Chapter 139 Dialogue And Conflict

In September, the air in Newmongarde already had a chilling freshness.

In the tallest tower of the castle, two elderly individuals and a deceived one stared at each other with exaggerated eyes.

With Dumbledore's sudden departure and the floating text message in the room, almost all the truth had been confessed.

There is no doubt that the world's greatest white wizard once again used his wisdom to successfully defeat the evil Lord Voldemort, and the background boards in this small story also accepted this outcome calmly and serenely...

——It's strange! (╯‵□′)╯︵┻━┻! X2

Trying to contain the urge to reproach the street within herself, Elena turned her head to look at Grindelwald, who also had the same iron expression, and suddenly a feeling of sympathy arose, making the girl feel a bit better, at least it seemed that she was not the only one deceived by herself.

"Before we together condemn Professor Dumbledore, there are some small confusions. I think we need to answer each other." Elena squinted her eyes and said calmly and with a cold tone, "Professor Brido mentioned to me that your years of imprisonment have made you exceptionally lonely. There is a very urgent need to find someone to tell you about your old past. A poor, empty, autistic, and lonely old man in need of care, perhaps?"

"Damn!" Grindelwald's face distorted upon hearing Elena's words, and he grunted coldly.

"If it weren't for your little fan trying by all means to get my attention, I wouldn't even bother with you as a novice wizard who can't even perform the simplest transfiguration. I would rather be silent and die alone, and never play with your little unpleasant girl."

"Fan? I wouldn't worship a [Dark Lord] who was caught by a twisted little devil. Perhaps the grandfather has some memory impairment for you to have forgotten the ending while describing your past experience?"

Elena pursed her lips quite amusingly, not hesitating to directly point out the part of things hidden by Grindelwald deliberately or involuntarily before boasting.

"Hmm, it seems that the historical materials Albus prepared for you are really sufficient and detailed."

Grindelwald's eyes blinked, and what was captured by Newt Scamander at that moment, the unified statement of the Magical Congress of the United States so far is: gathering many Auror forces to subdue the Dark Lord Grindelwald; like a girl under ten years old, you can know these secrets without knowing who knows them.

Whether Elena or Grindelwald, both simply exchanged a few separate conversation lines from Dumbledore, and it was easy to restore Dumbledore's elusive form.

"Yes, there is no reality in false words, how can that old radish deceive me?" Elena, who understood everything, clenched her teeth, showing her two small, sharp tiger fangs.

Grindelwald wrinkled the thin blanket in his hands and threw it aside, unleashing a series of dangerous laughs. "It doesn't matter. Anyway, he will come back in five days. I know him well."

"Of course, don't expect me to teach you magic." Glancing at the white furball in front of him, the old man added.

"Well, even if you asked me, I wouldn't learn. Do you think my character is the type that will submit? Wait, I will let him know what the price is."

Dumbledore fiercely accused Elena and bitterly said: she had thrown to him a young, weak, defenseless, and charming first-year together with an extremely dangerous dark wizard; this old radish is simply evil.

But there is still one problem...

Elena picked up the utensils that had fallen to the ground and frowned at Grindelwald. "I noticed that the utensils mentioned a deaf old man who was delivering food..."

"That's just a Muggle that the European Ministry of Magic does not know where to find. It is said that he was once a bell ringer in a church. An extremely repulsive and stubborn old man of all ancient magic, ugly, deaf, and mute."

Saying this, Grindelwald snorted, showing a clear look of disgust on his face. "His daily task is to turn the food given by [God] into rubbish that doesn't even compare to pig feed, and put it at my door. That's it. I just stayed in the castle room for a while and never left the castle."

"So, unfortunately, now the pig feed has run out."

Elena continued without hesitation, thinking about the things she hadn't said before: on the way here, Dumbledore had inadvertently mentioned that the magical protection around the Newmongard castle came from the inside out.

Theoretically, there is no strong defense system to prohibit people from leaving.

Since there is a deaf old man in charge of bringing food to Grindelwald, whether to buy food ingredients or to supply daily needs, after all, a stable source and a channel are needed that she can also use.

She was not interested in arguing with an old man who was a hundred years older than her in this cold castle.

Imagining the worst case scenario, if Dumbledore did not make it to the appointment after five days, she must seriously consider the matter of escaping from the prison, and she couldn't be trapped there forever.

"Why, do you want to escape? Perhaps other wizards can do it, but you will die."

Grindelwald looked at Elena, and instantly understood the girl's thoughts, his thin arms proudly embracing his figure, laughing and mocking, "Like Hogwarts, Newmongard is a castle built entirely using magic from the beginning of its construction, no path has been left for Muggles and people with little magic."

"There is only one way in and out of Newmongarde: magic! The real magic that adult wizards can master. Not the petty tricks that your three-legged kung fu can't count."

Magic? Does it refer to apparition magic?

Perhaps not necessarily, the convenience of magic has always allowed wizards to unconsciously ignore the power of humanity. At least in Elena's impression, in the non-magical world, it is rare to walk through snowy mountains unsupervised.

Shrugging and adhering to the principle of caring for the elderly, Elena reasonably had no further arguments with Grindelwald.

Since the victory in last month's debate [Elena VS Grindelwald] with a 100% victory rate, is sufficient. She can guarantee that she will laugh at the end of every dispute.

But... Elena remembered the desolate snow-capped mountains she saw when she arrived at the castle earlier, frowning with a headache.

Without high-tech equipment and a strong physique, even when walking on snowy mountains, she must master some basic survival magic. With this in mind, perhaps she also needs to play a role between learning multiple magics and focusing on a difficult short-distance travel magic.

But whatever the choice, at least for a short time, she could not escape from this place.

"Well, what about the food mentioned in Professor Dumbledore's letter?"

Elena curiously glanced at the narrow room where Grindelwald was staying.

After learning about the reality of being temporarily trapped in Newmontgarde Castle, her attention quickly turned to the most important remaining part: the "food ingredients" that Dumbledore mentioned in the letterhead.

"Well, in that corner," Grindelwald, feeling victorious, nodded towards the end of the bed.

Looking into Grindelwald's eyes, Elena noticed that at the end of Grindelwald's bed, there was a not very large, gray suitcase, which looked particularly unassuming in the dim light.

"Oh, thank you."

Elena raised her eyebrows, stood up, and attempted to pull the suitcase. The box was very light and she could barely feel its weight. If Dumbledore was not lying, then most of the magic was in it.

Nodding satisfied, Elena tried to pull the suitcase, turned around, and walked towards the door. Huh? However, this time, the original light box remained in place as if it had taken root.

"What do you intend to do, girl?"

She saw Grindelwald reach out and press on the other end of the lightweight gray suitcase, unconsciously with a tinge of anger in his tone. He had never seen such an arrogant brat, yet dared to take the food in front of him.

"Let it go."

Elena turned her head and looked at the veteran's slender figure pressing the "food box" ~ ~ she furrowed her brow slightly and said calmly.

A completely different type of indifference and calmness.

"Pay attention to your attitude, girl. Who do you think you are talking to?"

Grindelwald snorted, a look of displeasure crossed his face. That tone of voice was always the only one he used with others. When would a ten-year-old girl get to speak to him?

"Listen, little girl. Everything here is mine, whether it's a castle, knowledge, or food. You can only get these things with my consent. Now, remove your hand from my food, understood?"

"Let it go."

Elena looked up and stared into the elder's wrinkled face. She tilted her head sweetly, but her eyes were filled with coldness.

Hearing the girl's voice, Grindelwald noticed a dazzling white mark gradually lighting up on Elena's left hand. As a witness to this unbreakable oath, he understood the significance behind it.

"Oh, you want to fight as well?"

The first Dark Lord couldn't help but laugh bitterly, nodding repeatedly, clenching his teeth. "Well, great... Looks like I need to help Albus Dumbledore teach his students how to respect the elderly and predecessors."