Chapter 131 A Place From Which One Can Never Escape

Is this trick again?

Almost the moment Dumbledore's voice sounded, Elena seemed to have anticipated it, as she lay on the ground without moving, successfully evading the petrifying curse that passed over her head.

Since the failure in the Slytherin common room a month ago, Elena has been simulating in her mind the emergency plan after numerous setbacks. In the snakes and badgers competition in the morning, she gained some practical experience.

"The same moves won't work for me! And neither will they for you!"

Elena quickly got up from the ground, turned around, and swiftly aimed her wand at the somewhat surprised Dumbledore, flicking her wrist, and said loudly without any signs of weakness.

"Petrificus Totalus!"


Dumbledore raised his eyebrows and waved his wand at random. A transparent shield appeared in front of him instantly, easily resisting whatever she was aiming at him.

He saw Elena draw her wand and cast the spell, and ran without looking back, seeing that she had almost disappeared at the end of the stairs.

No matter how many titles or a few cuts she has, there are quite a few unique Meiwa mixes. She did not think her small and pitiful magic could affect Dumbledore.

After all, she is full of money and has not been in contact with magical spells for less than three days. Being able to master a fluorescent flash through self-study already makes her a genius girl.

Sophisticated spells such as petrifying spells, even their pronunciation is based on the previous life, so she can barely imitate Dumbledore's emphasis, to briefly delay time with tricks.

And stay still and catch her? That is even more impossible.

Elena does not believe that the old-fashioned thinker could understand her good intentions of eliminating disputes between houses, the consciousness of the world, truly trying to eliminate contradictions as much as possible, just to actively march Marcus and Sai Derek renewed a fair confrontation between men.

Only God knows where the old and pungent radish heard this accusation, she does not want to be beaten again right after school.

"Think about it, judging by the group fights in the two schools this morning, Hogwarts' campus surveillance system is not completely covered. Even the headmaster cannot completely control all the conditions in this school. This is also not described in the original book. It has been verified in the later argument."

Compared to those who boast about Dumbledore's omnipotence irrationally, in the eyes of true fans, the period when Dumbledore truly controlled the situation was only the first year of the Harry Potter Philosopher's Stone event.

Whether it's the accidental release of the basilisk, or the secret of Sirius's escape; whether it's Voldemort's resurgence, or the subsequent release by the Ministry of Magic; even the curse on the resurrection stone led him to have to gather prematurely. Clearly, none of Dumbledore's pre-established plans was for death.

In fact, in Elena's opinion, Dumbledore's wisdom is more evident in responding to emergencies and preparing an endless stream of followers, as much as possible to improve the failure tolerance rate and the possibility of success to guide the trend of important events' development.

Elena looked back, she could no longer see the light in Dumbledore's office, nor hear his footsteps. Her heart relaxed slightly. According to her speculation, just by leaving the headmaster's office, she would have at least half the certainty of reaching the highest level of hiding: I don't know where I hide.

Either way, she lay naked on Hermione's bed in the Gryffindor girls' dormitory. Anyway, this morning, Hermione had told her the password to the Gryffindor common room.

Elena did not believe that Dumbledore was so old and ran the risk of being unsure at night. She shamelessly entered the girls' dormitory and woke up a poor, defenseless, weak first-year girl.

She looked at the light ahead of her, Elena triumphant, and her pace quickened a little. There is no need for mental calculations, and victory is a sure thing.

"Hmm, old radish, it's magical. It's not the same as what made me run away..."

"Yes, magic is truly amazing."

A familiar voice sounded not far ahead of Elena.


Elena looked up at the sound and looked around, her delicate face couldn't help but be perplexed.

It wasn't the eighth-floor corridor of the castle she had imagined, but another warm and square room she had just left, the headmaster's office at Hogwarts.

The walls on both sides were covered with portraits of former Hogwarts headmasters, men and women, and many people opened their eyes, whispering as they admired Elena's bewildered expression with interest, discussing something.

Directly in front of Elena, Dumbledore stood still as if he hadn't moved a step.


Elena swallowed and a stubborn expression appeared on her face. Before Dumbledore spoke, she turned around and crossed the wooden door of the office, running out again.

She ran down the stone stairs outside the headmaster's office, looked up, and the cursed Dumbledore was still there.

She turned, left, looked up, and returned to the beginning.

No matter how hard Elena tried, she seemed to be trapped in the legendary phantom wall, unable to leave the headmaster's office through the passage. Why...?

Elena asked, panting with her hands on her knees.

Throughout the process, she did not perceive any magical signals. Regarding the magic mirror or something like that, she had already tried it. She always returned to the same starting point.

"The stairs of Hogwarts will change, I think you should have known this for a long time. And this is just a trivial use of magic. No matter how many times you try, the result will always be to return to this room. If you want to learn, I can teach you later."

The old man rubbed his wand on his hand, looked at it with a smile, and responded in an enigmatic manner.

Indeed, it was not a dimensional door unfolding, nor did it represent black magic technology like relative cosmic coordinates.

Stairs that change? No matter where you start, you always return to the original point?

The girl looked thoughtfully back, then back to Dumbledore in front of her again, and carefully recalled the whole experience. A familiar name suddenly crossed her mind. Elena swallowed and slowly shook her head.

"It's not just about magic, it's mathematics! If I guess correctly, Professor Dumbledore, are you creating a magical version of the Möbius strip on the stairs in front of the headmaster's office?"