Chapter 145 Wait, This Soup... Is Poisonous

At the same time.

They are in the open field outside of Hogwarts Castle, bustling.

A large "brotherhood" encompassing almost all seventh-year and first-year students, slowly advances. After successfully escaping from the scene of the crime with food, everyone's faces are full of happy smiles.

"Miss Granger, I believe your previous understanding is correct. The reason the school professors established the purpose of assessment and training is not simply to exhaust everyone's energy and time."

Standing beside Hermione, a seventh-year Ravenclaw girl looked at the fish grilling on the fire, her eyes shining strangely as she whispered thoughtfully.

Undoubtedly, after the incident of first-year students yesterday who broke the rules and successfully raided the school kitchen.

The young wizards originally imagined that the space expanded greatly.

Although, in response to subsequent emulations, Dumbledore had temporarily added restrictions to the school rules the previous evening, prohibiting all students from entering the school kitchen without permission.

However, this could limit the majority of the younger wizards, after all, the powerful magical abilities of the house-elves can effectively prevent all wizards from attempting to break into the kitchen.

However, for seventh-grade students, it is not a gap that cannot be completely overcome.

For seventh-grade students who have just mastered the application of the Disapparition spell and advanced transformation spell, this is just a pre-simulation of the N.E.W.T. (Nastily Exhausting Wizarding Test).

"Obviously, if my reasoning is not incorrect, the true test behind this Hogwarts [Training of Life] project is how to break conventional thinking and use magic to compete for food with your own strength while gaining rank."

"Yes, it must be so!"

The Ravenclaw girl vigorously nodded with her chin propped on her right hand.

With that said, the older girl waved her wand and skillfully directed the mutant fish block floating in the fire to turn toward her. As she looked at Hermione with a sigh, she continued, "I did not expect that the longest study time in school would almost deceive us at first, but it was your first-year wizards who first realized this."

"Eh? Indeed, if it weren't for Elena, even if you thought about it, we wouldn't have the courage to try it."

Hermione Granger moved her hand slightly with a certain confusion, her eyes reflecting an almost imperceptible loss.

So, is this the true purpose of the professors?

Finally, Hermione felt the second sense of accomplishment in school instantly fading. Before, she even rejoiced simply by urging all first-year students to complete the training plan as soon as possible to catch up with Elena, even more than herself.

The more she tried to think from Elena's perspective, the more she discovered the limitations of her own abilities and the more clearly she felt the invisible gap between them.

For example, if the seventh-grade Ravenclaw student hadn't given her an explanation today, Hermione might continue to think that what Elena did was just whim plus good luck.

Fortunately, both are still in their first year. She still has enough time to learn and improve herself.

Now, the "brotherhood meeting" led by the seventh-grade students is undoubtedly a very suitable scenario for exercise. And at this moment, Hannah Abbott from Hufflepuff house has already approached her.

The temporary group competition training does not affect the friendship between students of different grades in each house, especially Hufflepuff, which has always been enthusiastic.

After the snake-badger fight this morning, the first-year students in charge of the rescue in the field quickly established friendship with many older students.

Because of this relationship, along with the divided fish that occurred in the common room in the morning, before preparing to use the spell to get enough food and drink, the seventh-grade Hufflepuff students approached the school and proposed to Hannah the desire to share lunch with the first-year wizards.

With the help of the older students, the efficiency of the young wizards in handling the mutant fish has been greatly improved. Seventh-grade students with experience in cutting ingredients in magical potion class have much better knife skills than the little first-year wizards.

Not to mention, they can also use a stunning spell to directly stun the lively and strong mutant fish from the black lake, eliminating the previous embarrassing process where the little wizards had to take turns hitting the fish with stones.

Of course, in return, the first-year wizards also need to find a way to make enough movement in the auditorium to distract the teachers, especially Dumbledore.

Therefore, Hermione devised the plan to raid the school's dining table, which seemed very impressive, and specially prepared a speech for Malfoy to deal with Dumbledore's questions and find ways to hold the elders in the auditorium as much as possible.

But apart from that, compared to Hannah Abbott, who coordinates the relationship between the seventh-grade students and the first-year students traveling not far from the crowd, Hermione felt that what she did was nothing more than trivial cunning.

If Elena were here, what would she do now? Is she all right?

Hermione unconsciously touched the small reserved grain sleeping in her arms, and a thought appeared on her face, blankly.

"Hey, Hermione, why are you still standing here in a trance? The fish soup is ready, come and taste it! Everyone has already taken a bowl, it's quite delicious! As expected, Elena is right, Hogwarts' black fish soup is more delicious compared to the grilled fish."

It was then that Hannah, a little flushed, offered Hermione a warm bowl of fish soup.

She tilted her head and looked at the seemingly absent little **** ~ ~ Hannah smiled, "Are you also worried about Elena? Don't worry, the big sister is very powerful, and besides, there's Headmaster Dumbledore. I'm sure it's fine to help her with her treatment and personally review her condition."

"Well, I hope Elena is okay. I don't know why, I'm still a little concerned. After all, according to common sense, Mrs. Pomfrey's experience in the school infirmary should be sufficient to handle most injuries. Why does only Elena need Headmaster Dumbledore to personally review and organize the treatment plans?"

Hermione shook her head in confusion, took the bowl from Hannah, and gently blew on the steaming fish soup, ready to taste Hannah's delicious fish soup.

Suddenly, a shiny red and white mushroom rolled out of the bowl and floated on the surface of the fish soup.

"Wait... this mushroom?"

Hermione narrowed her eyes and swallowed with difficulty, looking at Hannah and asking.

"Oh, this, Goyle and Crabbe collected many of these at the edge of the Forbidden Forest. They seemed very good. They only lost a few flowers in each pot. They tasted good..."

Hannah chuckled and said with a bewildered look, her face turning even more flushed, and even looking a bit abnormally red.

"This mushroom is poisonous..."

Hermione groaned weakly and looked at the young wizards who had the same expression as Hannah.

Suddenly she knew what she had to do: seek help from Professor Dumbledore.