Chapter 12 Three small requirements

"In the first place, regarding the identity of my half-blood, I hope you can keep it a secret."

Elena raised her index finger and looked at Dumbledore seriously, with a very solemn tone.

The specific origin of magic is too ancient to be verified. The concept of magic has existed since the beginning of human activities, but there is no exact evidence of when exactly humans started to attempt to learn and master this supernatural power.

If we exclude the mysterious legend from the east, the first recorded instance in magical history is around 2600 B.C., with the Egyptian pharaohs and their wizards. Setting aside ancient Egypt and Babylon, the oldest record in the world of magic is the Ollivander family, who began crafting wands in 382 B.C.

Although she has always been extremely skeptical about it, as it always reminds her of the ancient stores known as millennial ancestors in all the streets and alleys of her past life.

The non-magical European world began to show signs of recorded magic, but it was not until four years B.C., after the birth of Jesus, that literature formed. In terms of the British region, it was not until around 500 A.D. that the first legendary wizard, Merlin, can be traced.

In any case, those magical creatures existed many years before the foundation of human civilization. To be precise, if the human wizard is also reduced to a magical creature, human magic is not too powerful.

It should be noted that, for example, house-elves can manipulate strong magical powers without wands and are relatively weak among magical creatures. Once the human wizard is freed from the magic wand, their strength will be considerably diminished, and the core of the magic wand comes without exception from a part of the magical creature's body.

The facts have shown that most half-blood wizards are indeed much stronger than normal wizards. For example, Hagrid's incredible magical resilience and his strange power stem from his giant mother. Fleur Delacour's outstanding magical talent also has a very important connection to her grandmother.

However, human attitudes towards half-blood wizards (specifically, semi-magical creatures) have always been in an uncomfortable state: fear, revulsion, distrust, and hidden envy… as can be seen in the original book, both Fleur and Hagrid, among the young wizards of the same age, are excluded in different ways.

Elena does not want to be treated like animals in a zoo every day in the future; that kind of treatment can only be enjoyed by the great "Boy Who Lived."

"If this is not guaranteed, I'd rather not eat... Um..." The little silver-haired Lori seemed to have accidentally bitten her tongue, whimpering, and vaguely said, "I would rather not learn magic... and never come to this local school."

"On this point, I can assure you that no one at the school, except for me and Professor McGonagall, will know your identity. In fact, before this, there have been many people like you at Hogwarts. Students, you don't have to worry."

Dumbledore nodded and agreed without hesitation.

He originally thought the girl would make some strange and strict requirements. To hide the identity of the half-blood Meiwa, even if Elena did not mention it, he would actively remind her not to reveal her blood.

In fact, if it hadn't been for Elena always wanting to clarify her relationship with the magical world, Dumbledore hadn't even planned to tell Elena about these half-blood matters.

"Anything else? I recall you said 'a few,' right?"

Dumbledore smiled easily. Compared to Riddle, who was more pensive than ten years ago, it was evident that Elena was more straightforward and direct. In addition to being a bit whimsical, Elena is actually more willing to share her emotions and ideas with others. As for the slightly greedy nature of children, Dumbledore seems not to mind at all.

"Besides this, there is a simple request that may be slightly annoying and complicated. But if it's Professor Dumbledore, it's just an easy effort."

Elena blinked, her left thumb and index finger gestured, and she raised a second finger with her right hand.

"If possible, I would like to be an exchange student and go to the United States to study in fourth or fifth grade at the latest."

"Well... Are you going to the United States as an exchange student?"

Dumbledore's eyes showed a pensive gesture, slightly raising his eyebrows and, after a few seconds of indulgence, he said slowly.

"The Ifamoni School of Magic? This might pose some difficulties. Generally, there are few exchange students between magic schools..."

"No, I am not talking about magic schools."

Elena shook her head and said with a smile, "I am talking about Harvard University, a school built by Muggles. As far as I understand, the Ministry of Magic and the British non-magical world have always been closely linked. If it concerns Professor Dumbledore and your request, the British Prime Minister will surely agree."

"A Muggle school?"

Dumbledore's blue eyes sparkled with surprise, he furrowed his brow and looked at the girl in front of him, seemingly wanting to confirm by her expression if it was just a joke.

Elena held back her smile, lifted her head, met Dumbledore's gaze, and answered very seriously.

"Yes, as I mentioned before, the non-magical world has exceptionally great potential, so someone must understand and learn all of this. In my opinion, there will be many opportunities in the next decade or so, and it will become the place where the most non-magical knowledge emerges."

This is the decision the girl finally arrived at after pondering repeatedly. After all, according to the future timeline of the plot, from the fourth year of the Goblet of Fire, it is evident that Great Britain has become a less stable place. It has no interest in fighting with a schizophrenic nasal monster.

At the same time, from 1995, it can be said that the Muggle World has officially entered the wave of the Internet age. Nearly all the internet companies that have swept the world have emerged within this decade. This period is also the biggest capital readjustment in modern human civilization history, the opening of the virtual world, and the existence of information explosion, so that the term civilization has truly begun to break free from the constraints of region and nationality.

Dumbledore remained silent and fell into a strange quiet. After a long time, he spoke up and broke the silence.

"Is it very important?"

"Extremely important! It concerns the future coexistence of our magical world and the non-magical world. This might be the last wave of equitable opportunities for both parties, and even the magical world may have a supremely dominant chance."

Now understanding the connection between herself and the magical world, Elena, who was born as a half-magical creature, naturally begins to use the term "we," as after all, if the magical world is fully exposed after over ten years, she does not want to hide from the poor and strangers in Tibet.

"I see, I still need to think about this. It's too early for the fourth grade..."

Dumbledore has always had this idea for studying the Muggle world, but this way, it is equivalent to using a wizard's magical potential as a wager to exchange for unknown knowledge.

"What if I could complete most of the Hogwarts courses in advance? I am actually quite smart."

Seeing Dumbledore seemed relaxed, the small silver-haired lolita brightened up and stood up hastily. Originally, this time she said it with a mental state. She even thought about long-term combat preparations to go to the Headmaster's office for tea and a chat every day after entering school.

Dumbledore couldn't help but smile foolishly, extended his hand, and caressed the girl's long silver hair, shaking his head with a smile.

"The courses at Hogwarts are not as easy as you think. So, if you can get the top spot in the school in all subjects every year, I will help you find Fudge, um, the Minister of Magic, and discuss the matter."

"One word is for you, Professor Dumbledore, you are not that type of essayist."

Elena extended her small hand and pressed Dumbledore's right hand, which was caressing her head, with her eyes almost narrowed. Dumbledore knew nothing about the mysterious tyrants of the east. He must know that any student who can pass the university entrance exam in purgatory is at least as good as the existence of Hermione Gran Jay.

Not to mention...

From the angle Dumbledore couldn't see, there was a glint of cunning in the eyes of the small silver-haired lolita.

Don't just aim to be the first in school every year. If her speculation is set, she might even become the number one in the history of the entire Hogwarts school.

"Are these the only two points? As an elderly person, I can't remember too many requests."

After these conversations, the relationship between Dumbledore and Elena obviously became closer. The elder lightly tapped the head of the little silver-haired Lolita and said in a half-joking tone.

"If I must say, reading is actually a bit more. Well, as compensation for kidnapping me at Hogwarts. But it's about Professor McGonagall."

Elena bit her finger and pondered with her small head.

"What? If Professor McGonagall is involved, I can't help you," Dumbledore raised his eyebrows and replied with a gesture.

"It's quite simple... is it possible to put my name (Alina ·) first when enrolling in the school register?"

Though she seemed to use a casual and tender tone, Elena's heart was actually extremely tense, and her eyes carefully watched Dumbledore's expression.

Regarding the changes in the crossroad and the world line, there are many types of science fiction speculations in the previous life. Even in the Harry Potter series, there will be objects that can cause paradoxes like time-turners.

And this time, Elena made a small attempt to change the known world line. She wanted to see if the legendary inertial convergence of the world really exists, and if the so-called [Hannah Abbott] will truly change due to her existence.

"Is that all? No problem."

Dumbledore waited for a few seconds and realized Elena had no intention to continue, asking with some surprise. This request was barely a decent request in his opinion.

"Well, that's all." The little silver-haired Loli nodded with a smile, as long as you can confirm that there is no such thing as a worldwide restriction, it's enough.

Everything seems to become more and more intriguing.