables on the left-hand side of the auditorium and the Slytherin House looked extremely empty.

You know, for the two houses closest to the auditorium, such a low attendance rate for breakfast at Hogwarts could be unprecedented in almost a thousand years.

"Have you heard? Slytherin and Hufflepuff started fighting this morning out of the blue."

"Yes, it's said that hundreds of people from both houses were involved in this group fight, and all the teachers rushed to intervene. Look, the teacher's seats are still empty."

"Slytherin crossed the line, Hufflepuff's bunch of knights must be confused, if they were our Gryffindor, they definitely wouldn't let them feel better."

"No, the rumor I heard says it was Hufflepuff who attacked and defeated all the Slytherins in the common room. No one was left."

"Nonsense, turn your head to see if there's still a student sitting at the table over there. I heard that Hufflepuff joined in and fiercely ambushed Poslytlin in front of the common room door. The door exploded."

"Hey, do you know any reason? I heard there was a senior in the Slytherin team who fell in love with the freshman named Elena. He confessed and she got angry and was preparing to use force. Cedric clashed, and the two houses fought."

"No, how did I hear it was because Slytherin wanted to steal the school's cafeteria and was discovered by the first-year students of Hufflepuff, and both sides fought only after being discovered?"

"What you said is wrong, in fact, it was Cedric and Marcus who privately fought with the Quidditch teams of the two schools. The result was that they accidentally triggered a big fight. Look, wait, the teachers will cancel them later. The two houses will be ineligible for the Quidditch championship."


In the auditorium, students from Ravenclaw and Gryffindor murmured excitedly and curiously.

The versions in each population are slightly different, but the general structure is similar: Hufflepuff and Slytherin strongly banded together for some reason. From the end result, Slytherin obviously lost.

This alone is enough for the students of the other two houses to discuss joyfully among themselves.


The stone door on the right-hand side of the auditorium opened.

I saw a large group of Hufflepuff students walking through the stone door, entering the auditorium with smiles, and occasionally greeting the students at the other tables, having not experienced any major fight.

Apart from being more energetic and radiant than before, their faces and expression were as gentle and friendly as before.

Just if you look closely, you can see a slight change in the eyes of many people, like a flame hidden under water, shining.

It was not until all the Hufflepuff students had entered and sat down that, approximately a minute or two later, the little wizards of Slytherin House carrying the silver and green shield appeared after the stone door.

Compared to Hufflepuff, whose atmosphere is relaxed and friendly, the Slytherins who entered the auditorium afterwards were obviously much quieter and calmer. Although they have been reprimanded. However, from their appearance, it doesn't seem like they have been harmed.

As the two houses entered the auditorium, the discussion of Gryffindor and Ravenclaw at the table couldn't help but diminish, nervously watching the reactions of the students from the two neighboring houses. Many people have noticed that at least a third to a quarter of the seats are still vacant at the long tables of the two houses. Obviously, the missing individuals are very likely the legendary "casualties."

"You there, don't be too happy. Next time..."

At the long Slytherin table, a first-year boy who had been sitting in the auditorium for a long time looked at the depressed students around him and the relaxed long Hufflepuff table in front of him, and couldn't help but stand up and speak towards the opposite table, "Next time, we Slytherins will definitely..."


Upon hearing the sound from the neighboring table, the Hufflepuff students who were still chatting and laughing suddenly fell silent. They turned around and looked at the first-year Slytherin boy who was speaking.

The atmosphere suddenly became a little eerie.

"Are you crazy, Blaise? Sit down!"

Pansy Parkinson, who was sitting next to the boy, anxiously pushed Bryce Chabini back into his seat and said anxiously to the opposite side, "Sister Elena said, the misunderstanding is over. The four of each house are friends, Hufflepuff will never reject goodwill. They even invited us to play in the Hufflepuff common room later."


After a brief silence.

A Hufflepuff girl with a ponytail looked carefully at Pansy with short hair, smiled, and nodded gently.

"Of course, you are right, Hufflepuff is always the friendliest and most hospitable house. What's your name, charming first-year?"

"Well, Pansy, Pansy Parkinson, first-year Slytherin."

"Hello, Pansy Jr., I'm Christian, Christian Goyet, fifth-year Hufflepuff."

With the conversation between the two, the atmosphere that had suddenly frozen before gradually calmed down. The surprising edge that had tormented the Hufflepuff students dissipated and warmth returned.

Then, to the surprised eyes of the other two houses, the once proud Slytherin students actually took the opportunity to actively introduce themselves to the Hufflepuffs whom they had previously looked down upon.

Even as the topic gradually began to be discussed, the relationship between the students of the two schools unexpectedly began to take on a strangely passionate state. Reading UU at made me think I would see another. The students of Gryffindor and Ravenclaw began to doubt the authenticity of the previous rumors.

"Ah, I remember you. You were standing in the front row of Hufflepuff. I thought you were going to dive straight in, and many people were terrified. My name is Felix Steiner, and you?" A tall, slim Slytherin boy stood up and patted the freckled Hufflepuff boy on the head.

The Hufflepuff boy was surprised at first, then laughed, but raised his hands in defense.

"My name is Alexandre Rowe. Haha, to be honest, we were all astonished at that moment. You know, I've never been to your common room before; I didn't know how to get to your door. I heard you can see fish in your living room? Our Hufflepuff common room is the only place where you can't see outside."

"Of course, our common room is right outside the bottom of the Black Lake. The interesting thing in the Black Lake is not just the fish, but also magical creatures like mermaids and giant octopuses." Speaking of this, Steiner stood proud, upright, and serious.

"Is there really a fish? Is it beautiful? Does it really resemble the legends of beauties?" Justin suddenly approached and asked excitedly.

"Busty? Probably, I haven't looked closely. If you don't mind beauty with a fish face, you can find it in the Black Lake when you have time." The senior Slytherin stared closely at Justin and Rowe, noticed their anticipation, and responded with a mocking expression.

He found out that Hufflepuff was actually still such a kind and friendly group of wizards, like friends.