Chapter 127 "how Can Magic Be Called Medicine?"

"Well, you see ~"

Hermione cleared her throat slightly, her face blushing and breathed out a warm breath.

Closing her eyes and pursing her lips, the little brown-haired Lolita remembered the flavor that had just passed over her tongue, unable to help but look at the magical mashed potatoes in Elena's hands.

Hermione Granger is no stranger to the most common food in Britain. However, in the past eleven years, there has never been a portion of mashed potatoes that has provided her with such a distinctive taste and a visually special experience.

"If I guessed right, Elena, did you add honey?" Hannah licked her lips thoughtfully.

Because she often helps out at the pub at home, Hannah has some knowledge of culinary skills and vaguely perceives the hidden sweetness behind the food.

"Yes, there is actually milk."

Elena smiled slightly, nodding her head. The cooked mashed potatoes and honey have good auxiliary effects on the gastrointestinal tract and on the lungs and qi. The combination of both is the most suitable basic breakfast food.

However, the most suitable combination is actually to mix the potatoes with the right amount of honey when they are half-cooked, so that the honey has enough time to slowly penetrate the gradually softening potatoes.

Therefore, Elena added a small amount of hot milk to ensure that the honey can be more harmoniously mixed with the formed potatoes without seeming too sweet. At the same time, the slight aroma of milk will further enhance the degree of aroma of the mashed potatoes.

"That's how it is."

Hermione nodded clearly and closely observed the mashed potatoes in Elena's hands.

Different from the monotonous and boring mashed potatoes on the other tables at Hogwarts, what stood out was a thicker and smoother mashed potatoes with a golden amber texture, among the mashed potatoes, as if the breath of spring was shining.

"No, not just honey."

Hermione suddenly frowned and shook her head seriously.

It's not as if, in addition to honey and milk, there must definitely be something else, a more important finishing touch.

Hermione Granger vigorously rubbed her eyes, and a few dark greens scattered in the mashed potatoes in Elena's hands, making the whole meal look especially enticing.

Closing her eyes, a fragrant scent mixed with the softness of the potatoes poured into her nasal cavity, making her feel rejuvenated.

This is the flavor! She has never smelled the aroma in other mashed potato practices.

"It's lichen. I added lichen that grows in the basement of Hogwarts Castle to the mashed potatoes."

With attention in Hermione's eyes, Elena narrowed hers with pride and pulled out a few dark green plant shavings from her arms.

Hanna felt a little familiarity, but couldn't remember where she had seen it on the ground floor of the castle.

"Lichen? What is that?"

"Can this thing be eaten?"

The attention of the two was instantly drawn to the plant shavings in Elena's hands, and both asked.

At first glance, it seems that countless folds of small leaves combine to form a crispy vegetable snack. There is a layer of gloss on the surface, which seems to be coated with a thin layer of oil. As the lichen shavings are pulled out, the fresh and sweet aroma that had just been intensified slightly.

"Of course, it can be eaten, but it's a very rare delicacy."

Elena nodded and responded with a serious look, a flash of nostalgia passed through her eyes.

Lichen is a special type of fungus that forms a group of lichens that can only survive in the natural world in symbiosis with algae or cyanobacteria. There are more than 20 edible species in the world, and most of the remaining ones are also non-toxic.

They grow very slowly, normally on cliffs, rocks, bark, or desert soils.

Their tolerance to industrial pollution is very low, but their ability to adapt to the harsh natural environment is very strong. Many alpine areas, permafrost, and the poles of the Earth have lichens.

In her previous life, China, which did not experience the pollution of the Industrial Revolution, has the richest lichen resources in the world.

Together with the closeness and understanding of the people living on this land, of course, the history of edible and medicinal lichens is also quite long, and could even be traced back to the Yiqi period.

Edible lichens, like Shier, which have the potential to combat cancer and HIV, were almost eaten to extinction as endangered species before Elena crossed. If the blister chalice and Chinese umbilical scales are not stored in the laboratory, they could be directly declared extinct even with one step away.

However, Elena's hand is a variant of flat branch lichen that is not very common in Asia, a slightly less chewy flavor,

It is usually a small lichen used in the perfume industry. Perhaps because of the influence of this magical castle, the color of these lichens changed from the original light green to dark green, and occasionally a hazy gleam flickered on the surface.

Amidst the chaos between the two houses in the morning, Elena inadvertently discovered these delicious plants on the wall of a corner of the stone gallery near the Slytherin common room.

After reaching Dumbledore's office, she coaxed and entangled the old man to perform magic to confirm that it was not toxic, and then baked a few pieces of lichen shavings through the headmaster's office fireplace, ready to be used as a condiment later. Without onions, ****, or garlic, the country smelled and was fragrant, Elena had to find some alternatives herself.

The cooking method is actually simpler.

Simply tear the variant lichen from Hogwarts into pieces of approximately two or three centimeters, remove all the stems from the thick leaves and the adsorbed parts near the wall, mix honey, olive oil, and a few spices on a small plate, place the lichen and mix evenly, making sure each leaf is covered with the sauce, then place it over the fire and grill it from side to side until it's crispy and refreshing.

"...that's it. Also, I just found out that if you inject a bit of magic power, it will bring a more exciting and strong flavor."

Elena glanced at the seemingly incomprehensible two small lolis, smiled gently, crumbled a piece of Hogwarts castle lichen chips into a bowl full of honey mashed potatoes, and gently drew out her wand, a few lights like elves floated out, making the whole dish look like delicate craftsmanship.

"Come on, try it. Hogwarts lichen with honey mashed potatoes, it's time to feel the magical flavor."

Elena smiled slightly, her voice as soft as a whisper, took a big spoonful of mashed potatoes and brought it to Hermione, who was still processing new information. "Come on, open your mouth, ah—"

"Um, uh."

Seeing the delicate face with endless charm in front of her, Hermione Granger nodded nervously and subconsciously opened her mouth.


Along with the sound of the crispy lichen in her mouth, the bright flash quickly mixed with the soft and delicious mashed potatoes, and the delicious viscosity similar to honey that didn't seem sweet burst on the tongue.

Raindrops fall.

It was as if an intense rain composed of mashed potatoes, honey, and milk was falling from the sky.

The wind blew, and the immense richness and softness came from all directions, enveloping Hermione in the center, and the sticky honey and mashed potatoes continued to pass through her body, as if it were no more clear than a thread, the warmth and relief from deep in the heart continued to flow, and the whole person seemed to have returned to the lazy bed in the early afternoon.

In the midst of all this, the fragrant and crispy Hogwarts castle lichen is the lightning piercing the sky from time to time, and each time it strikes the whole world, it makes Hermione's soul burst with extreme pleasure.

"Um... no, no, it's not a shameful voice..."

Hermione's face blushed, she bit her lip hard, unconsciously clenched her legs, and had a faint mist in her eyes, as if a little autumn water had been swayed, and her clear skin exuded a slightly rosy glow. Embracing herself tremblingly and helplessly.

She really isn't honest, she's already like this, obviously it's delicious, she's hungry.

(?? ﹃????)

It seems that as a friend, Miss Granger needs a little help.

Elena shook her head helplessly, took the spoon, looked at the shiny food in front of her, and the wand clicked again.

Then, firmly, she fed her.

——As a good friend, you should let Hermione experience real happiness.

With the addition of the last pinch, the last tense line of defense in the consciousness of the little brown-haired loli completely collapsed.

... as if... consciousness... went flying...

"Uh huh, eh ah ~ ah ah ah ~~~~~"

The effect is unexpectedly good, but it seems that next time the charm should be slightly less.

Elena nodded satisfactorily, without turning around, she quickly reached out and grabbed the little loli Hannah, who wanted to escape, and showed a gentle smile.

(?? ﹃????)

"Don't run, now it's your turn, Hannah is cute."

"No, it can't... well..."

"Uh huh... ah!... um eh! I...! Ah..."