Chapter 134 Phoenix Missing

In the Hogwarts Farm Forest.

"All, maintain the magical posture, lift your head and stand up, and keep your feet together!"

"Very well, that's it, we will rest for another quarter of an hour."

"To defend our rights, Elena is still reviewing her body in the headmaster's office, but after a little fatigue, they start to cry, don't they feel ashamed?"

Hermione and Hannah faced all the young wizards side by side, standing in the front row, leading the various actions of the "magic gesture" that Elena mentioned yesterday, while observing sternly from side to side among the young wizards.

"Harry, do you know what stimulated Granger and how she feels fiercer than Elena's head?" Draco Malfoy whispered as he touched his little companion beside him.

"How am I supposed to know, not just Hermione, do you think Hannah is also abnormal?" Noticing the gaze in front of him sliding, Harry quickly straightened his posture and whispered with a furrowed brow.

As soon as the training began this morning, Hannah brought a group of new Hufflepuff students to "educate" all the unruly wizards who did not obey the accommodation, arriving with Elena on the Hogwarts Express. This kind of "education" is exactly the same.

Even Ron, who was once one of the "Eight of the Phoenix", was personally beaten by Hermione and Hannah for questioning the intensity of the training.

"Hannah, I'm not surprised, Harry, you haven't seen it. How terrible is Hufflepuff with Elena's head..." Draco Malfoy, with a slightly swollen forehead, said with a complicated expression.

As part of the first group of fallen Slytherin warriors, he was naturally also included in the sequence of young wizards who defended the common room, and was the bravest group after all, from the "corpse" position, almost breaking into the Hufflepuff camp.

After the active resolution of Hufflepuff, many senior sisters of Slytherin owed him a lot, and even the Slytherin captain, Marcus, who had never looked at him, took the initiative. He patted him on the shoulder.

It goes without saying that Draco understood the reason why Elena stunned him a little, so that, win or lose, he would not be excluded from Slytherin Academy.

"I've heard something. It is said that Marcus from your house and Cedric from Hufflepuff wanted to confess to the elder sister at the same time, and then fought directly. Is this really true?" Harry's lips moved impatiently, eager to get more detailed information from Draco's mouth.

"Of course not, the elder sister is because of my fault..." Draco Malfoy shook his head, his voice unconsciously increased a bit, and said with quite a guilt.

In an instant, two sharp looks met between Draco Malfoy and Harry Potter from the front.

"Draco, Harry, stop whispering!" x2

The voices of Hermione and Hannah immediately passed.

The two little ones whispering trembled, closed their mouths, and stood up properly.

"Cut." In the distance, Ron, who had just heard the conversation between the two, let out a chuckle, "Malfoy, you're daydreaming again in broad daylight, how could your sister's head be because of your fault..."

"Ron!" Hermione frowned disapprovingly and snorted coldly.

For a moment, everyone fell silent.

Watching the little wizards in front of them, Hermione and Hannah exchanged a weary look. They began to understand the responsibility and pressure of Elena, who was in that position. When your words and actions can influence and guide a large group of people, you must strive to be convincing.

Outside the crowd, the tall and burly Hagrid watched the group of first-year students, more obedient than yesterday, rubbing his palms awkwardly. Suddenly, he felt that his existence seemed only to serve to solve the food problem.

The giant thought for a moment, and quietly returned to his cabin, placed the large net on the roof and hoisted it onto his shoulders, put the stale bread used to feed the mutant fish in his arms, and took steps towards the dark and shining lake step by step...

After all, everyone is working hard, and as a tutor, he cannot stand idly by.

"I don't know what happened to Elena, but it's just a magical confrontation between a group of students. How could she be so badly injured? But since Professor Dumbledore is in charge of the examination and treatment, she should be fine thinking about it."


"Professor, could your phoenix have gone missing? Or could it have been captured halfway by some evil wizard?"

Time passed like a snail, and Elena felt as if she had returned to the last day before the start of each summer vacation in her previous life.

The letter addressed to the Lovegood family had been secretly mixed into the pile of letters about to be sent, and the anticipation of the next Lovegood family event gradually faded over time.

Elena shook her sore hand. She felt like she had been writing for at least two hours. However, the owl letters kept coming continuously, and the letters in the office showed almost no signs of decreasing. Even if the person Professor Dumbledore had invited did not live in the UK, they should be returning flying at phoenix speed by now.

"Rest assured, the phoenix is a magical creature with extraordinary magical power. They can bravely and selflessly dedicate themselves, and they can also wisely avoid various potential dangers."

Dumbledore, who was solemnly responding to the letter, put down his pen, shook his head, and said with a smile.

In their family, there is an ancient legend. Long ago, a wizard ancestor of the Dumbledore family had made a contract with a phoenix, and every time a descendant of the family needed help, the phoenix appeared by their side. Unless the Dumbledore Phoenix died, it would not leave easily.

For decades, even in the most dangerous and turbulent form of the magical world, Phoenix Fox has faithfully completed all warning and communication tasks.

"Well, I think this is a difficult choice. After all, out of the three things your new professor hates the most, one of them is a child, and the other is being a teacher," thought Dumbledore, and added in a less firm tone, "However, I believe that if it were my request, he should have accepted."

"Actually, I hope he refuses," Elena stood up, moved her sore shoulders, looked around the office, paused, and asked with some embarrassment, "By the way, Professor, do you know where the nearest bathroom is? How do I get there? Don't worry, I won't run away."

"Don't go too far, it's in the attic next to the dormitory," Dumbledore pointed to the wooden staircase behind the office, next to a bunch of bookshelves.

Similar to Professor McGonagall's office, Dumbledore's room is also connected to the office, and there is no separate living room in the castle.

"Well, thank you."

As Elena climbed the stairs and her figure disappeared on the first floor of the office, a flame of light silently appeared before Dumbledore's eyes.

Phoenix Fox carefully looked around, blinking with its bright eyes, and handed a letter to the elder.


Footsteps were heard on the wooden staircase.

The eyes of a beautiful and fiery red bird opened and it quickly took a few sips of water next to the lectern. Then, with a crackling sound, Dumbledore's eccentric expression disappeared again into the room.