Chapter 142 ~~~ The Girl's Room

~~~ She knew that no matter where she was, fire and water were always the most important.

~~~ Newmontgarde Castle, surrounded by snowy mountains, could not possibly lack water, and with the solid pine door panels funded by the generous First Generation Dark Lord, Elena found some comfort, albeit slight, from the sense of loss and anger Dumbledore left behind...

~~~ That's impossible!

~~~ The more I think about it, the angrier I get!

~~~ Blast it!

~~~ Elena vigorously pounded the solid wooden panel and then grimaced, hugging her little kitten on the stone steps.

~~~ Every time she thinks about the little wizards her age, who are now in the warm and comfortable Hogwarts castle, while she has to lug around heavy and dirty broken wooden planks in Newmontgarde, Elena feels aggrieved as she experiences survival in an abandoned prison and longs to return to the orphanage.

~~~ No matter how talented she is, she is just a ten-year-old girl. Even magic is just a mantra she learned on her own. But is it because of some minor mistakes that have nothing to do with her, that she has been banished to the prison to experience life?

~~~ "What..."

~~~ After venting for a while, Elena looked up at the cold Newmontgarde Castle, stubbornly stood up again, grabbed the hard-to-reach dry firewood, and walked under the tower.

~~~ It had been five full days, and besides eating, she had to find a way to address the basic issues of shelter and warmth. The textbooks and change of clothes she had collected beforehand had disappeared along with Dumbledore's disappearance.

~~~ For Elena, the only hope at that moment is to see if she can find the room of the legendary mute elder as soon as possible, otherwise, she will have to find a way to settle in a corner of the moss-covered abandoned bedroom on the ground floor.

~~~ "Old perverts, old bees, big swindlers, hot radishes, big feet with worms... huh?"

~~~ Elena interrupted her thoughts as she walked up the stone steps surrounding Newmontgarde Castle to the highest level, under the tower, and suddenly stopped, looking ahead in amazement.

~~~ From the girl's perspective, the previously dusty and ruined floors unfolded before her in a completely different scene on both sides. The distant direction leading to the lower level of the castle remained worn and covered in cobwebs and dust, and the floor and corners of the railing were covered in moss, just as Elena had spied before.

~~~ However, a small area that extended from where she was now, suddenly became as new and orderly as a newly constructed castle.

~~~ There was no dust or moss on the clean and shiny solid wood floor. Dark metal adhered to the wall where the cobwebs and dust had been removed, outlining the classic engravings of the wall.

~~~ Two seemingly familiar magical lamps were fixed to the wall from left to right, emitting a soft white light that was not dazzling even when looked at directly.

~~~ Not far away, the door of the abandoned bedroom Elena had entered before was not closed, and a faint warm light flowed through the space between the faux door.

~~~ The door was embossed with the Hogwarts shield pattern that constantly emitted a magical glow, and a prominent line of text: [Elena's Bedroom]

~~~ "I hate this kind of person who tries to win hearts with elegant appearance, I'm not so easily moved..."

~~~ Elena murmured involuntarily, with the corner of her lips unconsciously curled, she unhesitatingly let go of the broken wooden plank in her hand and opened the bedroom door with anticipation.

~~~ The first thing that caught Elena's attention was a spacious bedroom bathed in warm golden and reddish tones. Unlike the cool air of the castle, the entire bedroom was filled with a familiar warmth.

~~~ Elena quickly observed the renovated design of the room. She was quite sure that this was the moss-covered and cobwebbed abandoned bedroom she had seen a while before, but at this moment, the entire body of the room had been replaced by elaborate decoration in Gryffindor's red-gold tones.

~~~ After the cleaning and arrangement, she realized that her previous judgment might be slightly inaccurate. This was not so much a large bedroom, but rather a fully equipped small suite.

~~~ The area in front of the door turned out to be a small living room. At this moment, there was a soft wool rug with a Gryffindor lion print on the floor.

~~~ The left wall was embedded with a large fireplace, which had been cleaned and lit again, and the blazing fire kept the room warm.

~~~ In the center of the living room was a small square table of red wood, and on the table was a three-tier dessert stand, filled with a variety of beautiful sweets.

~~~ And around the wooden table were three soft armchairs, of course, the same type as the Gryffindor common room.

~~~ She entered the room slowly. Elena looked left and right with curiosity, completely different from the style of the entire castle. At the back of the living room, there was an open kitchen in yellow and black tones.

~~~ Although there were not too many large-scale professional kitchen utensils, basic pots, dishes, and cutlery, as well as teacups, were fully equipped.

~~~ And to the left of the open kitchen, there was a separate bathroom that was not very large. In contrast to the red and golden tones of the living room, the entire bathroom had a strong Slytherin style.

~~~ By parting the foldable curtain of the standard silver and green Slytherin, the elaborate British aristocratic style of the tap and the carved mirror edge, and the clean toilet with the S-shaped engraving, made it clear to Elena where these things had come from.

And the young girl is very satisfied with the small white bath in the bathroom.

Please note that before becoming a class leader, students in each school can only use their own public bathrooms. Not to mention the extravagance of taking a bath, even if you just wash your face a bit more, there is a senior student standing outside the door constantly knocking to hurry you up.

This is also one of the reasons why first-year girls in each school usually wake up early.

Elena stared fixedly at the small bath that belonged entirely to her. She had never comfortably bathed for so many years since she traveled to this world.

Facing the other side of the bathroom, there is a round bedroom with a small study.

There is a large bed with four curtains in the bedroom, and the yellow and black flannel shops of Hufflepuff hang on one side of the bed, like the bed Elena slept in the Hufflepuff girls' bedroom.

On the bedside table, there is the odd cutlery that Elena had seen in Dumbledore's office before, spinning, spraying a small piece of floral mist ~ ~ On the tidy velvet blanket, two sets of Gryffindor school uniforms were neatly stacked, and in the corner of the bedroom near the wall, the two suitcases that Benitez bought for Elena were quietly waiting for their owner.

Elena took a step forward and opened the box.

All the first-grade textbooks for Hogwarts, math books, the clothes Benitez prepared for her, and even the unopened set of Zwilling knives and the stack of bottles and jars of spices are all quietly lying in the suitcase.

The desks and floor-to-ceiling windows in the bedroom are splashed with the iconic blue and bronze colors of Ravenclaw College. A lot of parchment is neatly arranged on the desk. The ink and bird feathers have also been placed on the clean solid wood desk.

Elena pushed open the casement window of the room and looked at the distant snowy mountains and the lush forest. She took a deep breath and showed a intoxicating joy on her face. Such a place is worthy of being the first devil's castle!

Faced with such a small free space for herself, only a fool would want to return to Hogwarts for military training!

Perhaps she should find a way to depend on here for a while.

Elena threw herself onto the center of the soft bed and popped a hard fruit candy into her mouth.

Well, Professor Dumbledore did his best for her!