Chapter 14 Predation is in progress

President of the Hogwarts office.

The phoenix is a gentle creature, its song can strengthen the courage of a person with a pure heart.

Therefore, those who see the phoenix are undoubtedly pure-hearted children cared for by destiny, at least that's what Elena thinks.

"Hello Fox, I am Elena Kaslana."

Growl ~

The small silver-haired Meiwa swallowed nervously, slightly leaning towards the phoenix standing on the bird stand, asserting that she meant no harm, although she wasn't sure of this. The behavior of the winged beast is equally effective for the phoenix.

The large and bright eyes of the phoenix, Fox, blinked, looking at Elena with doubt, and remained silent.

As Elena felt her face almost laughing, the phoenix, Fox, suddenly bent its beautiful neck covered with red feathers and nodded appropriately.

"Hmm ... Thank you Hagrid, thank you to Mr. Newcastle for their outstanding contributions to help people understand magical creatures."

Elena sighed in relief and slowly walked towards the phoenix, reaching carefully to stroke the golden reddish feathers of the phoenix. She could distinctly feel the warm and fleshy strong wings beneath its soft plumage.

The phoenix let out a sweet trill and lazily closed its eyes, as if enjoying Elena's gentle touch.

Indeed, wizards have always speculated whether there is a certain mysterious connection between the phoenix and Meiwa, because when purebred Meiwa is provoked, she can transform into a bird-like creature and cast a fireball to attack.

"It's so warm..."

Watching the great golden-red bird relaxingly close its eyes, Elena quietly placed her other hand on the other side of the phoenix's body, happily rubbing her small face against the soft feathers.

Unlike the fat round-faced Scottish chicken, which smells a bit, the phoenix feather smells like sunshine on summer-tanned sheets.

Elena embraced Fox's back with both hands, her small nose inhaling, and unconsciously whispered, "These great wings must be delicious..."

The sleeping phoenix, Fox, suddenly opened its eyes, tilted its head to look at the little silver-haired girl lying on its back, and there was a touch of humanity in its large eyes.

Seeing the next moment, sweet Elena licked her lips, closed her eyes, and suddenly opened her mouth happily to bite towards its wings - Aooo!



Suddenly, a loud bird song echoed in the tranquil headmaster's office.

Before Elena could bite, the phoenix, sensing the threat, instinctively spread its wings, pushing the small silver-haired loli lying on its back.


Immediately, there was a soft sound in the air, and the phoenix that had been standing on the bird stand vanished suddenly and appeared on the large wooden table in the center of the room. The red feathers on its neck bristled as it cautiously gazed at the now empty Elena.

"Eh? Dumbledore agreed with me that I could eat you."

Elena, with empty hands, regretfully ran her mouth, turned around and looked at Fox reaching out, explaining carefully: "Again, you are the immortal bird. Hey, I was curious to bite and taste the flavor, not malicious."

Upon hearing Elena's words, Fox again let out an angry screech, its fiery red wings spreading out, regarding the dangerous creature before it as an enemy.

With the burst of conflict between a person and a bird, the portraits of former Hogwarts headmasters, who had their eyes closed and rested, awakened and followed with interest the confrontation in the headmaster's office.

"For the first time in so many years, I have seen a student dare to try to bite the phoenix." A plump witch with a red nose, crossed her arms, looking at Elena with empty hands.

"Which academy do you belong to? Slytherin or Gryffindor, I think only the talents of these two academies would be so bold. Raise your wand, little one, and fight like a wizard."

"I'm sorry, it's not like that. Headmistress Dexter Fosco. I won't know which house I belong to until after the sorting in a month. Therefore, for the time being, I don't have my own wand."

Elena looked up and glanced at the frame with the name under the portrait, shook her head, and respectfully replied.

Still somewhat impressed by the irritable "Principle of Portraits," often seen in movies and novels. Although unsure of how much wisdom a wizard in a portrait possesses, it is still right to show respect.

"Perhaps she doesn't understand at all what a phoenix is? Muggle-born wizards always make such jokes due to ignorance."

At that moment, there was a giggle beside her, and a slightly chubby witch with curly hair looked at Elena proudly.

"Phineas Nigellus Black, the least popular headmaster in Hogwarts history, can easily distinguish her from the non-magical world through Elena's attire."

"In fact, she may know no less than you."

Elena raised her eyebrows, not angered by what a portrait said, let alone by the bad temper of this stubborn old wizard; she had heard it before, and the little silver-haired Loli shrugged indifferently.

"By the way, I am not a Muggle. The blood of your family Black [forever pure] is not necessarily superior to mine."

"A purer lineage than the Black family, the oldest and noblest? Impossible! I have never heard of a family with the surname Kaslana among the sacred twenty-eight families in the magical world."

The phoenix said disdainfully. Although he was a little surprised that Elena accurately mentioned the motto on the coat of arms of his Black family, it did not mean that he would easily be deceived by a girl.

"Oh ... who told you I am British? You should not narrowly believe that the whole world has only one family of pure-blood wizards in Great Britain. Dear director Phineas of 12 Grimmauld Place, London."

The little silver-haired Loli replied absentmindedly, her eyes slowly sliding from the headmaster's office to see if she could find something more convenient to help her catch the phoenix in front of her.

Finus, who was trapped in the portrait anyway, could not tell which family she was from. By blocking him again, many problems could be avoided.

"Are you paying a visit to the Black family, a pure-blood wizard family from abroad? Silver hair... Alina... seems to be a common name in Germany."

As expected, upon hearing Elena's response, the phoenix began to think seriously, stroking his chin.

From his point of view, it is obviously impossible for someone who knows the address of the noble home of the Black family to be from a Muggle family.

Unconcerned with Phoenix, Elena attempted to take a small step forward. The phoenix standing on the wooden table nervously flapped its wings, and its long golden beak threatened Elena dangerously. Peck. The previous step would peck her immediately without hesitation.

"Wow, how fierce."

The little silver-haired Loli stuck out her tongue and took a step back, as if the "Fantastic Beast" recorded by Mr. Newt Scamander was not entirely correct. At least the adjectives "phoenix" and "moderate" didn't quite match.

"Wait, would you really want to eat the phoenix? Give up, it is impossible, and you cannot successfully catch the phoenix. As a firebird, the phoenix fears no flame or high temperature. At the same time, it can summon flames when in danger, and then it is reborn from the ashes. I have never heard of a phoenix being successfully hunted since ancient times."

This was spoken by an old witch with long silver curls, in an extra soft tone, sounding like the nuns of the Abbey of London, each sentence having a pleasant ending.

Dairis Derwent, one of the few female headmasters at Hogwarts, served during the years 1741-1768, and before that, from 1722-1741, she was a therapist at St. Mungo's Hospital. Due to her previous work experience, she had contacted and learned a lot about dangerous creatures and high magic.

"Dear Headmistress Dairis, in fact, I have already devised how to cook it."

Elena turned and looked at the old silver-haired witch, smiling sweetly.

"As long as the phoenix's ignition method is not nuclear fusion, you just need to replace all the oxygen in its environment with inert gas, and then find a way to heat the local gas and vaporize it directly at high temperature."

"The only question now is... how to catch this delicious phoenix? Well, no, it now has a new name [the rare Scottish long-tailed turkey]."

Elena looked around, and suddenly her eyes lit up.

"I've got it!"

I saw the little silver-haired Loli take a shabby wizard hat from the shelf behind a huge claw-shaped table. She carefully examined it in the dark hole within it. If aligned correctly, it should be possible to completely fit the phoenix's head into it.

At this moment, the old tattered wizard's hat suddenly twisted in Elena's hands, cracked at the brim, and a panic-inducing sound escaped from within.

"Madam, what do you intend to do?! I, the pensive hat of Hogwarts, brimming with wisdom and reflective magic, do you realize what you are doing so rudely?!"

"Silence! Of course, I know what I am doing, dear pensive hat."

Elena vigorously rubbed the large hat in her hands, pinched the brim with both hands, and aimed the mouth of the black hole at the long golden beak of Phoenix Fox, blinking proudly. "This way, we should avoid harming this hat, which is particularly significant for Hogwarts. After all, if the hat breaks, it will affect the sorting... onnected to this year."

Elena lifted her head, her eyes met Phoenix Fox's alert ones, she smiled slightly, opened the pensive hat, and pushed it forcefully forward. Human wisdom lies in using tools for hunting!

"Do not worry, all will hurt at once, soon."

The pensive hat wobbled clumsily from side to side, struggling more and more, and accompanied by Elena's movements, it let out a cry.

"Wait a minute! Wait a minute!"

"Are you not using the wise magical hat as a trap for beasts?"

"Stop! Are you a demon?"

"Ah, ah, ah!!!!"