Chapter 13 This phoenix is truly beautiful

Regarding Dumbledore's response to these three requirements, most did not exceed Elena's expectations.

This is the benefit of knowing the characters well. Unless Dumbledore is an impostor who drank the composed potion, according to Elena's understanding of Dumbledore, most of the needs he raised actually align with the philosophy that Dumbledore has always sought.

Indeed, Dumbledore is perhaps the most enlightened headmaster in Hogwarts history. If Professor McGonagall were in his place, the atmosphere would definitely not be as relaxed and joyful as it is now.

"Next, Miss Caslana."

As Elena began to imagine her magical future career, Dumbledore said with a smile.

"I also have a small request here, I need to have a little talk with you."


The silver-haired half-blood Xiaomeiwa blinked and suddenly had a negative premonition in her heart, like the atmosphere when Benitez caught her after every problem in her childhood.

"That is... may I add one more request, that is, [Professor Dumbledore, could you not make a request of me]?"

Elena weakly raised her hand, rolled her eyes, and took Dumbledore's hand, gracefully swinging it from side to side.

Although she did not know what Dumbledore would say, it was right to object in advance.

"It seems that the owls delivered by Hogwarts have been missing a lot this year. Have you heard about it, Miss Caslana?"

After Dumbledore admired Elena's flirtation, he curved his lips and looked down at the petite silver-haired loli with her slightly twisted nose, asking gently.

"Haha, how could I know? Maybe, they are dehydrated or lost... Well, Professor Dumbledore, what are you asking?"

Elena's sweet smile suddenly stiffened, and she made some awkward forced smiles. Under Dumbledore's silent pressure, she sat on the leather sofa in front of the piano.

"Don't look so serious, it's actually very simple." Seeing the childish Elena, Dumbledore shook his head slightly and said straightforwardly.

"I hope you can guarantee that you will never cast an Unforgivable Curse on anyone, that you will never let greed, hatred, and ambition blind your pure soul, and that you will never abandon Hogwarts and the magical world."


The silver-haired loli looked around instinctively. So solemnly, he was really telling her, a cute and harmless little girl, but it sounded like what he would say to the elder demon.

"But, Professor Dumbledore, you have more than one point." Elena smiled mischievously, trying to change the subject.

"Assure me."

Dumbledore repeated without moving, a pair of bright and penetrating blue eyes firmly fixed on Elena's face.

She had to admit that as the greatest white wizard of the time, when Dumbledore spoke seriously, he certainly commanded respect. At least there was no problem in intimidating a strong loli a bit.

"Well, um, alright. I promise."

After looking at the old man for a few seconds, Elena looked away uncomfortably, arrogantly tapping her foot against the chair leg, nodding and accepting, even if Dumbledore did not mention that she was not interested in dealing with the third Dark Lord.

Upon hearing Elena's response, Dumbledore nodded in satisfaction, adjusted the half-moon glasses on the bridge of his nose, and was about to say something.


The door of the abandoned classroom burst open. A giant over three meters tall leaned in and squeezed in from outside. His face was almost completely covered by long tousled hair and a thick tangled beard. But you could still see his large black eyes shining under his mane of hair.

"Professor Dumbledore, I found you. Harry's birthday is tomorrow, we need to pick him up..."

He said anxiously, his voice booming like thunder. Mid-sentence, he looked at Elena peering over Dumbledore's shoulder and couldn't help but halt his words.

"I am sorry, Professor, I didn't know you had visitors. I'll wait outside."

He said, the giant scratched his embarrassed face, gave a clumsy bow, and prepared to leave.

"It's fine, Hagrid, I just had a rather good conversation with Miss Caslana."

Dumbledore shook his head, signaling Hagrid not to leave, turning to look at Elena, and said with a hint of apology.

"I'm sorry, I have something to discuss with this Mr. Hagrid first. If you don't mind, Elena, you can go to my office and wait for a while, just follow the stairs next to the giant stone statue. You can enjoy snacks, cookies, and drinks in the room at your leisure."

"Can all the food in the room be eaten?" Elena's eyes lit up.

Dumbledore carefully checked, ensuring there were no dangerous magical items in the headmaster's office. He nodded slightly and replied kindly, "Of course."

"Well, you go ahead, I'll go first."

The little silver-haired Lolly looked up and finally gazed at the giant Hagrid who suddenly appeared in an abandoned classroom. Her mind recalled the description of Hagrid in the original book. This might be the most familiar to most Harry Potter fans. One more.

Compared to the image of the actor in the past life movie, Hagrid seems taller, but Elena, knowing the giant's kind heart, feels no fear at all. On the contrary, she dares to stretch her finger as she passes by. The fingers secretly prick Hagrid's forearm, a sensation as hard as rock that almost makes her think she has touched a piece of granite.

"Professor, who is this child?"

Hagrid turned around, looking at Elena leaving the class, asking in confusion.

This is the first time he has encountered this. Not only is she not afraid of him, she even dares to poke fingers at bold children who prick his forearm.

"Elena Caslana, a very special student," Dumbledore also noted Elena's slight movement, shrugging helplessly.

After a pause, Dumbledore looked around and waved his wand to close the door again. He looked at Hagrid seriously and said, "I will not discuss your matter now, not just picking up Harry, I need your help. Help me to go to the Gu Ling Pavilion..."

And at the same time, elsewhere.

Elena walked through the spiral staircase guarded by the gigantic rock monster and approached a slightly glazed oak door in front of her, with a door latch half eagle, half brass lion, she gently pushed the door open and entered.

The room's walls were covered with portraits of former headmasters, men and women, all looking elegant, but perhaps due to Dumbledore's absence, the people in the portraits were either absent or quietly closed their eyes at rest.

As described by Dumbledore, the huge wooden table in the center of the room was filled with food, cookies, sweets, cakes, and other snacks.

As Elena was about to reach out and try [the director's special appetizers], a strange voice suddenly sounded from behind her, as if someone was singing.

Elena turned around and saw a large bright red bird standing on the bird stand behind the door, about the size of a swan, with a long golden tail, long beak and claws, and golden - Dumbledore's pet, Fox the Phoenix.

The phoenix, also known as the bird of immortality, is a magical and immortal bird. The Latin poet Ovid said in the poem: "... but there is an animal that is immortal and reproduces immortal copies in the long years. This is the Assyrian bird called the Phoenix..."

It is a kind of magical creature that is hard to truly die. When its body starts to fail, it will actively enter the fire and be reborn. Theoretically, no matter what kind of damage the body has suffered previously, what kind of attack it has received, or even what part is missing, it will magically regenerate after rebirth.

From the original perspective, Fox the Phoenix is undoubtedly one of the most ideal pets for wizards: its tears can heal, detoxify, and it can carry the weight of several people. Its song is magical, and it can send messages and deliver letters. Using Transfiguration, Dumbledore can also use its power to disappear instantly from the headmaster's office (when the DA is caught by the Ministry of Magic), and even "flash" to help the master withstand fatal damage (directly swallowing Voldemort's life spell Avada Kedavra and resurrecting).

Therefore, in Newt Scamander's classification in "Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them," the Phoenix is classified as a XXXX super advanced magical creature. The reason why it is not included in the fifth level of the MOM classification is simply because the Phoenix is not an animal that kills wizards and Dumbledore has proven to be tamed.

"This phoenix is so beautiful."

Elena stared at the Phoenix's rugged chest with strong wings and instinctively licked her lips:

If she remembers correctly, what Professor Dumbledore said a moment ago was that all the food in the room can be eaten?