Chapter 137 Ggad

"The future? Last month, you didn't have such a good opinion of her. Could it be that something happened? I suppose she secretly sold the Dumbledore family's property? It's like selling Hogwarts."

He looked at Dumbledore with a serious expression. Gellert Grindelwald reached out and covered the thin blanket over the bedridden knees. His tone was full of boastfulness.

"That's not true. Besides, Hogwarts wasn't sold. It was only mortgaged and redeemed after the deadline was beat." Dumbledore shook his head, correcting him with utmost seriousness.

"Alright, if you say so."

As a expelled student from the Demstrand School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Grindelwald's views on the so-called School of Witchcraft and Wizardry are quite different from Dumbledore's.

Therefore, even upon learning about Elena's mortgage on Hogwarts, his response was much calmer and colder than Dumbledore's. After all, when he was at the height of his power, even if he fired to destroy a Muggle city, it was no big deal.

Whether it's the Gu Ling Pavilion contract or any kind of currency exchange, in Grindelwald's view, they are trivial commercial tricks. Faced with absolute powerful force and the vast world, it's just ingenious nonsense; when he swept the entire wizarding world, wealth, as useful as it is, in Grindelwald's eyes, made no difference from roadside stones.

If it weren't for this damned brat with messy white hair, he wouldn't have to debate him [the hypothetical deduction of the war between the non-magical and magical world], then he wouldn't bother to help Dumbledore sign the "unbreakable oath".

From this month, whenever he thinks of this kid's face, Grindelwald feels a tightness in his chest.

In his impression, not even the toughest international magical authority is so careful about some details, every oath and every paragraph, as long as you're not careful, there must be a trap waiting for him and for Dumbledore.

"In short, take her. You can teach your own students; I've done enough." Grindelwald waved his hand and said firmly.

"Are you sure? This girl's magical talent is not inferior to her eloquence and wit."

Dumbledore smiled slightly, as if not seeing the resistance in Grindelwald's face, and slowly took the old wooden chair in the room to sit down. "She's only ten years old now, and has to wait until this year's September. She'll only be eleven after the 25th, but her magical power is comparable to that of a 15 or 16-year-old, even better than ours. And it only took her half a day without any exposure to magic to teach herself to master a complete light spell, to the level of textbooks!"

As a "friend" who has known most of his life, just like Grindelwald's understanding of Dumbledore, Dumbledore, who was good at understanding people's hearts, could not understand Grindelwald's preferences and interests.

Although Grindelwald has always been very self-centered, he has little interest and patience for those beneath him.

But he greatly appreciates those who are talented, full of talent and wisdom, and is very interested in establishing a close relationship with them. Elena, who has powerful magical talent, is a very rare gem to both Dumbledore and Grindelwald.

"Half a day? I wasn't that foolish. When I first tried magic, I mastered two spells in less than half a day." Grindelwald shook his head in disapproval.

Compared to most young wizards, it is indeed impressive to master a spell in just half a day for the first time, but it's just impressive.

"But..." Dumbledore paused for a moment, a look of disbelief appearing in his eyes, "If in this half day, she also taught eight other first-year students in the same carriage how to cast this spell?"

There is quite a difference between learning spells and teaching others to learn spells.

Every year, not many outstanding wizards graduate from Hogwarts. However, there are very few wizards with a talent for teaching. Most wizards struggle to systematically and effectively impart what they have learned to others.

This is also the reason that has long constrained the expansion of school enrollments in the magical world: extremely scarce teacher resources.

"Teach eight classmates at the same time? Do you know how to start drawing your own little forces just after entering school? It's quite interesting."

Grindelwald slightly raised his left eyebrow, nodded thoughtfully, his focus not entirely the same as Dumbledore's. The Lone can be a role model, but if you want to change the world pattern, it can never be accomplished by more than one person.

"Moreover, she's growing much faster than I imagined, and her instigation ability is much more terrifying than I thought."

Dumbledore sighed quite wearily, and instinctively rubbed his temples, speaking with a tired tone.

"On the first day of classes, she charmed all the first-year students to raid our school's kitchen. Then, the next morning, she directly triggered the biggest student conflict since the founding of Hogwarts between the two houses. From first grade to seventh grade, hundreds of young wizards participated in this group fight."

Speaking of this, Dumbledore looked at Grindelwald, who seemed to understand something, and he pulled out his wand and waved it in the air. "Forget about it, feel better yourself."

[Resurfacing Memories ()]

A small white light sprouted from the tip of the old man's wand, then quickly expanded into a dim curtain of light. From the visual position, it appeared to be a student standing in the Hufflepuff common room.

And in the center of the screen, Elena Caslana surrounded by the crowd by the fireplace. At that moment, she was rationally exposing her set of theories between Hufflepuff and the Hone Badger.

"I'm not asking you to invite students from other schools, or to belittle the other three schools. I just hope that everyone can uphold our own dignity and status; Hufflepuff House has never been inferior. If anyone still holds that misconception, then I believe we should consider certain strength and resilience necessary..."

With the girl's voice, an increasing number of young wizards gathered, nodding from time to time, seriously reflecting on her viewpoint.

"Does this seem familiar to you?"

Dumbledore looked at Gellert Grindelwald, whose expression began to turn serious, and softly remarked that he had witnessed this scene more than once, except that the protagonist was a different white-haired man.

So, when he saw this scene through telepathy, Dumbledore's first thought was whether his student had inadvertently been enchanted by Grindelwald.

"What are you talking about, I..." As if he had seen something repugnant, Grindelwald furrowed his brow tightly and emotionally refuted unconsciously.

"Shh, don't rush to a conclusion, there will be time afterwards."

Dumbledore leaned forward, gently pressing Grindelwald's shoulder, indicating him to look back, and said that the wand in the old man's hand waved lightly again.

Soon, the light and shadow in the air changed again, splitting into several different perspectives, obviously not just from the memory of the same person. However, the scenes in the image are the same, all in a bustling and crowded underground hallway with enchanted spells.

Even in the Magical War dominated by Grindelwald, such extensive enchantment confrontations are relatively rare.

After deliberate selection and sorting by Dumbledore, a tuft of white hair appearing on the edge of the battlefield and appearing in the "memory" of different people from time to time, seemed particularly striking and surprising.

"First years, let's take the fallen seniors back there."

"Here needs a recovery spell, and if it doesn't work, it will be repeated in two."

"Awake, hurry up."

"Did you see that? Slytherin in that direction was especially strong, preparing to stun in a general faint."

"No matter if the wand has gone, we cover you and quickly grab the wand in their hands with fists."

"Drop your wand and stop resisting. No one will be hurt again... Believe me, Hufflepuff will always come with peace and goodwill."

Snap. Applause.

With the sound of wands falling to the ground in the final continuous image of light and shadow, all the curtains of memory light turned into a fine spray like bubbles in the sky, gradually disappearing and darkening, and the whole room returned to the dark and calm environment.

Once again, completely arranged the beginning and end of the whole event, Dumbledore's face looked slightly bluish, and the scattered understanding and centralized and orderly observation were still quite different.

Most importantly, he also saw some prototypes of more terrible things. Dumbledore finally understood why the thought of seeing Grindelwald had been lingering in his mind.

"This is, the army..."

"No, to be precise... the prototype of the magical army."

Unconsciously, Gellert Grindelwald was completely seated and muttered, some chaotic eyes seemed to flash the orderly ranks of magical beams he had seen before, and his old servants stood up like old students in formation.

For Grindelwald, who had thought of forming the Army of the Dead or the Witches Corps more than once, the scene before him was not just a group of students fighting.

The layered feeling and clear purpose behind it are like poppies, emitting a fatal temptation and beauty, making him unable to stop thinking about those past things.

"God, Albus, you are a true devil. You know how... a treasure has come to your school. God, does she really only have ten years?" Grindelwald weakly grasped his scattered strength, his hair complained weakly, and even for a moment he could not find a suitable adjective.

Both the judgment of the situation, the control of time, and even the analysis and guidance of the human mind... Grindelwald seemed to be looking into a mirror, and clearly saw his shadow in the girl.

"So, your real purpose is to keep that girl here, isn't it?"

After a moment of silence, Grindelwald suddenly raised his head and looked seriously at Dumbledore.

"I don't think you would really trust me to teach a girl like that, are you not afraid of a more powerful dark wizard in the magical world? You know, even a descendant like Voldemort can cause you trouble, let alone this girl."

In addition to Azkaban guarded by Dementors, if Dumbledore intends to incarcerate someone, then the castle of Newmontgarde covered with various magical protections is undoubtedly the most suitable place.

Take this opportunity to exile Elena Caslana to this castle?

From the oath, he would not cause harm to her life, and would protect her perfectly. The future of the magical world also lacked a potential threat, the only price is that you need to sacrifice the future of a person.

"No, we have discussed this point countless times before."

After hesitating for a few seconds, Dumbledore firmly and slowly shook his head, "To achieve the right purpose, we must insist on using the right behavior, even if it is not as effective and controllable."

Dumbledore said as he looked up to look at Grindelwald in front of him, with a firmer look.

"At least for now, Elena makes not many mistakes, whether at the starting point or the result. If you truly want to limit her detention, her only mistake is that she should not have such powerful magical talent, and that charming personal charm and leadership temperament. But..."

"However, dazzling talents will always be the luck of the era and should not be limited. Anyone who fears the future will be abandoned by the future. We must refuse to yield to all clauses that try to destroy infinite possibilities."

Grindelwald couldn't help but smile, then continued Dumbledore's words, his eyes gradually becoming brighter.

He felt that he had suddenly returned to the valley of Godric many years ago. Two wizards with the same ideals and ambitions began to work together for the great goals of the future.

As if infected by the emotions of Grindelwald, Dumbledore's tone gradually became more intense, with his fingers crossed on his knees, nodding. "You are right, blindly closing and restricting knowledge, except for constantly stimulating rebellious psychology and arrogance, has no benefit. There is no clear distinction between good and evil in magic itself; it is just a unique talent. At least it shouldn't be... like Voldemort, only to dominate and kill."

"Voldemort? He's just an arrogant fool. He didn't even understand what he was doing." Grindelwald shook his head disdainfully, with undeniable contempt in his words and expression.

Undoubtedly, whether in magical achievement or in the scope of influence in the wizarding world, Voldemort merely exploring the library collection is obviously far below Grindelwald, who sweeps across the entire magical world.

But Voldemort, with his madness and his terrifying atmosphere of magic throughout the world, inevitably made everyone put him ahead of Grindelwald and become the most dangerous dark wizard in history; after all, this is someone who even dares to kill his own, always terribly present.

Dumbledore shook his head without saying more about Voldemort. He still doesn't understand some of the peculiarities that Voldemort showed.

The old wizard extended his hand and took Grindelwald's hand, looking him in the eyes, repeating for the third time today.

"So, I ask you again to help me teach this girl together. Whether she is good or bad, we will teach her thoroughly, so that she can at least understand what she is doing."