Chapter 141 The Beauty Of Elena

Faced with the cruel outcomes of the battle, regardless of how glorious Grindelwald's historical achievements were, and how much knowledge he had of magical spells, he had to accept the reality helplessly: Dumbledore was right, he truly couldn't defeat Elena.

On one hand, the reason was that his body was too old and weak. On the other hand, the most important reason was that the girl was not at all a normal ten-year-old. Dumbledore deliberately concealed extraordinarily important information.

Grindelwald could clearly feel that in the confrontation between the two, whether it was spell resistance, physical strength, endurance, or recovery speed, Elena exhibited a much better performance than that of a normal human girl.

At least a normal human girl of ten years old wouldn't have been able to scream and raise her fist to strike him in the face after receiving a slight touch on the chest from a spell.

There was no doubt that this supposed slightly special student, whom Dumbledore handed over for temporary assistance, was definitely a hybrid of human wizards and magical creatures, and...

As he gazed at the delicate face of Elena and her long, shining silver hair, Grindelwald couldn't help but frown; if he wasn't mistaken, she was still the capricious, fiercely temperamental, and stunningly beautiful half-breed.

Following this line of thought, he could dispel most of the doubts that had plagued Grindelwald.

For example, why she had such powerful magical talent, why she could so easily persuade the students of Hogwarts, and... why her character was so elusive...

"You said earlier, I am not an unreasonable person. In fact, we are allies of the united front, and the price that should really be paid is the irresponsible old turnip Dumbledore."

Elena looked at the old man who was helping her to heal the wound in front of her, and suddenly felt embarrassed.

Upon reflection, after all, Grindelwald did not know her well yet and did not understand the kind heart within her weak, helpless, and poor appearance, so he would inevitably have some unnecessary confusions and concerns.

You see, according to Dumbledore, in the five days from now, they had packed all the food in this small box. If she were to take this box with her, it was likely that Grindelwald wasn't really willing to die with her in the end.

Thinking about it, even if temporarily putting the ingredients on Grindelwald.

On one hand, Grindelwald obviously would not suddenly leave without a word like Dumbledore; on the other hand, even if Grindelwald regretted denying her, in any case, Grindelwald could not defeat her.

"Very well, let's take a step back."

Elena extended her hand and looked at the old man sitting on the suitcase. "We will discuss the study later. In short, this suitcase will stay with you temporarily. Custody rights belong to you, and control rights are shared. Are you in agreement?"

"Of course."

Grindelwald nodded happily. This was his original proposal, and naturally there would be no objections.

The old man looked at the young white-haired girl who suddenly seemed better. From any angle, the complete outcome seemed to be in his favor.

After some thought, Grindelwald actively added, raising his finger, "In fact, I can help you process and cook some of the ingredients. Perhaps you don't know yet, but there is a considerable distance between ingredients and the dishes that can be eaten. It's not something that can be solved with a little cunning and brute force, perhaps you need some help from the elders..."

"It's not necessary, I will find a solution for my own food."

Elena shook her head without hesitation, but smiled and declined the offer.

In her impression, the culinary skills of the German knights did not seem to be better than those of the corrupt nobility. Although there was less dark cuisine, the same addiction prevented them from breaking out of the whirlpool of consuming more potatoes.

French fries, potato pancakes, mashed potatoes, potato balls, baked potatoes, potato salad, potato chips... The only difference being various types of fried fish were replaced with various types of grilled sausages.


Elena thought for a moment and approached the old wooden door at the entrance of the room to observe it carefully, while thinking slowly, "As a basis of mutual trust, for the time being, this will be under my care..."

"What do you mean...?" Grindelwald furrowed his brow in confusion.

In Grindelwald's puzzled eyes, Elena turned around and smiled sweetly, "Don't worry, it's not a problem."

The next moment, Drindwo instantly opened his eyes.

Before he could finish, he saw Elena step back a few paces, suddenly charge forward, raise her legs, and forcefully kick the old wooden door's axis, causing a deafening noise.


The wooden door swung back and forth, and the door's axis, which had already begun to deteriorate, emitted a cracking sound, tilting unnaturally backward, and could fall by itself in a short time.

Indeed, as Elena had observed before, the various facilities of this ancient castle lacking daily maintenance had started to age and were beyond repair, and it only required applying a little physical magic to the door's axis, where the wooden door was connected to the wall, to remove it.

Bang, Bang, Bang!

Creeeak... bang...

In Glindward's astonished eyes, he bitterly watched the old wooden door of the room that wasn't locked. After struggling a little less than half a minute, he finally arrived at the satisfied expression of the conclusion that the door fell to the ground with a heavy impact.

"I understand your desire to take the food with you. After all, your event venue is only this small room. However, I am also concerned that you will use magic to lock the room after I leave."

Elena rubbed her slightly sore ankle, looked at Grindelwald, who had been hit by a petrochemical spell, and opened her eyes, pointing at the door panel that had fallen to the floor, explaining carefully.

"Mira, after taking it out, it will be fairer. I will return it to you when I leave after five days. Don't worry, I have felt it in the hallway before, and it won't leak if I remove this door."

Finally, the girl dragged her loot and shook her head from side to side, walking happily towards the base of the tower.

The first Dark Lord looked at the empty door frame with a bewildered expression and saw Elena moving slightly away with the door panel, feeling for the first time truly disconnected from his time.

What kind of player with brain circuits is this? Is this how little wizards are now?