Chapter 148 Anyway, You Can Edit It As You Like

After a moment.

Following the stone staircase that surrounded the Newmongad Tower, Elena retraced her steps to the first Dark Lord's "prison cell" with a vigilant face.

There were no magical traps in her imagination, no outbursts of anger and fury were expected, nor were sudden additions of punches and kicks... Dumbledore's gray suitcase remained at the end of the bed, except for the lack of a door panel, the room had not changed.

Grindelwald sat quietly on the hard wooden bed in the corner of the room. Upon hearing footsteps downstairs, the old man lifted his head and looked at Elena, who then entered the room, slightly furrowing her brows inaudibly.

Compared to her previous departure, the girl's face had more black lines and fainter gray hues, and she looked a little embarrassed.

"Little one, then..."

Grindelwald raised his hand, grabbed the only thin blanket from the bed, and tossed it into Elena's arms, saying indifferently, "Since you've taken all the door panels, then take the blankets as well... Just in case it freezes in my castle, Albus comes to bother me again."


Elena looked at the clean and tidy blanket in her hand, and then looked at the serious-faced old man sitting in the corner, the corners of her mouth lifting slightly - she didn't expect this grandpa to be quite cute.

Seeing him in this way, the Dark Lord might have been a warm and arrogant man like a knight. No wonder there are always silly girls who want to match him with Dumbledore.

Pondering to herself, Elena shook her head with a smile and placed the blanket in her hand next to Grindelwald's bed. "I don't need this, you may not know yet. I have a super luxurious room below. The one next to the exit beneath the tower..."

"Alright, stubborn little one, don't think I don't know what you did."

Grindelwald raised his eyebrows and chuckled, interrupting the girl's follow-up.

The current situation of Newmontgard Castle, no one knows it better than Grindelwald. During these decades of self-imprisonment, he personally witnessed and felt how this once glorious castle was gradually falling into ruin in the desert.

Not to mention that the room Elena referred to in her mouth turned out to be the room where he used to live. Not to mention the deaf and mute guard, not even in the entire European magical world, no one dared to order or disturb his old bedroom.

After all, everyone wants to believe that the evil dark wizard Grindelwald must have left all kinds of terrible dark magic in the bedroom.

"Eh? How do you know about me...?"

Elena's eyes widened. To her knowledge, she did not display her inherent "Charmer" abilities to Grindelwald, because she feared her wand being stolen, and she hadn't even cast magic before that.

You have to know that since entering the magical world so many days ago, whether it's the goblin from the Wizarding Alliance or the school professors, she can be recognized at a glance as a mixed-race girl, and only Albus Dumbledore is alone.

"The door panel is burned and gone, anyway, you can't burn down this castle."

Grindelwald waved his hand disapprovingly, and his many years of imprisonment made him tolerant of many things.

As for the reason why it's easy to tell the girl's ancestry - Grindelwald took care to create magical creatures after instilling in them the knowledge of Newt Scamander's pesky little creatures two or three times in a row.

"With your cunning, do you think you can hide from my eyes?"

Grindelwald's wrinkled face showed a subtle tone, he glanced at the persistent Elena and continued.

"However, they have a good view. Without a doubt, the best view of the entire castle is the room where I used to be just beneath the tower. Even though most of the windows are damaged, the dining room and living room are probably unusable. But if you think about it, if you tidy up the semi-closed bathroom a little, you could barely live in it..."

Seeing Grindelwald's delusions becoming more and more extravagant, even as she started telling him how to sleep comfortably on the toilet, Elena couldn't help but open her mouth to interrupt, "No, I think you've misunderstood. That room has now been completely restored and has become very luxurious and comfortable."

Grindelwald wasn't angry at being interrupted by the girl, but instead looked at her with amusement and asked, with a hint of mockery in his eyes. "Alright, Miss Caslana. Could you describe how the room is now, how luxurious and comfortable it is?"

He really wanted to hear how an obstinate girl under eleven who grew up in a Muggle orphanage could invent a top-tier luxurious and comfortable bedroom, Dumbledore wasn't entirely wrong about that. After so many years alone, Grindelwald needed some interesting stories to alleviate the boredom.

She looked at Grindelwald as though hearing a joke, and Elena frowned quite uncomfortably.

Originally, Elena didn't intend to show off the comfortable room that Dumbledore had arranged for her in front of Grindelwald, so as not to make him jealous or unsettled by hearing about it.

However, since Grindelwald wanted to ask for it of his own accord, she simply didn't need to try anymore.

You know, she had long wanted to find someone to boast to about her super luxurious room.

Elena remembered a bit, and said, "The living room has a golden-red carpet with a golden lion pattern..."

"Oh, from the Gryffindor Academy of Hogwarts, decoration," Grindelwald nodded.

"The bathroom is silver-green, and there are some simple symbols drawn on the floor, which look a bit like the letter 'i'..."

"Pity with little knowledge, that's the Nepali 'isa,' not common letters."

Grindelwald made an offhand comment and raised his eyebrows, "It seems like your Slytherin House has good taste, pardon, please continue..."

"The dormitory is yellow and black..."

"Oh, this is now the Hufflepuff of your Hogwarts. Well, if I'm correct, the study room should be your sky blue and bronze in Ravenclaw, right?"

Before Elena could finish, Grindelwald smiled, and then Elena said.

Known for decades with Albus Dumbledore, Grindelwald knew the School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Hogwarts no less than most Hogwarts graduates. To be precise, because of the relationship with Dumbledore, he might know more about certain campus systems and arrangements.

With a furtive glance at Elena, Gellert Detective Grindelwald, who had nothing to say, arrogantly summarized upon seeing the truth, "But overall, for a child. The setting is quite good, I almost thought Newmongard became Hogwarts."