Chapter 123 Reserve Grain And Attack!

The long table of Hufflepuff was near the end.

Elena slowly sliced her omelet, and the golden semisolid egg yolk flowed from the cut and nestled between the slices of crunchy bread, which is simply one of the most delicious toppings in the world.

On either side of Elena's seat, two girls huddled from left to right. With double golden braids, Hannah Abbott with a round and cute face, and...

"Why did you come here, Granger? If I recall correctly, the Gryffindor College seat is over there."

After the conflict in the morning, little Hannah's gentle mind quickly grew, now carefully tending to the dinner plate, casting a slight, uneasy glance at Hermione Granger seated to Elena's right.

I don't know why Hannah, who can get along with almost everyone. Confronting this little brown-haired witch, Aibo always harbors an indescribable irritability and resistance in her heart, as if her childhood self-esteem had been snatched away.

Compared to Hannah's resistance, Hermione, seated next to Elena, was obviously much happier.

"If you look closely, you will notice that, except for the long teachers' tables, Elena is the only place that won't be disturbed by careless owls," replied Hermione Granger, raising her eyebrows with the right expression on her face.

With that, Hermione, with her fluffy red hair, quickly moved some bowls of mashed potatoes that had just appeared on the dinner plate toward Elena to ensure they wouldn't be knocked over by the owl on the table, as she continued speaking.

"After returning to the dorm last night, I consulted the book. If I'm not mistaken, Elena should be the type of wizard with legendary druidic talent. Because of this, she used to have the opportunity to listen through the teachings of the mysterious Druids."

Druidic talent? Elena blinked in confusion.

Ah, yes.

Yesterday, by the Black Lake, to convince the important figure Hagrid to join the "Hogwarts in the Tongue" plan, she carefully prepared a set of nature conservation organizations adapted from her previous life and The Coaptation Druid's comments were also assisted by a group of first-year wizards like Hermione and Hannah.

"Cough, of course. You know, I've always had a lot of experience in understanding and communicating with animals."

Elena coughed lightly, unabashedly admitted, and pointed to the small pet crouched on the table, responsible for helping the three people through breakfast.

"You see, reserving grain is a good example. I have an effective way of communicating with these delicious, well, cute animals."

After all, deterrence is also one of the common methods of communication in nature.

The group of owl messengers, which are much sharper than ordinary birds, will subconsciously avoid Elena's position during flights and foraging, creating a strange cylindrical space above Elena's head.

Even the owl raised by Hannah's family since childhood only threw the letter away from her, then quickly flew away, as if there were some terrible scenes below.

After eating too many fat round-faced chickens, would one be strangely coercive with the owl race?

Or does Meiwa's racial talent unconsciously convey some emotions and messages when facing other magical animals?

Thinking of this, Elena glanced at a few owls fluttering around Hermione's head, unconsciously licking her lips.

Goo Goo ~

The owls looked at by Elena froze and involuntarily fell a short distance, then shuddered completely, fluttered and two or three drops fell from the sky and landed on some unfortunate little wizards, flapping their wings in fright, they flew to the other end of the hall.

It seems that if there is an opportunity in the future, I still need to ask Elder Newt? Scamander if there is any way to hide their own breath, otherwise, I will not become a Bilibili discharge girl from the past—— This is bad news for Elena, who loves magical animals.

But for now, most of the fat round-faced chickens are still very funny to bother the old sour turnip, not disturbing her and her friends to quietly enjoy breakfast.

Looking around the messy hall, Elena nodded in satisfaction: true happiness is reflected by contrast.

At this moment, the white fluff balls huddling together are the winners of life at Hogwarts.

Elena narrowed her eyes, handed the fried egg bread in her hand to Hannah, who was still somewhat sullen, and proudly boasted to the little wizards gathered around her: "Eat it with confidence, just sit. There's no owl daring to sit beside me..."

At this moment, she had not waited for the voice of the little mixed-race Meiwa to fall.

A dazzling little eagle-headed owl crowded from outside the hall, holding a thick envelope larger than its body under its two small paws.

After briefly recognizing the position above the hall, the little owl's eyes lit up, swooping through the open area over Elena's head, and flew toward Dumbledore.


A small bird dropping fell precisely on the edge of Elena's plate.

"...You dare to **** on my head."

Elena's eyes slowly moved to the messy bird droppings on the dinner plate, with a charming expression. In the eyes of friends who couldn't help it, they ended up subconsciously speaking the rest of the words ~ ~ Puff... Kuku Kuku... Yes, no, don't laugh... Kuku Kuku..."

There was a strange voice to Elena's right, the little loli Hermione, whose eyes were almost crescent-shaped, forcefully covered her mouth and made a sound of Kukukucu, her exquisite and cute face blushing.

"Kukuku... Don't laugh... Kukuku..."

Immediately after the reaction, Hannah Abbott also quickly covered her mouth. Finally, she laughed, restraining the impulse, slightly bent her body, and shook her shoulders violently, obviously trying to contain the laughter.


Elena raised her expressionless head and looked at the small owl swaying in the sky.

Very well, very well.


Elena's knife struck the table.

"Grain reserve, give it to me! Catch the little one with short eyes."


Silently crouched in front of the public table, the food store tilted its head as it passed the food onto the plate, its large eyes blinked in confusion, the group of long-eared feathers turned and crouched, rubbing against Elena's arm, lacking the awareness and majesty of being a small carnivorous bird of prey.

"Did you see that little one, prey? Catch it, grill the fish. If you don't catch it, warm bath."

Elena hugged her small pet with both hands and pointed at the small owl with the owl head in the sky, which was more compact than the stored grain, and spoke carefully.

Goo! ⊙ ▽ ⊙!

The grain reserve opened its eyes and nodded quickly, its eyes becoming sharp and fierce.

In the next moment, the wings of the small owl flapped vigorously, like a small bullet, and it suddenly shot towards the audience, a series of sharp and excited whistles from its mouth.