Chapter 140 The Committed Devil

"Bombarda Impacto [Explosive Impact]"

Grindelwald shook his head and read it aloud, then raised his palm and pointed it at Elena, pushing forward.


She had no resistance, as if she had suffered the full force impact of a strong man, Elena's petite body was directly hit by a powerful impact.

"I think you need to understand that I am not a mediocre who became a poor Muggle once I lost my wand."

Grindelwald proudly sneered and said lightly, "A true wizard, even without a wand, can easily defeat..."

Before Grindelwald could finish speaking, he saw Elena, who was hit by the curse and flew through the air, still swinging her arm around. With the help of the centripetal force in classical mechanics, the girl's body arced in the air and came back towards Grindelwald.


A flat woman's shoe was forcefully stamped on the arrogant face of the first Dark Lord, causing him to stagger back.

"Hiss, it really works. You black worm!"

Elena took a deep breath and rubbed her sore chest, fortunately she managed to restrain herself, otherwise she would have let the old man succeed.

"You!" Grindelwald, with shoe prints on his face, turned angry, and the anger in his eyes almost turned into substance.

There has never been...

Throughout the years, no matter how many battles they've experienced and how many times they've been arrested, no one has dared to kick him in the face. If there were some jokes before, this time Grindelwald was really angry in his heart.

"You, you! I hate you for being so old and decrepit."

Adhering to the underground black fist principle taught by Father Benítez, everything **** must be completed in the process of hitting.

Since it has already started, Elena naturally will not look forward and consider too much, a brisk step, a straight and straightforward punch greets Grindelwald's face.

In the face of the most powerful dark wizard in the magical world, it will not be taken lightly just because the other party looks like a wrinkled grandpa.

As for the courage and reason for doing so, it is very simple: the postscript given in Dumbledore's message mentioned "Grindelwald may not be able to defeat her," which shows that in theory, she and Grindelwald should be evenly matched.

Seeing the approaching fist, Grindelwald narrowed his eyes, his right hand moved quickly, the pillow on the bed rose in the air, blocking the front of Elena's fist, cushioning part of the girl's punch, without receiving a direct blow.

"Do you really think you can hurt me with your strength? I am not the weak young man at your school."

Like a generation of demons who have experienced countless duels, even if he is old and fragile, Grindelwald with a punched face is not so easily defeated by a 10-year-old girl.

Grindelwald slightly moved his head, and his left hand quickly rose, accurately grabbing Elena's forearm trapped in the pillow, his left fist tight with force, without any mercy, and struck the girl's soft abdomen.

"Don't be so insignificant, a brat who knows nothing!"



A sharp pain spread from Elena's lower abdomen. The girl couldn't help but groan in pain. Grindelwald's strength was clearly much greater than that of an ordinary man, but...she seemed to endure it!

Elena gritted her teeth and pushed the pillow towards Grindelwald's head with both hands. Without thinking, a death strike advanced.


"You only know the old man who doesn't know how to eat, but what right do you have to stop me from taking food?"

As she spoke, Elena took the opportunity to forcefully pull Grindelwald's finger on the suitcase and stumbled, pushing the suitcase to leave the room.

"Damned brat, stop!"

Grindelwald, covering his forehead, waved his right hand forcefully, and the old wooden chair flew and hit Elena's back.

Alina, who was a little unsteady on her feet, almost fell directly to the ground. As for the suitcase in her hand, it naturally disappeared and returned to Grindelwald's bedside table.

"It seems that there is no need to talk, huh? Bah, it seems like a tough battle..."

Elena wiped the corners of her mouth, spat out spit mixed with blood, shrugged her shoulders, her expression turned serious, her body shrank away from the chair that was hit again, and lunged forward.

This time Grindelwald no longer avoided, but raised his fist reluctantly and swung it towards Elena.

Two wizards, one large and one small, were like boxers in the non-magical world, waving their fists and fighting together.


In the tower of Newmontgarde, the two wizards of different ages looked at each other like fighting roosters. After several rounds of fighting, both of them were bruised and battered.

"Ha, ha, phew..."

Leaning against the icy wall, Gellert Grindelwald panted violently like an old bellows, squinting his swollen left eye, and warily watched the white furball nearby.

In comparison to Elena, who was still full of energy, Grindelwald clearly felt the exhaustion constantly rising in his body, and after all, the years left a mark on his body that could not be healed by magic.

Without wands, Grindelwald couldn't cast any subtle spells. The wandless casting he was proud of in such a narrow space was not as easy to use as he had imagined, because often before he could anticipate, a little fist had appeared in front of him.

Grindelwald clearly realized that as time passed, his age and physical disadvantages were gradually expanding, and it would only be a few minutes before the girl in front of him knocked him out of the fight.

Feeling the pain all over his body, Grindelwald finally began to understand what Dumbledore meant in his message: this little witch named Elena was like a little brute strength monster.

And a feeble old man trapped in a tower is impossible to defeat by a lively monster.

"Stop! You have won! The food is yours!"

Seeing that Elena seemed to have rested, he adjusted his breathing and his steps to start running again. Grindelwald simply sat on the temporarily returned gray suitcase, raised his hands in surrender, and exclaimed.

A gust of wind brushed the old man's cheek, and a small swollen red fist stopped beside Grindelwald's head.

"But they have to be placed with me..."

"Huh?" Elena made a nasal sound. "Don't do that first, I will help you heal while you listen to me."

Without waiting for Elena to start, Grindelwald raised his hands and smiled kindly, gently covering Elena's small fist.

A white and hazy light radiated from his palm, rapidly healing the girl's wound. Grindelwald spoke patiently in a tone he had never used to calm a child.

"Look, anyway I'm not planning on leaving this room. It's my commitment to Albus. Also, there's no kitchen available upstairs or downstairs in the castle. At least I can use magic to help you cook this meal..."

Damn Albus Dumbledore!

When it came to Dumbledore, Grindelwald couldn't help but grit his teeth.

He finally understood one more thing, why Dumbledore would not hesitate to keep his old face, even if he was deceiving people to escape, he still had to keep this old man with white hair in his castle.

There is no doubt that if it were him, he would do everything possible to solve this problem. How far can he lose.

"We have to join forces, I have decided to teach you magic, and you can't let that... well, what do you say... By the way, the old turnip shouldn't be feeling any better."