Chapter 128 A Trim Will Be Fine

Truly... I understand this child less and less with each passing day.

As he surveyed the chaotic and lively auditorium, Dumbledore gazed at the striking silver of the long Hufflepuff table, his expression quite intricate. With the passage of time, he became increasingly perplexed and hesitant.

From Dumbledore's perspective, amongst the small worlds like peaceful storm eyes on the other side, three similarly aged young girls play intimately amongst themselves, though their conversation cannot be heard. He feels the joy and relaxation on the apple-like faces of the girls and their bright smiles.

On the dining table in front of Elena, Vibka, the small owl that Dumbledore had bought with her, was perched, sharing food and fresh water with another owl whose family origins were unknown. There was no fear or alienation from the newly arrived silver-haired witch.

There is no doubt that Elena is making a small change. This is not only reflected in her relationship with the little owl, but...

I saw Elena brushing off the dark green leaves from her arms. She seemed to be chatting cheerfully with her friends. There was not a trace of pettiness on her face. She actively brushed the crumbs and shared the food with the young wizards.

"Oh, the lichen at Hogwarts Castle, it's also the first time I've heard about it..."

Dumbledore's gaze instantly softened, he sighed slightly with anguish, shook his head and slowly withdrew his gaze.

Even Dumbledore, who has lived at Hogwarts for decades, was asked by a girl this morning about the edible plant growing on the wall beneath the castle's basement.

Based on Elena's adept culinary skills displayed in the headmaster's office, as well as the genuine emotion and joy without any camouflage, it is obvious that this is not the first time the girl has consumed this moss-like plant that is not even a weed.

It was at that moment that Dumbledore suddenly realized that what the orphanage director referred to as Benítez and what Elena was talking about, the orphanage life that was once shamed for its poverty, may be far beyond what he had understood as hardship.

With such thoughts, the girl's behavior of driving away the school owl and attempting to bite the phoenix does not seem so incomprehensible.

It is hard to imagine how many hardships Elena has experienced, to find a way to survive by consuming epiphytes growing on the ground and walls, during these years of growth, and how much did she endure? Stubborn and tenacious, and how valuable is the optimism she has shown?

"However, Hogwarts is not a Muggle orphanage. Such a group fight in the morning, I hope it will be the last."

With Dumbledore's ability and wisdom, less than a quarter of an hour after arriving at the chaotic scene, the beginning and end of the bewildering clash between two groups were restored based on each student's account.

Alongside Elena's sincere and proactive confession, Dumbledore seemed to have truly experienced the process of the onset, eruption, intensification, and lack of control of the entire conflict.

There is no doubt that Elena Caslana's leadership qualities in this skirmish, even if she is now promoted to the rank of Hufflepuff, I'm afraid not many students will object.

The younger students formed a temporary rescue team. They quickly rallied to ensure endless resistance, and then cooperated in intensively suppressing magical spells and engaging in close combat without the label of a wizard. It's no wonder that even the most accomplished Slytherin students were almost driven back to the common room by the young Hufflepuff wizards.

Of course, there is one more thing that cannot be ignored, and that is the mixed-blood girl who promoted the logically peculiar discourse on the quality of the academy in the Hufflepuff Common Room.

"What badger, what glutton...? It's just that the founders of the four houses chose animal symbols according to their preferences. There are so many strange and peculiar meanings. According to this description, wouldn't all the Gryffindor students strive to stand out, what kind of lion?"

Thinking about this, Dumbledore couldn't help but rub his temples in a headache, and couldn't help but whisper.

What's even worse, after this morning's conflict, most Hufflepuff students are accepting the theory proposed by the restless girl at an alarming rate.

Due to the non-magical animal-related habits, Dumbledore couldn't find a good reason to refute Elena's viewpoint for a while. He even thought about whether to please put Newt Scamander back into school and serve as an honorary lecturer.

When he thinks about it, when he threatens the Sorting Hat on the first day of class, he should be aware of the destructiveness this small girl can cause, not physical harm, but the specific "contamination" capability that has long supported the school's operation.

Primarily, even the man who once ruled the entire magical world, when he was eleven years old, did not display an incitement capacity on such a large scale as this little mixed-race Meiwa.

Elena's natural charm combined with her extraordinary eloquence can bring more influence than Dumbledore expected. This little witch needs a non-standard education and a lot of guidance in life.

Therefore, in the six days starting today, Dumbledore will personally teach and supervise the girl in Hogwarts history.

On one hand, as soon as possible, Elena must have the ability to protect herself from danger. On the other hand, he truly fears where the girl will lead to significant things.

If such a huge "surprise" event has to be dealt with every day, Dumbledore expresses serious doubts about whether his heart will be able to bear the end of the semester.

"Calm down, McGonagall. The problem is not significant. Trust me, everything will soon return to normal."

Dumbledore raised his golden goblet towards the melancholic McGonagall by his side and spoke calmly.

However, speaking of...

Is the mutated fish that grows in the Black Lake really so delicious?

Dumbledore's finger tapped thoughtfully on the dinner plate. There was a hint of curiosity in his eyes; the one thing he couldn't quite comprehend in revisiting the conflict between the two houses was the grilled fish portion that caused the entire uproar.

What kind of delectable grilled fish did the first-year students make last night that the older Slytherin students couldn't forget about, even after grabbing the first-year's food, they still had to block the corridor to reject Elena's request for the fish?

Perhaps, when he's free today, he should try catching the same mutated fish in the lake and then let Elena reproduce the magical grilled fish from last night. If it is truly delicious, then it's not impossible for the kitchen to prepare it this way and offer it to the professors and students from time to time.

Dumbledore looked at the unassuming mashed potatoes and fried eggs in front of him and fell into contemplation... He had been eating these things for almost fifty years, and perhaps he should change it up a bit.