Chapter 121 Once Again


Several different nasal sounds sounded at the same time, and the Slytherins heading towards the long table stopped, and Marcus Flint turned his head, a look of shame appearing on his face. "Yes, we lost, but if you think you can use this to humiliate us..."

"No, on the contrary, I mean you are very good!"

In a complex vision, Elena approached Marcus with some scratches on her back and said sincerely, "Really. I have calculated carefully, if we consider the recovery spell, you almost knocked down three Hufflepuff students, twice your number. If it weren't for the clear numerical advantage, we might have lost."

There may be a partial eccentricity among the teachers, but as a school that has won the Academy Cup for six consecutive years, objectively speaking, this year could be the strongest Slytherin in history.

According to the original book's argument, if Dumbledore did not maliciously manipulate the score this year and ultimately force Gryffindor to score 170 points, Slytherin College would have won the Academy Cup for seven consecutive years.

In addition to the original personality difference between the two colleges, it can be said that Hufflepuff is almost alive to fill the great gap between the two sides. You know, at least half of the Slytherin students shrink in the common room without participating in the battle.

"Whether in close combat or the use of magical spells, they are a worthy opponent. And, regardless of the cause, they stand up for everyone in Slytherin. Otherwise, before the teachers arrive, perhaps the battlefield would have extended to their common room."

Elena analyzed it seriously, without a grimace on her face.

As the not-so-loud voice of the girl spread, the shouts grew quieter, and the pride on the faces of some Hufflepuff students who were closer faded. On the contrary, those Slytherin students who were originally depressed slowly raised their heads, and light began to gradually appear in their dark and gray eyes.

"What do you mean, little girl?"

With a glance at the delicate-looking silver-haired witch, the expression on Marcus Flint's face also calmed slightly, with his arms crossed, furrowing his brow, and asking in confusion.

"It's simple."

As she said that, Elena quickly glanced at the still-empty seats in the classroom, especially the empty golden seat in the middle, raised her eyebrows, and quickly said, "When this is over, we will find a moment, avoid the teachers, the two colleges will choose the lineup in advance, the same number, we will find a place to play again. What do you think, dare you?"

Seeking time, is everyone ready to play again?

Marcus Flint lowered his head, his eyes narrowed, looked at Elena in front of him, and then at Cedric Diggory, who looked defenseless, and growled.

"Humph, don't even think about it. If the same number of people, we definitely win in Slytherin."

"Don't forget that in Quidditch, you didn't beat us." Cedric Diggory couldn't help but refute.

"Yes, but if you remember correctly, didn't we ultimately win more times?" Marcus Flint smiled and licked his large teeth.

"Very well, it's a deal."

Elena turned up the corner of her mouth joyfully, stood on tiptoe, and patted the shoulders of the two with a charming face. "It doesn't matter if you win or lose, there's a lot of animosity. You're all men."

After speaking, the girl looked cautiously ahead. An old wizard dressed in a black and red wizard robe, surrounded by a group of teachers, walked slowly to the seat at the end of the auditorium through the teachers' aisle.

Elena vigorously tapped Marcus' arm, and in the somewhat uncomfortable eyes of the boy, she compared with her thumb, hurried to the edge of the long Hufflepuff table.

She could no longer speak.

She was frustrated with tears and her innate acting skills, and if there's anything wrong with the old spicy horseradish, she's really finished, even in a strict sense, she's really trying to eliminate the hostility caused by the group fight the morning before.

Ding Ding Ding!

Dumbledore sat slowly on the golden chair in the middle. A pair of clouds were light and fresh as if nothing had happened. He took the spoon and tapped the glass, cleared his throat and said calmly, "It's not early, everyone, let's eat."

Along with the clear sound of dingdong, the same white porridge and bright yellow fried eggs appeared again on the tables of the four colleges. Well, the only difference is that today's breakfast recipes have no shadow of salty bacon, and are replaced by a small bowl of sticky puree.

However, except for a few individuals like Elena who took a spoon and began to enjoy the breakfast, most of the students looked at Dumbledore, as if they were waiting for something.

"Well. It seems that some rumors are more enticing than a delicious breakfast."

Aware of the strange emotions in the auditorium, Dumbledore looked around and looked at his students, sighed helplessly, and looked left and right at the expressions of Professor Snape and Professor Sprout, and said slowly.

"For a long time, we have emphasized the fact that the four colleges are actually one whole. We regret to see that some historical misunderstandings and misunderstandings have caused conflicts between parts of Slytherin and Hufflepuff. Fortunately, no permanent harm was done to any student throughout the process." As he said this, Dumbledore fiercely looked and cheerfully ate some white hair meatballs.

"After consulting the school's teachers and conducting a new investigation into the details of the truth, it was agreed that there was no absolute good and absolute evil in the large-scale friction between Slytherin and Hufflepuff this morning. The only thing that disappointed the school was that in this conflict, the senior leaders of both sides did not take responsibility for separating and containing the students rationally."

"Por lo tanto, el resultado final de la escuela es ..."

Before Dumbledore could finish speaking, he suddenly halted his voice, furrowed his brow, and lifted his head to gaze toward the auditorium.

Unbeknownst to them, the light outside the Hogwarts auditorium door abruptly dimmed, as if a shroud of shadows enveloped the castle. As Dumbledore's voice ceased, everyone felt a clamor approaching from above the castle.

"Oh my, look at that, what is it!"

A Ravenclaw girl suddenly stood up, shouting with a frightened expression from outside the door.

Everyone looked up in disbelief and gazed through the open auditorium door in the direction of the girl's pointing fingers. Perhaps there were hundreds, or maybe thousands. An uneasy and tense atmosphere was sweeping towards the Hogwarts auditorium.

At dawn, the magic concealing the coordinates of Hogwarts temporarily unlocked.

A flock of birds soaring over the Scottish highlands instantly blanketed the sky of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the sky darkened in an instant.