Chapter 120 The Return Of The Hero

"Oh my God, to be honest, your spells are cast so fast! (common test of sorcerers) Oh, if only I had your strength, my family wouldn't despise me all the time. Glorious thing about heritage."

"How is this possible? I'm barely in fourth grade now. If you get hit twice with a coma spell and then wake up, you'll learn to protect yourself in no time. I don't even know this devil yet. Who thought the same?" timidly said a Hufflepuff girl, shaking her head. Just by looking at her, no one can imagine that she knocked out at least three or four Slytherin students in her morning skirmish.

"Resurrection mantra?! Oh my God, you reminded me of Professor Snape from yesterday. You know, you should be thankful that you didn't train under Professor Snape, even in the potions class, even if you were so tired. It's just a curse having to endure," the third-year Hufflepuff boy next to her approached, with a fearful look.

"Come on, Professor McGonagall does the same. At least Snape won't turn you into frogs, right?" a Slytherin boy couldn't help but roll his eyes and spit helplessly in front of the timid girl.

In the increasingly stunning eyes of Gryffindors and Ravenclaws, the topic between the little badgers and snakes who do not know each other becomes more and more intense.

After all, for Slytherins who admire strength, such ruthless and powerful sorcerers are simply too suitable to make friends. As for the original Hufflepuffs who like to be lively, they will not hesitate to let go of their arrogance and release the little sorcerers with good intentions, not to mention who doesn't like to hear praise and compliments.

Seizing the opportunity to dine in the auditorium and the "friendship icebreaker" that just occurred, there was a good amount of chatter among the little sorcerers from the two academies who were already curious about each other.


"Fred, pinch me, I feel like after yesterday's training I'm too tired and it's causing hallucinations in my eyes."

George Weasley looked astonished at the opposite table, smiling at the Slytherin students who were talking and laughing with the Hufflepuff students, while vigorously rubbing his eyes, "If you can become friends, then Gryffindor and Slytherin would have been close friends long ago."

"What I mean is, is it because we haven't been ruthless enough before?" Fred Weasley's expression was not much better. Without asking, he could guess roughly what his twin brother's brain was thinking, the red-haired boy rubbed his chin thoughtfully and said, "Perhaps, next time we should try to organize a group fight throughout the hospital."

"Cough! Cough! George, Fred!"

In the same way, the surprised Percy Weasley heard a few words from his two younger brothers, coughed subconsciously several times, and said with a serious face, "Don't you think, this is a very serious violation of school rules. Listen to me well, once discovered by me, I will definitely take action..."

"God, our brother wants to lock us up," said Fred, grabbing his twin brother with a terrified look.

"Then he'll hold our thumbs and hang them in the dungeon," immediately said George in the same exaggerated tone, then his face turned serious and said in a serious tone, "Think about it, pulling out our guts, then giving them to the great Filch as a gift."

"Oh, shut up! This is not a joke," said Percy, glaring at the two brothers angrily, "Group fighting is very bad behavior. Look, wait for the professors to arrive, it will be treated with unprecedented seriousness."

"How can it be treated?" said George, with a light expression on his face. "Did you want to get rid of all Slytherins and Hufflepuffs?"

"Seriously, if you could really get rid of all Slytherins, oh no, even if you only get rid of half, I think it would be worth it even if I never graduate from Hogwarts," Fred looked up, full of hope, and burst into laughter.

"Maybe not this time, but if it's just you two, it's really possible!" Percy's expression was very serious. "Don't you want to be expelled from school before Ginny comes to school?"

"However, is Elena really okay?" Compared to the calmness of the brothers George and Fred, Hermione, who had been restless for a moment, nervously looked around Hufflepuff looking for the figure of the white-haired girl.

"Relax, see that George and Fred have had so many troubles and nothing has happened to them. Besides, as a first-year student, not even the most powerful sister can affect Hufflepuff that much," said Ron nervously, taking a deep breath, comforting Hermione in a low voice, as if he was comforting himself.

"Yes, the older sister Elena has such a smart and powerful mind, think of the skillful and terrifying dagger she showed when she skinned the fish by the lake yesterday," Harry nodded seriously, subconsciously shrinking his head.

"But, I'm still a little worried..." Hermione shook her head and said she still felt a little uneasy before seeing Elena.


At this moment, with a sudden push of the door, the main door of the closed auditorium opened.

In the fresh morning breeze, and in the pale golden light, Elena and dozens of Hufflepuff students entered the auditorium from the second-floor stairs, talking and laughing.

After Madam Pomfrey's medical treatment, most of the students showed no physical scars. However, most wizard robes that didn't have time to return to the bath still bore traces caused by a few spells, like merits, showing the seriousness of the earlier melee.

"Look, it's Cedric! They're back."

"Big sister, here!"

"Commander Sannah, how joyful to see you! Are you well."

All the students from the long Hufflepuff table stood up in unison, cheering vigorously and applauding as if welcoming warriors who had just returned from the battlefield.

Not just Hufflepuff. At least half of the Gryffindor students and a handful of Ravenclaw students also stood up and applauded. After all, compared to the enthusiastic Hufflepuff Academy, Slytherin's popularity at Hogwarts is really different. Not to mention that after Slytherin won the House Cup for several consecutive years, even Ravenclaw, which had always been indifferent, would be happy to comment on the situation of the overthrown Slytherins.

For a moment, the entire auditorium became particularly lively and noisy.

Behind the returning Hufflepuffs, the dozens of Slytherin students following them wore a bewildered expression and were practically ignored by everyone.

Like the dead party in the regiment, they were not ignored, even the Slytherin students suddenly became silent and alienated, even if they had stood in front of the Slytherin common room and fought, but if you lose, you lose.

This was undoubtedly another major psychological blow to this group of Slytherin radicals who have always valued honor and pride.

"Hey, let's go," Marcus Flint lowered his head, adjusted his robe, and quietly headed towards the Slytherin table.

Watching those Slytherin students with damaged robes walking silently behind them towards their table, Elena's eyes blinked, remembering what Dumbledore had told her while she was in the headmaster's office, she stopped, turned around, and grabbed a reluctant Cedric in front of Marcus.

"Hey, Captain Flint! Wait!"