Chapter 126 Simplified Chinese And Owl

"" Singing Contrary"? Well... I've never seen a magazine before. I swear I haven't read this in Lijian Bookstore."

Hermione with a slight addiction to reading? Granger glanced at the book held by Elena, her face full of curiosity and thirst for knowledge, and hesitated for a few seconds before shaking Elena's arm. "Can you lend it to me after you finish reading it?"

"Of course." Elena nodded and rolled the magazine into her hand for the eager little beaver, her eyes still resting on the little owl, thoughtfully.

If you know the result and then carry out the pre-related inference, it will undoubtedly be much easier.

There is no doubt that since Luna's mother's death, the Lovegood family's economic conditions have not been too good. This can be seen in Luna and Mr. Lovegood's attire, as well as their accessories.

As a wizarding family, they don't even have enough funds to go to Sweden to look for the ethereal Snorkack. If the Weasley's poverty stems from having too many children, then the Lovegood family's poverty mainly comes from having too many dreams.

"So, these three letters should be the abbreviation for Snorkack. If not for it being only in 1991, I almost thought it was Simplified Chinese." The owl grabbed and touched the engraving "CHS" on the "carrot collar" and raised its eyebrows.

With psychological preparation, Elena, who has extensive practical experience, naturally knows in what position to grab the plump, round-faced chicken, so as not to be pecked by these delightful creatures. Simply grab the feathers on the neck, under the tender flesh, the fingers spread in a triangle, and gently against the broad bones of the head.

The little owl that fell back into Elena's hands struggled a bit or two, and quickly calmed down, as if it had lost its dream in the face of the cruel world, and hung it in the hands of the girl.

"Look, indeed, this little owl is still very obedient. It's just that the response is a bit slower. Isn't that right, Simplified Chinese?"

Elena turned her head to the worried Hannah Aibo and smiled sweetly, easily explaining, the last sentence was for the little owl in her hand.

"Simplified Chinese, right?" Elena turned her wrist and looked into the watery eyes of the little owl, shaking it again, revealing a gentle smile, and repeating it again.


The little owl raised its head in confusion, opened its mouth, and timidly squeaked.

"Not bad, very smart~" Elena nodded contentedly. The little owl raised by Luna's family will definitely be much smarter than Zhu Weiqiong after Ron, otherwise the disoriented family, the ordinary little things, couldn't live long.

Elena unconsciously picked up a silver kitchen knife and compared it. Well, she was wrong.

Under the horrified gaze of the little owl, Elena quickly put down her knife and grabbed a piece of bread that had just been rewarded from the grain reserve next to her. She said softly, "Simplified Chinese, are you hungry? Come on, my dear sister will feed you something."

Goo... The little owl looked at the smiling owl in the distance and nodded slowly.

Goo. QAQ

Click, click, click...


"Come back to your senses, hurry and have breakfast. You'll have to go with Hagrid for further training in a while."

With a glance at "Simplified Chinese," which was becoming more obedient with the help of the grain reserves, Elena raised her hand and snapped her fingers in front of Hannah's eyes, while reaching for a bowl of mashed potatoes that had just appeared on the table, carefully seasoning it again for the second time.

As the number one staple food in England, no matter how much damage Elena does to the kitchen, even if there is a large-scale famine, the cheap and nutritious cultivation of potatoes will surely be one of the few foods that will last until the last minute.

Some even said that potatoes are the soul of all European dinners. Just as ginger, onion, and garlic are the soul of all Chinese food, European dinners without potatoes are soulless.

The mashed potatoes provided by the Hogwarts Kitchen is a fairly common European practice. In simple terms, after boiling the potatoes in white water, they are taken out to peel, mashed with a fork, and then butter, fresh milk, pepper, salt, and a little mixture and seasoning are added.

This simple and rough cooking result is obviously unacceptable to Elena, who seeks gourmet food. Coincidentally, there are some seasonings and ingredients on the table, so she can try to slightly improve the taste of the common potato in front of her. After all, even the soul can be interesting and boring.

"Wait... you?"

Noticing the words in Elena's mouth, Hannah instinctively raised her head and furrowed her brows once, looking at the ball of white hair in front of her with clear blue eyes, "Don't say, Elena, aren't you coming to our 'Basic Wizarding Skills' class today?"

"Well, no. According to Professor Dumbledore, due to the impact of the partial aftermath that affected my cursed body, during the next period of time, I need to temporarily cultivate and observe... well, in his photo, looking, oh, protect, underneath."

At this, Elena pursed her lips without a trace ~ ~ puffed up her cheeks, murmuring dissatisfiedly.

In the end, it was the old radish of Dumbledore who was suspicious all day. He always suspected that an adorable little first-year witch like her would want to cause a big commotion and found a reason to watch her.

"Sequelae of a curse?! Is it serious? Can it be cured? Does it still hurt?"

Upon hearing Elena's words, a hint of panic appeared on little Hannah's face, and she hurriedly leaned in, reaching out to hold Elena's face and look around with concern.

Had a third of her childhood been Hannah, who grew up in the Broken Cauldron tavern? Aibo had heard too much about the curse. In the talk of those drinkers, there are many terrible consequences of the curse and countless cases of tragic wizards.

"Is there still a wound on Elena? Where? Who made it?"

At the same time, Hermione, who was still reading "The Singing Contrast," also quickly set aside the magazine she had in her hand. Her eyes shone slightly, and her small hands carefully kneaded Elena's arms and shoulders.

Before this, Hermione thought that Elena's alleged wound was an exaggerated rumor. After all, when she saw her in the morning, she didn't seem to have any scars.

"Okay, okay, stop making such a fuss! Ácrida! Don't touch my waist!"

Looking at the delicate round face close to hers and feeling the fingers sliding from the arm to the waist, Elena's cheek blushed slightly. She quickly broke free, took the spoon and finished seasoning the two large portions of mashed potatoes she had taken from the hand and put them into the two small bowls on her left and right, respectively.

"Elena, don't you want to use this trick to start a conversation...?"

Hermione said vaguely with her mouth full and suddenly opened her eyes. "Here, this mashed potatoes!"