Chapter 122 Owl Madness

Chaos, an unprecedented chaos.

It makes sense that the owl messenger that appears every day at breakfast time has become the most common scene for Hogwarts students during breakfast. The students are already used to eating porridge while waiting for the mail to arrive.

Owls from various places will be accompanied by the sunlight, flying into the auditorium through the curved window in the castle's dome, and fluttering around the tables of the four houses until they find their respective owners and drop letters or packages into their arms.

Even when there was no letter, sometimes pet owls would fly, snuggle closely next to the owner's seat, nibble on a piece of bread, and then flap their wings back to the owlery, where they would sleep with other owls on campus.

However, when hundreds of owls turn into thousands, everything becomes a nightmare of chaos.

Sharp and noisy owls, the sound of thousands of wings flapping, owls from all over the country and even from around the world fluttered over the auditorium.

Immediately after, the owls that had been circling all night in the Scottish highlands after delivering their letters, flapped their wings towards the tables of the different houses, jostling for food and water from the long table.

Amidst the astonishment and reprimands of countless students, the hall seemed to be in a light rain. The owls did not care about hygiene. Owls came from all over the world, and occasionally droppings would fall.

And outside the door of the auditorium, there are dense streams of owls rising and falling, trying to get into the auditorium.

"Madness, everything is mad!"

"Quickly, close the hall door!"

Marcus and Cedric glanced at each other before sitting down. At the same time, there was a trace of terror in each other's eyes.

Just after an intense spell contest, the reaction speed of the two did not completely relax.

The next moment, Marcus and Cedric jumped unanimously, rushed to the door, and firmly closed the auditorium door.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The two had just closed the door, and a series of violent knocks echoed from the main door. At least dozens of reckless owls lightly pecked at the main door of Hogwarts' auditorium, causing the huge bronze door to tremble slightly.

Cedric Diggory drew his wand from his wizard robe, his left hand trembled skilfully in the air, and he loudly said against the door, "Quick Lock!"

"Quick Lock!"

Marcus Flint, who was next to Cedric, also decisively drew his wand, releasing the locking spell.

Click, the door was sealed.

Two magical gleams flashed from the outline of the bronze door, as if a film had been coated on the surface of the door.

In this way, no matter how powerful the impact outside the door, as long as there was a magical spell, the owls could not temporarily break the door.

"Oh my God, what the hell just happened?" Marcus Flint chuckled and shrugged. He felt that after returning to Hogwarts after a summer holiday, everything seemed to become strange.

"I don't know, but obviously they can no longer be sent into the auditorium."

Cedric shook his head in puzzlement, raised his head, and looked over the auditorium, murmuring, "You know, even then, the hall is chaotic enough."



A tan barn owl flew towards Cedric and dropped an envelope in his lap. At the same time, a gray tawny owl also dropped an envelope into Marcus' arms.

"How come there is a house letter?"

Cedric intimately stroked the barn owl on his shoulder, frowning in confusion. "I shouldn't have left things at home--"

"Oh, damn it--" Cedric picked up the letter from the floor and read it. A sheet of paper slipped out from behind the letter. "Is this madness at the Ministry of Magic? Should we further reduce the daily expenses of Hogwarts, as well as cut the wages of most employees, and then buy Hogwarts with Galleons of gold?"

"For political achievements, it's normal, except some insignificant interests are lost from members and students. Connelly Foggy could become the first Minister of Magic with Hogwarts, why not?"

Marcus Flint opened the letter and sneered. "To achieve this, it was really ugly, reducing the behind-the-scenes hands in someone who has disappeared from the scene for ten years. Cannon exchanged for a cheap Muggle coin."

"Dark Lord?" Cedric frowned, preparing to say something.

At this moment, Professor McGonagall, in a dark purple wizard robe, quickly arrived from the staff seat, glanced at the temporarily closed hall door by the spell, raised her wand, and went to the door, knocked again, and turned around.

"Oh, my God, I suppose at least a third of all the owls in Britain are here."

Professor McGonagall stopped, looked at the two who had a look of disdain, and her lips, which had been tight since this morning, softened slightly. It's astonishing, they are not fighting. Well, it is a beautiful spell. Each gained five points for their respective houses. Now, return to your long table. "

When Professor McGonagall's voice ended, next to the hall, a clear sound was heard from the Hufflepuff and Slytherin houses. Five diamonds and five emeralds fell into the bottom of the hourglass.

"Thank you, Professor McGonagall."

"Alright, let's get back here."

Marcus Flint and Cedric Diggory looked at each other in surprise, nodded hurriedly, and quickly returned to their respective long house tables and prepared to meet their classmates. Share joy.

However, when they returned to the long table, they found that most of the students had no time to worry about the changes in house points, and even Dumbledore's decision on the punishment for the commotion of the two houses was temporarily not that important.

Almost all the children of the wizarding family have received the family letter, and they are all asking the children at home about the current situation at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

A large amount of materials extracted or edited from various newspapers and magazines are being passed around among the students, and several weekly magazines, newspapers, and summary books fill the long tables of each college.

The great tumult outside Hogwarts that swept through the entire magical world, after a day of brewing, finally revealed its fangs and sharp edges, and the carefree students felt the whirlwind for the first time. The central thing is the existence of stress, and the issues of bird droppings falling on the body and the plate from time to time.

However, in this chaotic environment, two areas stand out prominently as pure land.

One is Dumbledore's long table where the professors and staff are seated. Countless owls seemed to be trained. They lined up one by one and neatly left the envelopes behind the elder's seat. No owl dared to perch on the table where the professors were seated.

And on the other side...