Chapter 132 The Decision Of Dumbledore

"What is a Mobius ring? What is that?"

He looked at the silver-haired witch with the expression of "I have seen the truth" in front of him, and Dumbledore, who was about to say something, couldn't help but ask with curiosity.

Carefully observing Dumbledore's expression, and after confirming that it was not a fraud, a smile appeared in Elena's eyes.

Don't you understand?

That's right, of course, if you don't understand, you are correct!

If Dumbledore were to complete the transfer of the wizard to the Olympic, then the course of Hogwarts would not be as it is now. A mere chicken and rabbit in the same cage wouldn't save the little Ravenk Law wizard who was outside the door.

Since he can use the Liqun p e8) proposed more than a hundred years ago to resist Dumbledore's telepathy, then using the Mobius ring, also from more than a hundred years ago, to distract the old man, is naturally more practical.

You know, as one of the important basic theorems of geometric topology formed in the 19th century, the "Mobius Ring" known as the magical phenomenon of the real world is comparable to the dark Li Qun e8 in the way of expression of more people.

As Socrates once said, mathematics can guide the soul to truth.

And what Elena needs to do now is to direct Dumbledore's attention from trivial student fights towards the truth of the world with endless temptations.

"Perhaps you are somewhat unfamiliar with this name, but after hearing my explanation, you will find... Um..."

Elena cleared her throat, smiled sweetly, and said with a light expression, her exquisite face exuding a pitiful atmosphere.

Before she finished, she saw Dumbledore's wand suddenly light up.

【Closed without saying a word! (Oscausi)!】

An indescribable magical mosaic immediately sealed Elena's lips like a ribbon, blocking the rest of her rear, leaving only a moan of unknown meaning.

"Oh, dear Miss Caslana. We can discuss this matter next time."

In Dumbledore's long experience, the number of sophistic elocutions and deceptive skills that can compete with Elena will never exceed five. If the blessings of the little girl's Meiwa bloodline are counted, then Elena, who is only ten years old, may already be among the top three.

According to the old man's experience, the most sensible way is to try not to give the other person the opportunity to speak, otherwise, the topic will easily veer to strange places.

"Hmm? Uh, uh, uh?"

Elena's eyes widened for a moment, staring at the old wizard in front of her incredulously.

This seems not to be the same as the script she imagined, anyway, give her a chance to show mathematics and Muggle logic?

This is like playing Werewolf to kill, full of reasoning before it's too late to talk, the werewolf directly exposes its identity in the uncomfortable night. Obviously, this deceitful way succeeded once the last time. Moreover, in Elena's eyes, Dumbledore's expression before was clearly of interest. Did the situation change suddenly this time?

As if having heard Elena's voice, Dumbledore mischievously blinked, imitating the tone of a little white-haired girl from minutes ago. "What do you say? The same move, it doesn't work for me."

"Uh, uh, uh! Uh, uh, uh!"

Looking at the annoyed face in front of her, the forbidden Elena uttered a series of complaints, and sat on the small sofa in Dumbledore's office.

She couldn't escape, couldn't win, reinforcements wouldn't come to rescue her, the only possibility to turn the tables was blocked...

Most importantly, this annoying and witty old turnip is mocking her!

As a highly respected headmaster, Dumbledore actively mocked!

If it weren't for considering that the gap in strength between the two sides was too great, all her physical attacks could lead to countermeasures of strange magical spells, and Elena even intended to break the vase and throw it directly to bite.

"So, what did Miss Gray really hear? Is she instigating Marcus Flint and Cedric Diggory, and privately agreeing to a group fight between the two academies?"

Dumbledore looked at the silent little Loli who suddenly nodded, and the last hope in his heart finally disappeared. Originally, he hoped that Miss Gray had only heard a part of the content and had misunderstood...

Miss Gray? The ghost of Ravenclaw's hospital, the former Miss Helena Ravenclaw?

He was still pondering who was telling Dumbledore secrets about Elena, a flash of light shone in his eyes. It seemed that Helena, who had just passed by, had overheard the morning conversation in front of the auditorium. Unexpectedly, the ghosts also have the habit of gossiping.

Perhaps after a while, she would need to take the mathematics book to the door of Ravenclaw's common room to help the bronze eagle ring to update the question bank, like cows grazing, fetching water, and flying between the two trains. Flying owl...

After all, if you always have monotonous chickens and rabbits in the same cage, you can't underestimate the intelligent and curious Ravenclaws.

Amidst Elena's thoughts, Dumbledore, who was standing in the center of the office, took a deep breath and looked at her with a headache, shrinking into the sofa, as if he was wandering in a daze for infringing discipline (Deng Brido's perspective).

"Ah, mortgaging schools, threatening branch hats, physical training, looting the kitchen, fishing blackfish, university gang fights..."

The old man sighed deeply, ticking them off with his fingers one by one, and there was a sense of fatigue in his voice.

Since the first owl of the school that sent the opening notice this year disappeared mysteriously, Dumbledore feels that the stable world he knows has gone. Dumbledore discovered that he has sighed anxiously more times in these months than in the combined previous decades.

Dumbledore looked at the culprit who caused all this and fell silent. When Elena sensed that the atmosphere was amiss and thought the old man was about to explode, she tensed unconsciously and was ready to escape.

He saw Dumbledore weakly waving his hands, lifting the banal spell cast upon Elena, walking towards the sofa, slowly crouching down, heaving another sigh, and reaching out to touch the girl's head.

"I'm sorry, Elena, I need to give you an explanation," said Dumbledore. "To explain a mistake made by an older person. I want to understand now, all my concerns, and I've been trying to instill in you ideas different from those of children showing signs of aging."

"People always fear the uncontrollable future. But if as an educator you feel resistance and panic due to the child's talent surpassing yours, then the sin will be greater... And I seem to have been deliberately avoiding this issue since..."

The rising sun slowly ascended, and the light shone through the window onto Dumbledore, on his silver eyebrows and beard, and spilled onto the deep wrinkles of his face.

"I've decided, I will personally teach you everything related to magic and this world."

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