Chapter 129 Mrs. Loris

. The breakfast this day lasted longer than ever. Perhaps due to the sudden impact of the owl disaster and the subsequent flexibility of class schedule, according to Cedric, at least the professors extended the breakfast by more than a quarter of an hour.

. Nevertheless, it is a pity that even a quarter of an hour is too much for most of the students to endure the nightmare time. Faced with the lurking owls on the table, the young wizards couldn't even use the banishing spell, after all, at least half of them were owls from the small wizard houses in the same academy.

. So when Professor McGonagall stood up to announce the end of breakfast, most of the young wizards, including Hermione and Hannah, had a look of relief on their faces, and then left the dreadful school hall without hesitation.

. The sounds of [Cleaning Nouveau] and [Clear Water Like Springs] continued to sound. As for the younger students who had not mastered these magical spells, they could only ask for help from the older students passing by, although occasionally one or two spells failed to work.

. In fact, many cleanliness-loving girls could not bear the sky full of bird droppings and feathers. Before the breakfast ended, they left the auditorium halfway and returned to their respective common rooms to bathe and change clothes.

. Of course, there was Elena, the "plump chicken predator," and Hermione and Hannah were completely free from this problem. After carefully avoiding the owl droppings on the floor, the three of them parted ways at the auditorium door.

. "Elena, are you really not coming with us?"

. The little blushing Hannah Loli looked at Elena with eyes, and asked again, somewhat reluctantly.

. "No way. Professor Dumbledore is still waiting for me in the office. Will you help me check my body? Don't you want me to suffer any side effects from a spell?"

. Elena lightly squeezed Hannah's red face and shook her head with a smile.

. Just as they left the auditorium, Dumbledore specially reminded her once using voice magic to wait patiently at the auditorium entrance to take her to the headmaster's office, there is no doubt that the old crabapple has understood the fact that she is silly.

. Snap!

. "Recently, Hermione."

. Turning her head, Elena looked at the still pensive Hermione, snapped her fingers to get the girl's attention, closed the smile on her face, and said solemnly.

. "During the time I am absent, all first-year students will come to you. In fact, you did a good job yesterday. I'm leaving the reserve grain to you. If there's any situation you can't handle, write me a letter immediately."

. "Don't worry, Elena. Just hand it over to me, without mentioning Harry and Draco."

. Upon hearing Elena's words, Hermione blushed slightly and couldn't help but redden a bit. She carefully crossed her arms as if holding a book and carefully wrapped the reserve grain in front of her chest. She nodded very seriously.

. Hermione's serious and cute gaze with her current demeanor is almost as lethal as a meiwa. Elena couldn't help but raise her hand, and was about to tidy up a bit, and suddenly...

. "Miss Elena Caslana, it's time to go. Professor Dumbledore is already waiting for you in the office."

. A hoarse voice was heard from the side of the hallway. A thin, hunched man, about fifty or sixty years old, looked Elena up and down, smiled, and showed some uneven yellow teeth.

. "I think you would never want to try it, right? Hogwarts' punishment for latecomers?"

. Argus Filch, the caretaker of Hogwarts, in other words, is the judge of this magic school. Well, not all caretakers of a magic school are beautiful idols or handsome figures on the campus.

. Filch is a squib, born into a wizarding family but without magic. This situation also somewhat caused his bad attitude and hatred towards the young wizards.

. In fact, before Umbridge came to Hogwarts, all students acknowledged that the most annoying person was the one who lurked around the castle all day thinking of ways to catch the disciplinarian caretaker Filch.

. The only one in the whole school who would be friendly to him. Except for the professors, probably only the cat named Mrs. Lorris, which he takes care of himself, and a thin, dark gray cat that the students called Shadowy. A strange lackey...

. "Well, I didn't pay attention yesterday. This is a Maine Coon! It's beautiful!"

. Following Filch's movement up the Hogwarts stairs and upwards, Elena suddenly lit up, crouched down, and hugged the cat that she didn't know where it came from and ran towards Filch's cat.

. "Hey, girl, I don't know what you're talking about, let go of my Mrs. Lorris!"

. Filch, who was muttering about how to punish those disciplinary students, opened his eyes, turned his head, looked at Elena crouched on the floor, and said angrily.

. "It's rare. Although it's a bit abnormally thin, it's really a Maine Coon. The iconic tabby on the forehead, and the black circles around the eyes and lips. It's very beautiful."

. Ignoring Filch's emotions, Elena gently stroked Mrs. Lorris's forehead, which was stiff in her arms, looked closely, nodded, and exclaimed again.

. In her previous life, she had a cat of this breed, but the Maine Coon, one of the largest domesticated cats in the cat family, rarely looked so thin, so it was not immediately recognized.

. (More Easter eggs about Mrs. Lorris and the HP series, click here to expand)

. "Yes, that's right. Of course, Mrs. Lorris is the most beautiful cat in the world. You don't need to tell me this."

Filch nodded proudly, stooping to snatch his cat back from Elena's arms.

"And many more…"

Elena narrowed her eyes and took a small step back from Filch's hands, frowning at the disdainful expression at the corner of Mrs. Lorris's lips. "Don't tell me, did you really give her milk this morning? Give milk to a cat?!"

"Yes, in my eyes, Mrs. Loris is no different from others. She eats the same things as I do."

As if he had hit a weak spot, Filch yelled, narrowing his eyes threateningly, "Girl, I advise you to release Mrs. Lorris as soon as possible, or I can't guarantee…"

"Argus Filch! Damn it! Fool!"

Elena looked at the skinny Maine cat in her hand, unconsciously raising her voice and roaring angrily with a tone two or three times louder than Filch's.

The girl's voice resounded so loudly that it reached the ears of the students who had not left the hallway below.

They all stuck their heads out and looked up, seeing Elena Caslana holding Mrs. Lorris, whom Filch considered as his life, and reluctantly facing the dreadful and irksome caretaker Filch.

"You, are you alright?"

Terrified by Elena's sudden impulse, Filch violently furrowed his brow, exasperatedly extended his fingers, and tremblingly pointed them at the silver-haired witch in front of him.

For so long, most students had only complained a little behind their backs. Like this, daring to insult their little wizard positively, Argus Filch was the first to witness it.

"What do you mean?! What do you mean?! Why, are you still angry?"

In the expressionless gaze of all the little wizards, Elena Caslana extended her hand, flicked Filch's outstretched fingers, and took a reluctant step forward, evidently just a meter away. The stature of the second person instinctively forced the old man to step back.

"Did you know that cats lack enzymes that digest lactose? And the protein molecules in milk are so large that they cannot be absorbed at all. Once they drink milk, they can easily suffer from lactose intolerance, vomiting or diarrhea. Case in point."

Observing Filch's perplexed face, Elena suddenly realized that this knowledge was too profound for a person in the magical world, and she waved her hand with irritation.

"In other words, if it weren't for the good constitution of your Lady Lolise, I would have almost killed your bastard. This is a Maine cat, regardless of the color of the fur or the shape, it's definitely not what it seems. Please, open your eyes and see what you've done to this little creature!"

You know, the first kitten in Elena's previous life family almost died from drinking milk. Therefore, witnessing this moment again, she felt very emotional.

"However, clearly I followed the book…" Filch couldn't help but shake his lips with a fearful face in the face of Elena's eloquent and well-founded words.

"Nothing, listen! As long as your Mrs. Lorris continues to be a normal cat, not a strange magical animal. Then, even if Mr. Newt Scamander were to say in front of me that it should be fed with cat's milk, I would dare to angrily spit it out."