Chapter 138 A Spicy And Old Radish Escaped!

Throughout the ages, whether in the East or the West, people have a particular interest in classifying the order of strength based on the outcome. A peculiar conclusion derived from this is that whoever seems to conquer the world first, then becomes the new world leader.

For instance, individual players in "League of Legends," popular worldwide for generations, are always eager to challenge Faker. The greatest glory for a 100-meter sprinter is to defeat Bolt.

Indeed, Dumbledore understood that the reason he was recognized by the entire magical world as the most powerful wizard of the current era is actually very simple - because he once defeated the "former world leader" of magic, Gellert Grindelwald, in a one-on-one duel.

However, few people have carefully considered how Gellert Grindelwald, "the first person in the ancient magical world," became the insurmountable mountain standing in the way of all wizards.

The answer is simple - because before losing to Dumbledore, Grindelwald never lost in a one-on-one duel. Even afterwards, people began to think that it would take at least twenty or more experienced players to fight against Grindelwald.

While studying at Durmstrang, Grindelwald thoroughly learned all kinds of wartime magic, which made his ability equal his potential and turned him into a confident, focused, methodical, and versatile wizard.

Despite being able to use magic to cause tremendous harm, Grindelwald still prefers to employ traditional and formal methods to confront his opponents and defeat them in "fairer duels." He uses magic to easily counterattack, weaken their will, and make them admire his powers before counterattacking.

Grindelwald's power is evident: to become the master of the Elder Wand, he managed to swiftly stun Grigovich. In his youth, he was able to duel Albus and Aberforth Dumbledore simultaneously. While posing as Percy Valgrevis, he won every one-on-one duel, easily subdued Newt Scamander and Tina Goldstein, and even effortlessly fought against many well-trained Aurors of the Magical Congress of the United States.

From Dumbledore's perspective, Grindelwald will always be the most powerful and experienced duelist in the world.

And to make the trouble-making white-haired dandy who has always been everywhere grow into a confident and healthy wizard, Dumbledore thinks, Grindelwald is undoubtedly the most suitable choice of mentor.

After all, Grindelwald is undoubtedly the most experienced wizard in dealing with various dark magics and other forces in the magical world.

For Dumbledore, he would prefer to hear the news that "Elena stunned three older students by herself" rather than hear once again "Elena led Hufflepuff and annihilated Slater. Lin".

"... In summary, don't you want to take your valuable magical knowledge to the grave? How to learn magic correctly and efficiently, how to protect oneself under a spell and bring down the enemy, I will never be as good as you in these two aspects."

Dumbledore looked at the silent Grindelwald and couldn't help but add fuel to the fire.

"Well, what you said makes sense."

Grindelwald suddenly lifted his head and looked at Dumbledore carefully, his eyes returning to calmness.

"However, there is still a very fatal loophole in your statement. Simply put, it makes no sense, even if she is a genius, she can only acquire the most basic magical knowledge."

"After every weekend and holiday, I will bring her here. And during school, I can also teach her through letters..." Dumbledore was stunned, and then responded without thinking.


Grindelwald straightened his feet, his back against the wall, snorted in dissatisfaction, and spoke slowly.

"Do you think I am too old to distinguish which of your lies is a lie?! The answer you recently gave is clearly the answer you have come up with temporarily. As for your purpose..."


Narrowing his eyes thoughtfully, Grindelwald supported his chin with his hand, an expression of anger appearing on his face, "If I'm not mistaken, the most fundamental purpose of your **** is to help you with your children!"

"Absolutely not!" Dumbledore smiled gently and shook his head.

"Come on, I know you too well. You have never been good at lying, and that smile every time you are found out."

Grindelwald waved dismissively, looking at the wrinkled face that had come before him, and a sudden irritability erupted in his heart, and his voice turned cold.

"What do you think I am here? Hogwarts nursery or a room for babies?!"


"Leave," Grindelwald said indifferently, raising his finger to point to the door.

"Well, since you resist so much, I won't force you anymore."

After seriously observing Grindelwald's expression and realizing that there was no room for relaxation, Dumbledore nodded helplessly, voluntarily backed down, and muttered softly.

"However, at least tell the girl a little about the stories you used to know. Since I saw your exploits in the books, Elena has shown a special interest in the world beyond the British magical world, and even proposed, 'After fourth grade, I want to visit the American magical world where you have been active.'"

"Pretending to be Percy Valgrevis in the United States?"

Grindelwald's mouth twisted with pride, revealing a pleasant expression of reminiscence.

"Yes, those foolish and antiquated types were deceived by me. If it weren't for Newt's bothersome magical creatures, they wouldn't even have the ability to touch the edge of my clothing."

For Grindelwald, the experience in the United States is undoubtedly a legendary adventure. With the power of one person, it is easy to mock the Aurores of the entire magical world.

(For more details about Grindelwald's experience in the United States, click here to expand)

Looking at Dumbledore in front of him, Grindelwald appeared relaxed and raised his eyebrows with satisfaction.

"Well, I agree to fulfill her wish, and immediately you shall take her away from here."

"No problem."


Outside the door, Elena, bored, began to scratch the door with her nails, finally waiting until Dumbledore appeared again.

"Mr. Gellert Grindelwald values your talent highly and hopes to teach you well. Just understand that his arrogant past sometimes led him to express himself in an inevitable manner, um, leading to misunderstandings. And besides, for years, Gellert has barely communicated with other people. So..."

Dumbledore leaned in and whispered to Elena, pointing to Grindelwald with a smile on his lips.

"Oh, I understand. It's not just pride, it's normal."

Elena tiptoed and glanced at the old wizard sitting on the hard bed. She secretly smiled to herself. She didn't expect that the former Dark Lord, who was once outstanding, would still be an arrogant and dead guy. If it weren't for Dumbledore's words, she wouldn't have believed it.

"Aojiao? Huh... Although I don't know what you mean, it must be what I want to say." Dumbledore blinked in confusion. "So, let's talk about the learning schedule after..."

"No need to say, Professor Dumbledore. I thought for a moment that, as a student of Hogwarts, I should return to Hogwarts and it would be better for you to teach directly." Elena shook her head, being loyal without hesitation.

While Dumbledore was talking to Grindelwald, she had sneaked into the castle under the tower and had a rough look. Every corner of the castle revealed a desolation in ruins that was in a dilapidated state. The bedroom in the castle is covered in cobwebs and the floor is covered with slippery layers of mold, and there is no way to live there.

However powerful Grindelwald might be, he is now a severely autistic patient who can't even leave his attic.

She is an exquisite witch who came to learn magic, not an extreme challenger who came to the abandoned castle to experience the fun of survival in the wilderness.

"Don't you want to stay and study? Alright then."

To Elena's surprise, this time Dumbledore did not insist on his views.

"So, if you can, before you leave, you can at least chat with Gellert first. When you came a month ago, he spoke more than all the years put together."

The old man stooped, stroked Elena's head, and smiled gently, with a look of apology in his eyes, "This is not an order as the headmaster of Hogwarts, it's just a request from the hundred and ten-year-old elder. What Gellert talked most about were his experiences in the American magical world when he was young."

The empty old man in the magical world?

Elena looked at the old wizard in the room with tattered clothes and teeth on the verge of falling out, staring foolishly at her, and couldn't help but sigh, as beautiful as the scene might be, now she was standing in front of a visited and insipidly dressed grandfather.

"Alright, I understand. After talking to you, take me back to Hogwarts."

"No problem."


Grindelwald's room.

A pleasant and harmonious conversation finally comes to an end.

Elena, who had just seen the first part of "Where are the Magical Creatures?" before crossing, combined the knowledge gained in the textbook "History of Magic" to guide Grindelwald to talk about his magical experience in the United States.

Elena's cooperation and understanding throughout the story rightfully irked Grindelwald, and there were some doubts within.

"Very well, I can understand your feelings on seeing life idols. I forgive you for the childish practice of arguing with me in advance and wanting to attract attention and stir emotions through nonsense."

Cheerfully, Grindelwald smiled and ruffled Elena's head in disbelief, "I admit you are really good. Now go back to school and study, and you will know to respect when you grow up and respect the correct expression."


The dull hair on the head of the white furball bristled. This old man has been alone for too long. This is too much. If this phrase were to be translated to future generations, wouldn't it simply be: I am comfortable with your licks. Come on.

"Life idol? I think you might have misunderstood, as I have studied your experiences carefully in the 'History of Magic' textbook..." Elena cleared her throat and decided to use a more euphemistic approach to calm the old man a bit.

Grindelwald nodded, "I understand your mood. I didn't expect to have admirers of my age. I suddenly found myself a bit too excited and eager to express myself. Unfortunately, I am not used to teaching a baby like you who can't even wield a wand."

How swollen this man must be! No wonder he's still single.

"Sorry, Professor Dumbledore's time to take care of empty old nests has expired."

Elena rolled her eyes, took a deep breath, and said with a sweet smile, "No, quite the opposite. I believe that most of your previous actions and expansion plans are full of loopholes and frenzy, and countless opportunities have been missed. The chaos left behind and the deficiencies that can be exploited can no longer be described with fishing nets. So, at that moment, I was thinking that if there is a chance of encountering similar situations in the future, you must stop following your old path of failure."

"And by observing your current state and the way of obtaining information, I suddenly realized another problem. Now you are no longer the wise and powerful dark devil. For the past fifty years, Professor Dumbledore has continued to study and acquire new magical knowledge. He also found out that the twelve uses of dragon blood and the Nicollemia are very effective in alchemy... Meanwhile, you are just amusing yourself in this small room."


Elena's expressions suddenly overwhelmed Grindelwald, rendering him extraordinarily excited. Confusion, anger, and surprise were repeatedly reflected on the old man's face.

"Alright, the time for courtesies is over, I must return to Hogwarts." Elena stood up and bowed politely. "Goodbye, grandfather Dark Lord."

At that moment, a sweet phoenix song resonated from the castle below the tower.

"Shut up, silly girl! Your Professor Dumbledore is about to flee!"

Grindelwald reacted instantly, his face changed and he shouted energetically.

"What? Old rascal, damn you!"

Elena ran out just in time to see Dumbledore's figure disappear in a tangle of golden and red flames.

Then, a letter floated slowly to the house:

[In five days, I will come to pick you up at Hogwarts. The ingredients have been placed in Grindelwald's room. The old deaf-mute who used to handle meals is temporarily on vacation.

P.S. Gellert, treat her better. Be careful, you may not be able to defeat her.


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