Chapter 146 The Short Table Of Children In Magic

Amanita muscaria, also known as Amanita muscaria. People discovered the toxicity of this brightly colored mushroom very early on. It is often crushed and used to poison flies, even rats and other pests.

As one of the most typical poisonous mushrooms in the world, it usually has a bright intense red color, covered with white spots on the surface of the cap and a large white strand. The hemolytic neurotoxin it contains mainly reflects hallucinations and mental stimulation.

Although in comparison with many species of poisonous mushrooms like the deadly white umbrella poisonous mushroom, the poisonous white amanita, the green cap garlic mushroom, and others, the mortality rate of the brighter colored poisonous umbrella is not as high.

But it cannot be denied that its iconic red background and its appearance of white class in the public's field of vision is a bit too high, especially in children's books, illustrated books, cartoons, garden decorations, encyclopedias...

That's why Hermione Granger, who has just graduated from primary school, can recognize the reason for poisonous mushrooms at a glance, even if she cannot correctly say the scientific name of these red and white spotted poisonous mushrooms; you know, adults will always be worried that active children will eat something they shouldn't, as a girl who grew up in the non-magical world, the history and images of this poisonous mushroom Hermione has been in contact with them at least ten times.

Unfortunately, children from wizarding families like Ron, Draco, and Hannah did not have the opportunity to be exposed to muggle authors like "Green Grimm", "Andersen's Tales", and "The Smurfs", a fairy tale.

They will not have popular and educational picture books such as "The Ring of Solomon", "The Secret of Everything", "Schrödinger's Kitten", "Elementary and Secondary Mathematics Olympic Knowledge".

In fact, in the magical world where the entertainment and science industry are relatively scarce, children who are restricted to touch the wand and use magic rarely receive specific preschool education. One of the reasons why Slytherin House generally has high scores may be that, as a descendant of a pure-blood wizarding family, you will acquire some basic preschool knowledge in advance.

However, more often, the childhood of children from wizarding families can only be seen from watching Quidditch news posters, reading riddles, and playing chess with siblings (although most only children of wizards cannot do this). Listening to all kinds of anecdotes in the magical world...

As for the teachers of Potions and Herbology at Hogwarts, they will not waste time teaching students to recognize this:

"Low toxicity, potion value is not found for the moment, it is not a magical plant and can be seen everywhere in the wild. Only the most stupid and greedy types will be poisoned. Common broken small mushrooms".

—This is the evaluation Hermione received from a Potions professor who did not want to reveal his true identity in a Potions class after entering school.

Of course, obviously, this long evaluation needs to be paid, for example, a classic line taught by the Potions class, "Gryffindor deducts five points".

In addition, perhaps due to growing up on the edge of the Forbidden Forest of Hogwarts, the onset time and hallucinogenic capacity of these mutant Amanita muscaria affected by the unknown influence of the magical forest are significantly higher than those of ordinary species.

During the time Hermione wrote the note and asked for small reserve grains to fly to Hogwarts Castle for help, the condition of the little wizards who had mistakenly eaten the "Hogwarts Poisonous Mushroom Soup" was visible to the naked eye. It was deteriorating rapidly.

According to the difference in the physical condition of each student and the amount of poisonous mushroom soup, in addition to the group trance, they all begin to experience nausea, vomiting, sweating, muscle spasms, or severe symptoms of gritted teeth.

Even Hannah Abbott, who only drank a bowl of soup, did not improve. The lovely girl's face was red and alluring, her bright eyes were blurred with a veil of tears, her gaze became blurred and hesitant. Trembling and leaning on Hermione's shoulders, she emitted an uncomfortable moan like a kitten's murmur.

"What should I do, what should I do? Woo... can anyone help me?"

Hermione hugged the little Lolita Hannah leaning on her, feeling the warm body temperature of the girl, looking helplessly from side to side, unconsciously in her tone, she had already brought about tears.

There are no surviving little wizards on the scene. Except that she was forgiven for her muddled thoughts, all the remaining children had already eaten more than one bowl of soup.

When some people vaguely realized that the soup was strange, the potent hallucinogenic toxin contained in the alien poisonous umbrella growing on the edge of the forbidden forest had already infiltrated the spirits of the little wizards. Even seventh-year students have difficulty focusing on thinking about detoxification methods, let alone magical spells.

In fact, objectively speaking, the seventh-year students of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry are around seventeen or eighty years old. In the non-magical world, at most, they are just a group of children who have just graduated from high school.

Suddenly faced with such a situation, these seventh-year hothouses who were well protected by the Hogwarts professors did not cry like the first-year little wizards, it was a very mature behavior.

As for Mr. Ruber Hagrid, who was originally considered a lifesaver by Hermione, he did not show such strong physical discomfort. The strong hybrid gene of the giant is particularly evident in toxin resistance.

However, Hagrid's condition, who ate at least nearly twenty parasitic acarine alone, was not much better at the moment, he collapsed weakly on the ground, shaking his head from time to time, like a drunken man.

"How is it possible that this is happening? Weren't you picnicking with food in the kitchen? How can everything end up like this?"

Accompanied by a violent rush of air, Dumbledore, adorned in a starry blue wizard robe, materialized before Hermione. The elder, with a look of anger on his face, cast a gaze at the students who had been left paralyzed. He couldn't help but shudder.

Following Dumbledore, Madam Pomfrey donned the wizard robe and dashed out through the castle gate at a speed nearing that of a hundred-meter sprint, racing towards the forest farm with an anxious countenance.

"Perhaps I should consider letting Professor Sprout add some additional knowledge to the herbology class, Why are you so ignorant...?"

Dumbledore gazed at the fish soup Hermione was holding in her hand, and his eyes landed on the red and white spotted mushroom, instantly understanding what had occurred.

Soon, news spread throughout Hogwarts that the second-year students, who had placed second in the school, and the seventh-year students, who had used magic to plunder the kitchen, had accidentally ingested poisonous mushrooms from the Forbidden Forest, causing nearly the entire assembly to succumb.

Not to mention the professors and students from the other five grades, who, upon comprehending the full story, felt shock in their hearts and began to cautiously ponder the dark tide.

At least, at that moment, far from all the disputes, in the luxurious dormitory of Newmontgarde Castle, Elena was still lying quite contentedly on the soft, warm bed...