Chapter 143 Dumbledore Is In A Good Mood

Meanwhile, the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in the Scottish Highlands.

Unbeknownst to him, the time is approaching noon.

After a golden-red fire, Dumbledore's figure appeared on the covered bridge outside the main entrance of Hogwarts Castle.

"Hoo, I finally returned, I hope Elena and Gellert get along."

Dumbledore looked up at the familiar turquoise castle, heaved a long sigh of relief, and had a light and cheerful expression on his face.

In the long tenure of the old coach, he used to think that the quartet of James Potter, or the Weasley twins, had been the most troublesome mischief-makers in the entire Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

However, it was only after meeting Elena Caslana that Dumbledore finally realized that compared to this little mischief from the mixed world, the previous children were actually quite carefree.

Fortunately, at least for the next five days, the quiet and peaceful Hogwarts he was familiar with could temporarily return. As for the things in Newmontgarde Castle, with the experienced Grindelwald sitting on the ground, along with an exquisite and comfortable living environment, even if the little half-blood Meiwa is a bit angered, patience must be exercised.

Thinking of this, Dumbledore's steps could not help but be energetic.

"Oh, Headmaster Dumbledore, you've returned just in time. I just notified the lunch order for all grades at noon today."

Without time to push open the auditorium door, Dumbledore coincided with Madam Bobby Pomfrey, the school's medical dean, who was descending the stairs with a scroll in hand.

Indeed, throughout the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, besides Dumbledore as headmaster, Pomfrey, who is responsible for treating all teachers and students, is actually the highest-ranking faculty member, only Madam Pomfrey is reluctant to take on roles other than medical work.

Considering that Professor McGonagall, who is the deputy headmistress, is also a member of the "Military Training Instructor." Therefore, before leaving the school, Dumbledore specifically asked Madam Pomfrey. If he was too late to return to the school before today's noon, she would judge the lunch allocation grouping based on the completion of training for each grade.

"Hard work, Bobby. By the way, how are the students in the infirmary?"

Dumbledore nodded with a smile and eagerly took the scroll from Madam Pomfrey without opening it. Both were talking and walking towards the empty auditorium.

"Most of the students are fine, and a bit more serious are the two third-grade Slytherin students. They were seriously injured in this confrontation and may need to stay in bed for a few more days to recover."

Madam Pomfrey frowned and said discontentedly, "I mean, these children are very fickle. Even if the two poor boys are cured, I worry that for a long time afterward, mentally, they will carry a bit of shadow."

Honestly, when she first arrived on the first floor of Hogwarts Castle, Madam Pomfrey was truly frightened. In her mind, Hogwarts had never had such a serious fight between students.

Fortunately, the most powerful spells used among the students are the coma spell and the petrification spell —indeed, the Hogwarts curriculum does not teach any other more powerful and effective duel magic.

"Very well, I have noticed this aspect. In fact, this is the result of the accumulation of several factors, so we will try to separate the four houses, so they can have more opportunities for understanding and exchange."

Dumbledore rubbed his head with fear, fortunately, the culprit had been out of the school for a while, and Cedric and Marcus also received individual instructions from the deans of their respective houses. Judging by the results, due to this fight, the relationship between Hufflepuff and Slytherin students seemed to be thawing, which was barely a blessing.

"Oh? The first grade is doing well."

As he said this, Dumbledore glanced at the scroll in his hand and observed the completion of training tasks for all grades today. He raised his eyebrows unexpectedly and made a surprised nasal sound.

The third-year students led by Professor Snape surpassed the sixth-year students led by Professor McGonagall and became the first in the school. Dumbledore was not particularly surprised at this point. After all, judging by yesterday's situation, the gap between the two sides was not really too great, and considering the accident at noon yesterday, it was inevitable that there would be some laxity in the sixth-grade students.

It really was beyond his expectations. After Elena left, only the first grade left by Hagrid surpassed the sixth grade with a slight advantage, and became the second grade in the school training program.

"The children of this year are truly amazing."

Dumbledore pondered as he tapped the scroll and couldn't help but recall the night when the Sorting Hat trembled. Every first-year student dared to declare their choices in front of the other students of the school —although the manner may have been somewhat incorrect.

But there is no doubt that compared to the little wizards who accepted branch assignments in the past, the little wizards of this year have a clear goal from the start. Rather than saying what kind of skills they have, it is better to say that they actively chose what kind of wizard they want to be in the future.

Only because Elena's light was too dazzling before, most of the attention of teachers and students was focused on the girl's body, so they ignored the children who gathered around Elena.

"Perhaps... earlier?"

Dumbledore's fingers paused a bit ~ ~ A slight thought crossed his eyes, and he whispered softly —that the silver moon rising over the Black Lake, the chance encounter on the Hogwarts Express, or it is a clue that appeared before...

"I'm sorry, Dumbledore, what did you say a moment ago?" Mrs. Pomfrey, who was sitting on the old man's left side, turned her head and asked with confusion.

"It's nothing, just some scattered ideas that still need time to verify."

Dumbledore recovered, shook his head, and gently smiled, "It turns out that age and experience cannot always be kept ahead. This group of third and first year students is astonishing, incredible. We still need to prepare to celebrate and greet the students who achieved victory today. I have faintly heard the voices of the children."


With the voice of the old man, the auditorium door slammed open once again.

A large group of first-year wizards with some gray heads and tired faces entered through the door like a tide.

Dumbledore stood up and applauded softly with a smile, not hesitating to praise these first-year children.

"Congratulations to all, incredible achievements, you have obtained..."

"Wait, what are they doing?"