Chapter 124 A Surprise Comic

"Wow, this owl is so cute, it looks like a rare real owl!"

"See if he's not awake? He's confused, looks a bit silly, doesn't he?"

"Hmm, since it fell into my hands, its breed has changed to a chubby round-faced Scottish chicken."

On the side of the long table at Hufflepuff College, three girls form a circle, whispering to a trembling owl on the table, curiously reaching out from time to time to touch the little animal's head.

The whole hunting process was over in less than ten seconds. In front of the long-term carnivorous little raptor, Vika's grain reserve, this cheeky little creature showed little resistance and was easily captured by Irene.

Elena observed closely. It was a real owl she didn't know.

This owl has a flatter head than a normal chubby round-faced chicken. It's dazzling and looks a bit like an eagle's head. It's extra compact and slightly smaller than its grain reserve.

The little animal's claws were a bit nervous, grabbing a thick parchment envelope the size of its body, trembling on the table, its legs shaking.

Around its neck, there was a string of reddish-orange carrot fruits with some letters skewered. Elena raised her eyebrows and curiously recognized the writing on the carrot.

"C, H, S ... huh?"

Suddenly, Elena's expression changed, she quickly withdrew her fingers, narrowly avoiding the owl's peck on her index finger.

Goo ~ Goo ~ Goo Goo!

The owl hopped back and forth, dodging Elena's fingers, spreading its wings and growling as a demonstration against the human in front of it, with a super fierce look that no one would dare to face.

Goo! ⊙ ▽ ⊙?

Snap! (# = ▽ =)!

Before Elena could do anything, Vika's grain reserve perched on Elena's shoulder shouted with anger and flew quickly to the table, its wings colorfully raised, and easily struck the owl. It used its claws to press it firmly onto the plate.

The package under the owl's feet fell to the side of the table and was picked up by Elena.

Goo goo goo!!!

As Elena picked up the package, the eagle-headed owl seemed to suddenly go mad, struggling violently, and flipped the cup on the table in a fit of terrible anger.

It's a pity that, whether in physicality or strength, it is too far from Vika's grain reserve. No matter how much it struggles, it cannot free itself from Vika's grain reserve.

"Well, this little one has quite the temper."

Elena unconsciously laughed, and suddenly wondered what kind of wizarding family could produce an owl with more fortitude than Hannah.

She instinctively squeezed the package in her hand, there were no strange bulges inside.

In fact, to be precise, it's better to tie a thick parchment envelope with a colorful magazine with a thick rope instead of a package.

She untied the rope, and the girl examined the envelope back and forth. There was no sender information on the front cover, only a line written with a thick pen dipped in black ink.

[Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Albus Dumbledore (sealed)]

"Wow, it was actually a letter for Dumbledore."

Elena frowned, tossing the envelope she held in her hand with interest.

Dumbledore's decision to publicly express his willingness to answer questions in the newspaper was actually one of the measures she proposed to Dumbledore in the Slytherin public hall a month ago.

As the headmaster of Hogwarts and the most powerful wizard in the entire magical world, Dumbledore's voice on the whole incident of Gu Lingge cannot be too loud, but if he remains completely silent, it would cause too many suspicions.

Therefore, undoubtedly, the safest way would be to selectively answer some questions according to the Ministry of Magic's tone.

But Elena was not interested in helping Dumbledore investigate which envelopes were secure. You know, even in non-magical circles, there are mail attacks, let alone in mysterious magical circles. Attaching some evil spells in the envelope, or some strange prohibited dangerous objects, is normal in the magical world.

"So, then..."

Elena turned her gaze to the center of the plate, showing a sad smile at the still struggling eagle-headed owl, extending her fingers and patting it for a moment on its tiny body.

As expected, like most chubby round-faced chickens, although it looks fluffy, there aren't many edible parts inside. I don't know if it's because it's too young or if meals are usually small. The owl seemed clearly malnourished.

If Vika's grain reserve can barely cook a soup in an insulated pot, then this little one would probably have too much water in the half-cooked soup pot. In other words, even the meat of a silly sparrow in autumn is more than his.

But as the saying goes, even mosquito legs are meat though small; you see, without accidents, it might be difficult to eat decent birds next week or even a semester.

"Wait, Elena, you're not thinking... wake up, this is an owl bred by another house."

Hannah looked at Elena carefully and asked with some uncertainty.

In her impression, when Hagrid saved the mutated fish in the Black Lake yesterday, the same expression also appeared on Elena's face, with a hint of excitement and a terrible smile in that sadness.

It is with this expression, in the shocked and frightened eyes of everyone, including Hagrid, that Elena skillfully demonstrated to all the wizards present how to stun a large living fish, except breaking scales, opening the belly, messing and cutting it into pieces, expecting a series of basic preparations for cooking as a team.

As a result, it is estimated that half of the young wizards had Elena wielding a kitchen knife in their dreams last night.

"No, no, you have misunderstood. I swear I have never thought about plucking this chubby Scottish chicken and removing its viscera, and then placing ***** slices, chives, and mushrooms in hot water ~ www. ~ Adding some cooking wine and salt and white sugar to taste, cover and simmer for half an hour."

Elena restrained the saliva that was about to drip. The light in her eyes became brighter and brighter. In the face of poor, almost tearful Hannah, she continued, "Of course, I never thought about washing and directly cutting it into small pieces, then wrapping them in beaten egg, breading them, and frying them until golden on both sides, removing them and sprinkling with a little coarse salt."

"In the first place, it's an owl, not a fat chicken. Secondly, I'm not as easily fooled as Hannah. From the beginning, I didn't think you wanted to eat it. Otherwise, the early grain reserves would have been devoured by you," Hermione corrected seriously, then casually shrugged. "In fact, I am more interested in the book under the envelope than the little owl, the one I haven't seen before. This new magazine."

"Oh, no, I really wanted to show you today...."

Elena frowned when she felt her authority challenged for the second time. She raised the little owl's claws and inadvertently swept the colorful magazine Hermione was interested in.

I didn't pay attention to the cover image, but now I looked at it closely. It seems to be a poorly drawn picture of Albus Dumbledore. Elena still leaned against the old man's long, white beard and his crescent-shaped eyes.

I saw Dumbledore standing in front of Hogwarts Castle, in front of him was a hill stacked with golden galleons, countless goblins bowed at his feet.

The title of the comic is: "How long can the mighty Dumbledore conceal the truth?"

"Eh?!" Elena shuddered and smiled with her eyes wide open.