Chapter 135 Newmontgard Castle

Unexpected, is it for that reason?

Dumbledore rubbed his eyebrows feeling quite helpless. If he had time later, he would do his utmost to resolve the misunderstanding between Fox and Elena. It's not always the best way to proceed in this manner.

Moreover, according to his knowledge, in many ancient legends of the magical world, many wizards speculate that there is a kind of mysterious blood relationship between the Phoenix and Meiwa, which can transform into a firebird.

The old man lifted his head and looked at the exquisite little mixed-breed Meiwa bird, thinking that perhaps he should give every person and every bird the chance to get along in the future. After all, from the viewpoint of the girl getting along with her little pet, Elena is not the kind of girl who hates and fears magical animals.

"Professor Dumbledore, do I have something dirty on my face?"

Elena twisted her head in confusion and leaned against the wooden spiral staircase to look at Dumbledore. Her long, soft silver hair hung over her shoulder. The sudden cute appearance made Dumbledore realize for the first time that Bulgarian wizards would be delighted to have the baby as their national pet.

"Cough. Nothing, just the letter has arrived."

It was only a brief trance of less than two seconds. Dumbledore quickly recovered and opened the letter in his hand and skimmed through it. The corner of his mouth lifted, and he smiled. "It's good news. The temporary professor I helped you get has accepted, we are ready to depart."

"Oh." Elena frowned disinterestedly, paused for a moment, and then sharply lifted her head. "Departure? Where are we going? I thought you were going to teach me magic at Hogwarts."

"Austria, Newmontgard Castle, you have been there before. Of course, this time it is possible that you may have to stay at least four or five days. I am thinking, in this case, two sets of clothing, hand items, crucibles, and scales... of course, we also need to bring certain basic textbooks."

Dumbledore smiled naturally, his index finger gently tapping the letter paper in his hand, and began to recite various elements quietly, listening to the meaning of the elder's words, it seemed that Elena would spend some time in that place at least.

Austria, Newmontgard Castle?

"Wait a moment..."

A name suddenly popped into Elena's mind. The girl took a breath and slowly, contemplatively, with a strong tone of disbelief, said, "Are you not joking? My school explains how there are so many teachers and staff..."

"First-year wizards are weak against magical spells, and at Hogwarts, it is not uncommon for them to be injured and hospitalized right after starting classes. Of course, your friends will also have teachers explaining to them."

Dumbledore shrugged and said casually, as the headmaster of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, it was too simple to let a student disappear for a reasonable period of time.

"The important thing now is your attitude."

He paused, the elder's blue eyes looked at Elena through the half-moon spectacles, fell on the delicate face of the girl, and said softly, "Of course, you can refuse if you don't want to."

"How could I refuse?"

Elena looked down at the back of her soft left hand, clenched her fist, and jumped up and down the wooden steps to the door. "I'll go get my luggage."

Finally, Elena opened the wooden door of her office and ran out happily.

"This girl... Hey, I don't know if I did the right thing. What do you say, Fox?"

The elder shook his head with a smile, turned to look at the fire that had reappeared next to him, and asked seriously as if talking to a friend.

Fox emitted a soft chirp and landed on Dumbledore's shoulder, placing its beautiful head on the elder's cheek, as warm as the sun, exhaling a comforting breath.

"Thank you, Fox." Dumbledore caressed this beautiful creature that had been with him for almost fifty years. He was about to say something, and suddenly felt the bird's soft body had suddenly stiffened.


The director's office door, which had just closed, opened again.

"Professor Dumbledore, could you take me to the Hufflepuff common room?"

Elena's head peeked from outside the door, with a somewhat embarrassed but not impolite smile, and looked over the elder's shoulder at a beautiful crimson bird, and greeted friendly, "Hello, Fox, it's a pleasure to see you again."

Upon hearing Elena's voice, Fox turned its head and looked deeply at the silver-haired witch who appeared in the office.

Without waiting for Dumbledore to speak, Phoenix emitted a sweet chirp, transforming into a golden-red fire without hesitation, and disappeared into the office again.

"It seems that maybe we will have to change the way to Newmontgard Castle." Dumbledore sighed helplessly, and after seeing off Elena, he needed to communicate with Fox.


Austria, Newmontgard Castle

Surrounded by layers of snowy mountains, a cold, dark, and distant castle stands on the top of a mountain cliff, and an exceptionally tall tower is built near the cliff.

A circle of high walls surrounds the castle, blocking the possibility for most people to climb.

"Just like at Hogwarts, there is magic around Newmontgard Castle to prevent the migration of spirits, so from here we will have to walk."

Dumbledore walked with Elena along the steep path, and temporarily took charge of the luggage with magic.

Due to the attack of the Phoenix, Fox, Dumbledore could only take Elena halfway up the mountain, but fortunately, the distance to the castle was not too far.

"Speaking of which, Professor Dumbledore, why have we not seen a guard on the way?"

Last time, they both landed directly in the tower, relying on the magical power of the Phoenix. So strictly speaking, this is the first time Elena completely observes the entire Newmontgard Castle.

Judging by the rugged, overgrown path and obvious signs of being washed by the rain, it seems that this place has been abandoned for a long time.

"Newmontgarde is different from Azkaban in that protective spells can be activated automatically without the need for human guardians. Furthermore, no one can remove themselves from here unless they so desire."

Dumbledore walked briskly at the front, his wand moving deftly in the air from time to time. Obviously, he was not as unprotected as he seemed.

Elena blinked and couldn't help but ask boldly and curiously, "Professor Dumbledore, what happened that year? Did you really defeat Grindelwald? Why did you comply with what he wanted? Was it voluntary imprisonment in this place?"

"It's just a normal duel between wizards. You'll know later. I've said it, and I'll tell you when you graduate."

Dumbledore glanced at the curious young woman who kept asking along the way, and subtly answered all of Elena's questions.

"Ah, here it is."

Dumbledore suddenly stopped about ten meters from the castle, causing Elena, who was following him, to halt her steps and accidentally bump into the old man's back.

"Huh? But isn't it so far? Is it possible that the castle moved by itself?" Elena looked puzzled at the distance, rubbed her forehead, and asked curiously.

"In a sense, you are right. From here to the gate, there are levels set by the European Ministry of Magic. Once someone steps on it, it will trigger the alarm at the department. As for another way in..."

A complex look crossed Dumbledore's eyes. He raised his wand and traced a complex path in the air. Suddenly, the entrance to the castle, which was over a dozen meters away, quickly moved closer to the people.

Just above the entrance to Newmontgarde Castle was engraved Grindelwald's famous phrase: "For the greater good."

It is precisely this phrase that divides all people in the magical world into two factions, and the battle has been fought for several years. However, to this day, almost no one in the world knows that there is actually a complete text of this motto that has been considered a norm of life by countless Grindelwald sympathizers.

A section written by him, the director of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, the patron of the magical world, Albus Dumbledore, first wrote the inflammatory opinion in Grindelwald's letter.

That's why every time Dumbledore arrives at Newmontgarde Castle, intentionally or unintentionally, he avoids the gate.

"I'm sorry..." Dumbledore's eyes showed a trace of guilt and discomfort, he gently caressed the stone wall and whispered.

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