Chapter 130 1 Thing 1 Thing

"Mix in some goat milk powder, does the magical world have goats? Or simply feed the water."

"The same as you eat? Do you think you are a cat?! Cats are carnivores, and the source of energy is fat and protein, in other words, cats cannot get energy from the food that people eat, even if they can eat enough. No energy."

"You can give her eggs, but be careful not to give her egg whites with them."

"Pork liver, chicken liver... eating and being able to eat are two different things. Potassium cyanide still tastes like almonds. Feeding the cat internal organs will cause her to lack calcium, which will lead to gait disorders."

"Dried fish? Seaweed? Of course, you can't eat it often. Many minerals in it can cause urethral stones in cats."

"God, what the **** are you thinking. Fortunately, you don't like chocolate, otherwise, maybe I wouldn't see poor Mrs. Lorris..."

Between the floors of Hogwarts Castle, the clear voice of the girl resonated.

Looking for a reason, after snatching Mrs. Loris from Filch's arms, Elena, while happily holding the Maine Coon cat in her hand, spread the scientific common sense of cat breeding to the Hogwarts Commissioner.

As a severe cat-obsessed patient, I don't need Elena to show too much evidence to support it. Filch quickly realized that the silver-haired witch in front of him obviously has much higher knowledge and status than his. As a rank officer, the former administrator can clearly distinguish that Elena's love for Mrs. Lorris has no false elements.

In other aspects, Filch could get angry.

But when it came to Mrs. Lorris, who he considered a loved one and still had feeding problems due to some misunderstandings in his understanding, when sprayed with a star of saliva, Argus Filch, and wiped his face, instead showed a smile around Elena and continued to ask for more knowledge.

In addition, from Elena's many careless answers, Filch has almost confirmed her experience in feeding, for example, before, he had always thought that the reason why Mrs. Lorris had diarrhea every day was those hateful students.

Indeed, Filch knew very well that if it weren't for the excellent medical spell of Mrs. Pomfrey, his Mrs. Lolise might have disappeared long ago.

A serious look was on his face, and he almost pulled out Argus Filch, who took notes directly, and Elena secretly raised her lips, the plan passed.

Whether she wants to search for food in Hogwarts Castle, or loot other common rooms every three weeks, or even have midnight strolls and barbecue stalls in the castle, the first thing Elena must face is the ubiquitous-style commissioner, Mr. Filch.

As a mute cannon that cannot perform magic, besides magic, the solitary Filch does not need the help and compassion of other wizards from above, but an object of communication that can resonate with him on certain things.

There is no doubt that Mrs. Lorris is the best communication bridge.

If she can help Filch fatten up this skinny and skinny cat, Elena feels like she can balance a bonfire in the highest observatory of Hogwarts without even using an invisibility cloak to warm up all kinds of cold animals and plants.

Of course, the only problem that currently appears is...

"Mr. Filch, shall we cross the intersection ahead?"

Elena frowned and said in confusion.

"Eh? Um... Miss Caslana, you probably read it wrong. You know, many scenes at Hogwarts look a bit similar."

The smile on Filch's face twitched, he coughed a little embarrassedly, trying to keep calm: Professor Dumbledore didn't say that the child couldn't remember the way.

"However, as far as I understand, we should have reached the first floor long ago."

Obviously, in order to extend the time he can communicate with Elena as much as possible, the administrator, who serves as Elena's guide, has planned a quite remote sightseeing route based on his knowledge of the castle.

Elena sighed and continued like this. God knows if the old spicy radish will play with the question. I don't know why. The ominous premonition in her heart becomes more evident as time goes on.

Turning around, the girl looked at Filch's style and said seriously.

"Mr. Filch, you don't have to worry. I will study here for seven years. So, wait until I'm free. I will go to the office on the first floor to look for you. You should also take this time to tell me about Mrs. Lorris's situation and the feeding confusions, I will answer them together again at that time. How about it?"

As she spoke, the silver-haired girl moved her hair, hugged the cat in her arms, and moved on.

"You're right, that's fine..."

An artificial flash on Filch's face pierced his mind, scratching his thin hair, smiling maliciously and leaning back, "Cough, don't go any further. Go this way, our previous direction got reversed."


After receiving the promise from Elena, Filch did not delay the time, and quickly took the girl through the various hidden passages in the castle. By this time, Elena discovered that they had been between the second and third floors before.

Before a certain fanatical path rememberer remembered the specific way, almost blinking, Elena found herself on the eighth floor of the castle, not far from the stone statue of the monster in front of the headmaster's office.

"Honey candy of Zhizi."

Filch cleared his throat and clearly stated the order, moving the stone statue aside, revealing the hidden passage behind the wall.

"Here, inside is the headmaster's office. I still have to clean up the debris downstairs."

As he said, Filch approached and took Mrs. Loris from Elena, watching the work that awaited him, his face showing a sullen look. "If I knew who was to blame, I swear I would rip their guts out and wrap them around your neck, and then hang them in the dungeon. Anyway, Mrs. Pomfrey is here, as long as she doesn't die."

! ! ! Σ (° △ ° |||) ︴

Elena, who was reluctantly patting Mrs. Loris on the head, shook her arms, halting them in midair.

"Oh, don't worry. Don't be scared. I've heard that you're a good lad. Thanks to the persuasion from students on both sides, you prevented this group of lunatics from continuing to fight."

Filch and Yan Yue gazed at Elena, revealing yellowed teeth, barely managing to muster a smile.

"Yes... indeed ~ ~ It should be so, it should, it's a piece of cake."

Elena swallowed hard, turned, and swiftly ran down the hallway, banging on the door.

The door immediately swung open, and Dumbledore smiled at Elena.

"Ah, I've been waiting for you for quite some time... Did I hear correctly that someone had a fair and just game in the auditorium this morning?"

"I'm sorry, I made a mistake!"

Without hesitation, Elena spun around and bolted. ∑ ( ̄ □  ̄ ||| ━━ ~~~~~

"Ah." Dumbledore shook his head with a gentle smile, and the wand in his hand moved slightly forward.

"All... Petrochemistry." (→? →) つ — ☆