Chapter 147 The Chapter Title Is Missing

"Undoubtedly, this is the life that a noble wielder with supernatural powers should enjoy."

Elena rolled on the large bed, holding a soft and light velvet pillow.

The bedroom's curtains had been fully drawn open, and the view from the floor-to-ceiling windows was particularly expansive. The snow-covered mountains were undoubtedly the most comforting beauty.

The three-tier dessert tower in the living room had been moved to the desk next to the bedroom by Elena. The warm fireplace produced a gentle crackling sound. The silver "fragrance humidifier" left by Dumbledore made the whole room feel like spring flowers blooming.

Without the need to work hard with adults, without the need to accompany a group of children in military training, without worrying about what the orphanage children will eat, enjoying a super luxurious 100-square-meter suite in a European castle, all the time arranged freely, without any problems or external pressures...

Everything made Elena feel unreal and dreamy: you know, in the morning, she was still fighting with several Slytherin students over a grilled mutant fish.

However, the only downside is that in this isolated castle, the facilities and entertainment options are too scarce.

"Ah, why didn't I think of packing some novels in the suitcase? Even secretly putting a yo-yo in the luggage would be fine."

Dumbledore put the two large suitcases in her bedroom. Elena had already opened them and found that there were no changes, the things she brought from home.

One of the suitcases Elena hadn't touched since she arrived at school.

If she remembers correctly, there should be a set of feather quilts that Benítez helped her fold, the highest setting in the orphanage, and two sets of Lolita dresses, two sets of simple fashion t-shirts, and a set of denim with styles. Three sets of casual dresses, all of which cannot be worn at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

However, there's nothing in the other box that can bring happiness and entertainment.

The original snacks had almost run out on the train, leaving only three unopened bottles of Coca-Cola. The Zwilling knife was taken out of the box and placed in the outdoor kitchen. As for the "Advanced Mathematics" and "Principles of Economics" previously prepared for study, Elena still has no interest in reviewing them.

No fiction, no television, no hidden tasks, no easily blushing shy girls...

With a great survival experience, Elena had roughly searched once before.

Compared to the rich and lively Hogwarts Castle, Newmontgarde is simply a soulless ruined stone house.

Not to mention delights such as mutant fish from the black lake and the forbidden single-horned white deer. In this den of the first-generation demon, there aren't even edible lichens or mushrooms, only moss, stones, and dust.


"Yes, what am I doing...?"

Recalling the delicious grilled fish from the previous night, Elena suddenly regained her composure. Before patrolling the novelty and visiting the room, she had not yet had lunch.

With sweets in the room, there is no way to substitute for dinner.

She was hungry.

If you are hungry, you cannot fully enjoy the beautiful view and excellent surroundings.

Elena glanced at the complete kitchen utensils on the countertop and the lit fireplace, and her heart was a little reassured: whether in her past or present life, although she was not a star chef, her skill had not diminished.

"It seems that I have to go to the tower to find the first Dark Lord to get the ingredients..."

Thinking, the girl took out the two magic wands she had in her pocket and carefully hid them inside the underwear in the suitcase.

Although she used the unpredictable combat skills she grew up with in the past, fortunately, she defeated the old Grindelwald. However, who knows if with enough throwing distance and psychological preparation, the legendary demon will want to regain his honor in a fit of rage?

If she wants to maintain a state of close competition between both parties, then the most important point is that she must absolutely not give Grindelwald the chance to touch her wand.

She didn't forget the countless times in the original book where the wand was taken by the enemy, and she completed the counterattack story instantly. This is particularly evident in the "Wild Trio" plot against the Death Eaters. If it wasn't for Harry's disarming spell as a "forbidden spell", these stunned wizards wouldn't have known how many times they would have died.

Sweets and desserts are not staple foods, cannot satisfy one's hunger, go to Grindelwald.

Before leaving, she grabbed a handful of sweets and tucked them into her arms.

A moment later...

She arrived at Grindelwald's room.

The girl with black and gray marks on her face, embarrassed.

Grindelwald threw a thin blanket at her. Basic cleaning spell, I'm not cold.

I don't need this, I have a big and luxurious room.

Trifles, still not clear about the castle. That room is her room.

Don't think I don't know what you did.

The door panel was burnt and charred, anyway, the castle couldn't burn down.

He threw Elena a dark potato, a piece of bread, a roll of vegetables, bacon, and water.

Grindelwald's hand was burned, he grabbed her, she extended her hand, Grindelwald instinctively flinched, and there were traces of burns on his hand.

The potato rolled on the floor, the color of the fracture: white is raw, yellow is cooked.

Soft and hard: raw is tough, cooked is soft.

Smell: raw with an earthy smell and fresh characteristic plant flavor, cooked with a fragrant characteristic of food.

So, burn the only bedboard?

The spell without a wand is different from the magical commotion of the little brat.

However, the issue is that so-called wandless magic does not align with the true essence of a wizard. Hagrid mentioned that when a wizard is angry or excited, magic will naturally occur.

Magic is an instinctive ability of wizards; this ability may manifest at any moment, but this instinctive magic is inconsistent and cannot achieve what one desires. Only by possessing a magical wand can one manifest magic through spells.

Surprised, he opened the box.

The remaining raw materials for the main potions,

Is that all that is left in the Hogwarts kitchen,

Only that inside the box.