Chapter 133 The Main Question Of Elena

The so-called education system means that one person influences another. This influence is comprehensive and profound. The knowledge and achievements from books are just a very important part of it.

The true educational achievements tend to be the things that need to be left behind after a person forgets everything learned in school.

At this point, it was only after Dumbledore had been teaching the students for more than ten years that he gradually realized.

"Did you teach me magic yourself? Seriously?" Elena lifted her head suspiciously.

If we say that the only level of strength in the magical world today, Dumbledore's identity as the first person to speak about the level of magic teaching will be questioned to some extent.

Well, no one can assume this title except Albus Dumbledore, the first person to speak about the level of teaching magic today.

However, considering the close connection of the two consecutive Dark Lords with Dumbledore, and Elena, she is really a bit perspicacious for **the great cake that dissolved in the Soviet Union.

Therefore, Elena could understand quite well the precautions and reservations that Dumbledore had shown her before.

After all, Dumbledore's body and energy are not as good as before. Even in the face of a weak, defenseless, and very cute meal like her, the old man will be worried, in case an even more terrible demon is raised again. Then he probably really became the sinner of the entire magical world.

Confirming that Dumbledore's expression was not a joke, Elena's angry look instantly disappeared.

Although I don't know why Dumbledore suddenly understood it, for her, as long as she can learn magic in advance, that's good news.

After experiencing a confrontation in the morning, Elena especially hopes to master some simple spells as soon as possible, so that at least she does not have to fight like a crazy warrior when in danger.

"Spicy... Oh no, Professor Dumbledore, you said it before."

Elena can't wait to take out her wand and hold it in her hand, looking at Dumbledore with bright eyes.

"Where do we start learning, magic or transformation?"

As far as she knew, Dumbledore had been the professor for the Defense Against the Dark Arts class and the Transfiguration class for a long time before taking on the role of the headmaster, and these two contents were also the most direct manifestations of magic.

"Not yet."

Dumbledore shrugged and waited a little before Elena asked questions, taking the initiative to continue.

"In fact, according to my original plan, I wanted to use this period of time for you to learn how to protect yourself as much as possible under various magical spell attacks."

"Indeed, as for how to deal with evil curses, I helped you choose a special teacher. In my opinion, he is a better candidate than me. But if he is willing and the specific way of follow-up, you need to wait for Fox to return to understand it."

Huh? A new teacher?

Elena's smile narrowed slightly as she looked around.

In fact, since she entered the office today, she had never seen Fox's figure. Did she send the letter?

But... are there really more suitable professionals than Dumbledore to fight evil curses?

Elena frowned, carefully recalling that the original plot had begun to blur a little, and a strong displeasure appeared on her face.

According to this criterion, the qualified candidates in the Phoenix Society seem to be only "The Mad-Eye Moody" with his own perspective function. The whole world is before him. Uncle Auror in 4K high definition without a code.

If you want to rank magical artifacts in the world of Harry Potter, Moody's magical eye from the invisibility cloak, which can see through one of the three Deathly Hallows, can definitely be ranked in the top ten positions.

Elena has no doubts about Moody's magical strength. After all, in terms of raw power, the magical showdown experienced by Moody as the frontline of the magical world is not necessarily much worse than that of Dumbledore.

Simply, Elena was uncomfortable with the idea of having to be under the gaze of that guy for a long time.

"Can you change it, Professor Dumbledore? In my eyes, there is no wizard more suitable than you."

The girl looked at Dumbledore with a smile, stood up, grabbed the old man's arm with both hands, and performed her secret technique: Meng Meng passed the level and rushed in!


Dumbledore looked at Elena with a resentful expression, unconsciously moving his arm, um, without moving it.

Since he became the headmaster of Hogwarts, there has never been such a brave little wizard who directly held his arms and flirted with him.

Although he has always been recognized as the most popular headmaster, most students generally do not dare to take the initiative to speak with him.

And such a relaxed scene of chatting with students alone, in Dumbledore's memory, seems to have been many, many years ago when he was still serving as a teacher at the school.

To be precise, the current scene is slightly different from chatting with students at that time, as if it were...

Thinking, Dumbledore's eyes gently looked at the white ball of hair hanging from his arm and stroked her hair with help.

"If the gentleman refuses, then naturally I will teach you."

"Oh, alright. But, what am I thinking now, are you in a trance?"

After receiving Dumbledore's promise, seeing that there was no way to make further progress, Elena frowned.

"Of course not. While we wait for an echo, we can still do something meaningful."

Dumbledore smiled slightly and pointed to the wooden desk at the end of the room. The desk and the floor were filled with various envelopes.

"Look, you can help me write a letter!" Dumbledore blinked and said cheerfully to Elena, as if it were a fun activity.

"Professor Dumbledore, Father Benitez taught me from a young age to do things on my own. Also, there are many wrongdoers in the magical world who could put strange objects or spells on the envelope, so..."

She glanced at the stack of envelopes that were taller than hers. Elena looked carefully at the gentle old man and said seriously.

"You're right, so I would like to change it. Reading Due to Miss Caslana's disciplinary violations in the auditorium this morning, your confinement time will start from now, and the content of the confinement will be transcribing envelopes."

Dumbledore nodded in agreement, as if he was already prepared, skillfully moved his head and replied.

"Of course, you don't have to worry, I will write and review the content of the letter separately, all you need to do is simply copy the address and the corresponding recipient."

"No, no, no matter what you say, Professor Dumbledore, this won't work. Private letters are very important privacy. No matter what you say, I won't touch other people's letters, it's a matter of principle."

Elena waved her hand and stepped back quickly, firmly refusing to say, "Although I am not older, I am actually quite principled..."


Perhaps the range of movement was too large. A thick parchment envelope fell from Elena, and the two people coincidentally looked at the ground. They saw a line on the envelope.

[Hogwarts, School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Albus Dumbledore (confidential)]

"Quite principled...?"

Dumbledore blinked and looked at the young girl in front of him with a smile.

Dumbledore: →_→

Elena: ╭(°A°`)╮